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    debacle – Wednesday, 23 January, 2019 - 19:51

    ProcessOne: Moving away from Facebook

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    ProcessOne: Moving away from Facebook

    ProcessOne is a company deeply invested in building the Open Internet. We build ejabberd, a leading Open Source product, implementing the XMPP protocol, an IETF standard. It is used around the world to power tens of thousands of instances, used for community servers, small companies or huge internet services. We also support MQTT and SIP standards, all of which are used to power interoperable services. If you read “Become A Facebook-Free Business“, by DHH from Signal v. Noise, it becomes painfully apparent that even having a minimal presence on Facebook is not helping the Open Internet. That’s why we decided to join this Basecamp’s initiative and remove our fanpages from Facebook, as well as the Facebook links we had on our websites. We hope this statement will help promote a more open and decentralized web. We invite you to join us in having a Facebook-free online presence. If you used to follow us through Facebook, I now suggest you subscribe to our RSS feed on our blog. We are still using other services that we are not totally happy with the way they handle our data. This is something we will keep on actively working on to ensure that ProcessOne web presence is helping grow the decentralized web in a sustainable way. Stay tuned!

    group_work PlanetJabber 23 January, 2019