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    I'm leaving Skype

    Timothée Jaussoin · Thursday, 14 February, 2019 - 07:13 edit · 2 minutes

Microsoft, how can you seriously fu** up your products so bad? I choose to leave #Skype by today for two reasons that just poped-up the past few days.

Exposing private information

How is it possible that during several meetings and other discussions your team voluntary choose to add the feature to suggest private contacts of my contacts to me?

I'll be direct with you, this is clearly a #privacy violation and will hurt lots of people directly including myself. I'm using this account for years for professional and private reasons, I have really private contacts on my account (that I only want to only keep for myself, obviously, maybe I should stress that point more?), family members, friends and professional relations. Now all those contacts will see some of my private contacts as "Suggestions".

The new Skype contacts suggestion box

In this list I have some contacts that I can easily guess to who they are related to.


  • Lawyers that are using Skype have also things to hide, and you're directly exposing the persons they are talking to to their other clients.
  • Doctors that are using Skype have something to hide and you are exposing their patients list to other patients or contacts.
  • Journalists that are using Skype have something to hide and you are exposing their sources and colleagues to other contacts putting some of their life and investigations at risk.

And I can give you lots of other cases where this kind of feature will hurt businesses, families and sometimes can put lifes at risk.

Microsoft, let be frank there, Skype IS NOT a fu** social network like Facebook. Skype is a Instant Messaging and video-communication service where people expect their private contacts list to stay… private.

This little suggestion feature crossed my mind for #Movim but was directly discarded regarding the privacy implication that it will have (also with the fact that I can't technically get my contacts contacts through XMPP for obvious reasons).

Mozilla, Microsoft hates you, kiss <3

The second reason why I choose to leave Skype is that Microsoft recently enforced the usage of Skype under Chrome, the "desktop Skype" (that is an embedded Chrome) and the themed Chrome alternative that will be Edge soon.

Firefox is officially dropped from their support list.

Fun fact, by changing Firefox user agent to Chrome Skype is suddenly working fine on it. If this is caused by the #WebRTC video-calling features, first you're not making lots of efforts regarding the really good support of Firefox for this Web standard and secondly you can simply block that feature and allow the rest on the other browsers.

Mozilla, Microsoft wants to hurt you there. This is definitely a bad move from Microsoft regarding the web diversity and standards.

So I will notify all my contacts in the upcoming days of my decision and definitely close my account.

If you want to contact me, you can still send me emails or add me on Movim. Movim is supporting video-call (peer-to-peer), direct messages and chatrooms.

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  • 18 April, 2019 aschatria

    I was using the Micro products (lol) ages ago, never really liked the Skype.

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    25 August, 2019 asnatureintended

    We use #matrix & #hubzilla for federation with #activitypub & #fennec from #fdroid FTW.

  • 3 May preptorrent

    It would be really cool if Movim has webgl-3D so that a 3D avatar of your own face (as a collada file, which while bulky, can be edited "live" unlike some equivalents used with javascript) so as to track your facial expressions (like snapchat does when it puts dogs-ears and a cat nose on you via tracking) over a digital web camera, as a low bandwidth video conferencing (because the 3D model substitutes your face) so that multiple people can chat instead of only having video which bottlenecks to a peer-to-peer (understandably for bandwidth limits). It has been done elsewhere but movim is cool because it is the "jabber of yore" network. A 3D model could be 5megabytes at most and heavily use shading rather than textures (like a n64 did). The movim server could surely have one 5 megabyte 3D model collada file per account. A minimum assumed camera quality can be a 720p playstation3 camera. Everybody blags those ever since the ps2 eye-toy was the last gadget they used in cheese for linux. A MSWindows equivalent 720p camera is commonplace, likewise. It would be safe to assume a great many people would have a computer at least as powerful as a raspberrypi3bplus quad-core 1.4Ghz with its "gamecube" (xbox) quality graphics (surprisingly powerful) as people use those for Movim pods, or an athlon ii x2 dual-core 2.8Ghz because that is the specification deprecated by microsoft-windows8.1 64bit (and windows10) so most people will have at least that power of computer or better and a HD3000 graphics (or even a hd6450 or r5 230 as it has the streaming asic on it for OBS and twitch). I even think openGL 4.4 would be a reasonable assumption, although for webgl canvass API a directx9 humble intel-GMA chipset with at least 128meg video RAM can be assumed at worst (and 4gigabyte RAM). A face-scan could be grabbed from blender and sketchup combined having been made with autodesk (that point cloud software which lets you take photos from many angles and then it sends you a 3D model of the object such as your face or a lamp or a car etc.).

    For webgl 3D graphics features (including for 3D powerpoint presentations to make movim content more engaging than just gifs and jpegs), I shall continue to try to get people over here to use Movim. It is the only 'barter' I have, and I know it. lol.

    Really though, a movim "pod" should be insanely easy to set-up an "img" for a usb-pendrive on a 1GB RAM raspberry-pi3bplus as an image (or even maybe also choose a popular 16GB motherboard such as a gigabyte 990x gaming, since it has intel rj45) with a fx8320 or fx8350 as people use those for PFsense anyway (and maybe a hd3000 or hd6450 or rx570 gpu installed).
    That way, one dude could be similar to like say a twitch user, and they could have a "zoom" like conference where 25 people (or whatever number) could all see each other even though it "feels like" a peer-to-peer (because the pi3bplus or the fx8320 is "doing all the work). Just pick a simple hardware set-up like that (a pi3bplus for "bronze humble mode" and, for "silver" a gaming 990 fx8320 8core with rx570 or hd6450 for that "silver luxury hardware" (assuming between 16GB and 32GB RAM) and then have everything else as a fool-proof wizard (basically just security settings). Maybe have a "gold snob mode" for people who have a ryzen 2600 8core "spare" (with a rx5700). All FOSS community drivers on the image. It would be safe to assume the silver and bronze (fx8320 aand ryzen2600) servers would have btrfs in debian for the 6 satat ports, and would be running an nvme of say half a terrabyte (which might even have an identical nvme as a backup/redundancy in a pcie slot). Simple, easy known-quantity hardware combinations. People would pay out for that to save the headache of trying figure out the extra technical stuff. I honestly think they'd gladly have a tick-box option to allow the computer to mine some abstruse cryptocoin (and maybe some blake2sp crypto too) to split the funds 50/50 automatically between their electricity bill and the movim coders. I think this "feature" should be called "Movim Theatre 3D". Aside from those "bronze, silver, gold" known-quantity hardware specs for the bootable ISO DVD file (or usb-pendrive or SDcard image), there could be a "fork" image for the nexus5 smartphone using postmarket OS. The idea of old smartphones handed out for free (by people who aquire them in the public) running Movim and an IPFS (or zeronet?) server for people just walking around in crowds or music festicals in a meadow broadcasting from their pocket, via wifi and 3G in the style of google-Fi, is so cool. Big mesh network.