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    Gajim 1.0.0 in Debian unstable

    debacle · Sunday, 18 March, 2018 - 18:52 edit

Gajim 1.0 has been released on 2018-03-17 and is available in Debian unstable ("sid"). It will hopefully migrate to Debian testing ("buster", Debian 10) in some days. A backport for Debian stable ("stretch", Debian 9) will be provided then, too.

New Gajim features compared to the previous stable release 0.16:

  • Ported to GTK3 / Python3
  • Integrate HTTPUpload
  • Improvements for HiDPI Screens
  • Change password storage to python keyring package
  • New Emoji support
  • A lot of new design
  • MAM for groupchats support
  • New XEPs:
    • XEP-0156 (Discovering Alternative XMPP Connection Methods),
    • XEP-0319 (Last User Interaction in Presence),
    • XEP-0368 (SRV records for XMPP over TLS),
    • XEP-0380 (Explicit Message Encryption)

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