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    I'm a Web developer, hacktivist, defending the Net Neutrality and citizens privacy. Author of Movim, a XMPP social-network client written in PHP and HTML5. Please talk with me before sending me an invitation :) If you have any questions about Movim, XMPP or something related, please ask it in the official chatroom : movim@conference.movim.eu.

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    Debian Mini DebConf in Hamburg

    Timothée Jaussoin – Saturday, 19 May, 2018 - 10:55 edit

Hey everyone :) I'm currently in #Hamburg for the MiniDebConf.

The goal is to work on #Movim and prepare it to be packaged for #Debian! Lots of work has already been done as you can see on the CHANGELOG of the project.

We first worked on cleaning up and stabilizing the #dependencies of Movim. The outdated heyupdate/emoji was replaced by a wonderful pull request by mirabilos that add support of emojis directly inside Movim.

On my side I replaced ramsey/uuid with a simple internal function and worked on upgrating reactphp/http to their latest release with the help of WyrilHaximus, which also helped to release the v0.4.0 of reactphp/zmq that contains some important fixes for Movim.

The template engine of Movim, RainTpl was also stabilized to the latest release.

Natureshadow also made a really nice pull request to prepare the Debian package and fixe a couple of small bugs regarding URL handling inside the project.

All those dependencies will soon be packaged and integrated in Debian.

On top of that I worked a few hours yesterday on the optimisation of the #database requests by using some memory caching and Eloquent eager loading to prefetch some extra information when querying resources in the DB. This reduces the time spent to generate the pages and contents by more than 50 to 75% in some cases! It can especially be noticed on the Chat page and Contacts page.

The main pods were also updated with all those changes, so you can try them on nl.movim.eu, fr.movim.eu or de.movim.eu.

That's all folks!

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    Aurevoir F'murrr.

    Timothée Jaussoin – Thursday, 12 April, 2018 - 07:54

C'est avec grande tristesse que j'ai appris il y a quelques jours la disparition de F'murrr. Il a été depuis tout petit mon auteur de Bande Dessinée préféré.

Romuald, Athanase et ses pulls, le caramel collant, l'autobus qui refuse de chuter et bien sûr les brebis c'est tout autant d'histoires et des personnages absurdes que géniales que j'apprécie relire années après années.

Aurevoir F'murrr.

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    C’est avec une immense tristesse que nous apprenons le décès de Richard Peyzaret, connu sous le nom de F’murrr.

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  • 10 April, 2018 Miguel A. Arévalo

    So I will need a lawyer to run my XMPP server with microblogging? Please don't push more laws on me because stupid people do stupid things... anyway they will find more stupid things to do.

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    Some news about Movim and myself

    Timothée Jaussoin – Wednesday, 14 March, 2018 - 07:52

I didn't share much news recently. I've been busy with lots of things in my personnal and especially professional life (I'm getting a new job at the moment).

However this doesn't mean that I've stopped working on Movim, I made a few big changes in the code recently.

The next release will actually not be a 0.13.1 but a 0.14 and is pushed back to a couple of months.

Why? Because I'm planning to remove the current ORM of the project, Modl, and replace it with a more complete and robust one. Eloquent is a strong candidate at the moment, it has a really strong community and a really good documentation (I am also using it on a daily basis in Laravel).

This new ORM will bring lots of new features on how the data can be handled in Movim and a more clear code overall. Modl has been specifically maintained by me since 2014 and I think it is now time to let it go and move on.

This change will take some time to be done, I'll see if I can do this progressively.

I'm also planning to get a bit more time to work on Movim and speed up the development and stabilisation of the platform. You can always help me by giving feedback, open tickets and pull requests to the project, translate it, write about it (I'd be glad to share those publications around) and also help us to cover the monthly expense of the project with our Patreon.

If you also have a feature that you would like to bring to the project and you are willing to sponsor it, you can always contact me as I'm dedicating some time for those specific requests now :)

That's all folks!