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    I’m an #privacy, #libre-software, #opendata and #openstandards advocate. I’m holding a grudge against Big Tech, big IP holders and authoritharian governments. Furthermore I’m a #3Ddesigner, #3Dprinter, #webdesigner and overall #DIY guy. But most of all I’m a free man.


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    European Copyright Directive and Article 13, will it threated Movim?

    ericbuijs – Wednesday, 13 February, 2019 - 18:47 edit

IMHO, the best way to follow the actual status of #Article13 and the whole European Copyright Reform is by checking the Twitter account of Julia Reda regularly. She is MEP for the European Pirate Party (PPEU) and Vice-Chair of GreensEP group and deeply involved into this matter. #EU.

Guess who I’m gonna vote for in the upcoming European Parlement election in May.

  • Julia Reda (@Senficon) | Twitter

    De nieuwste Tweets van Julia Reda (@Senficon). MEP for @Piratenpartei and the European Pirate Party (PPEU) | Vice-Chair of @GreensEP group. Europe

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