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  • 7 September preptorrent

    Movim (the app and a browser plugin/addon for mozilla and konqueror, maybe using webgl) should have libtorrent2 built-in so people can refer to a large file (e.g. a 4gigabyte DVD ISO of memes in GIF and short vine 480p ogg-theora clips and and collada 3D objects under 2meg in size and blender files). That way, even though movim might be used on a low bandwidth internet connection, as long as people already have the ISO they are all talking about that current year, the magnet link means they all know what they are referring to in text chats. It would also be cool if that Movim konqueror/mozilla function could (mount) "bust an ISO" (known by the magnet link) so as to refer to a subfolder in that ISO such as a GIF (or midi song or dosbox game) to link in a written post so it plays of the HDD or (sdcard) of the person reading the comment (and not the movim website). It is very little bandwidth used, see. Each year, filling an ISO with public-domain content should take no time for the community.

  • 7 September eyome

    I think it's not really the goal of Movim ;-)

  • 9 September preptorrent

    @eyome I appreciate I cannot always get what I want in life (aside from my existing castles, mansions full of my harems, my classic car collection and by butlers and jetpacks). ;p
    And I certainly do not wish to revolutionise what Movim is. I do think I have a case though for what helps with audience retention. People do like Movim and I mention it a lot. For example, the reply button could use the "@" operator (or a dropdown menu of people in the thread and your own contacts list). I have tested that in this post, just in case I am incorrect. I didn't even know you'd replied until, by chance, I used the #movim hashtag to look around at what Movim's progress was (such as the cool video conferencing yet to come in 1-to-1 or more ratios). Surely you can see I have a point there in audience engagement rention when the operator helps keep people chatting and in the loop. A good thing Movim has is a "print-preview" for posting text. The disqus comments and youtube do not have that nice feature. Movim is cool like that and it seems such a waste not to squeeze in some low bandwidth tweaks. I don't mean to be cheeky. I'm already wondering if my reply is too long.

    Regarding the html4 style picture embedding and hyperlinking (which is nice), I do not expect to be able to demand full html5 and canavas. However, wouldn't just the ability to upload a basic 3D model (in a written post, as if a image) solve everything? Is there no way the "upload-image" field can take a collada file (e.g. of a house or a ship) and display it in canvas api in place of a jpeg or animated gif?

    It would be small in filesize (not straining the movim server) and a 2D image can be a simple "flat" collada shape. People could make them in sketchup or whatever (maybe something like blender). I would be nice, although not mandatory to be able to trigger a ogg-vorbis audo trac (very low quality even just mono 32kbps would be fine at 1megabyte) when the 3D collada fle is "played". I'm not expecting Newgrounds website. I just think it would be eye-catching and would help audience retention, because people remember how they "feel" (emotions) about a post they saw. It also helps impart a concept better than just text with a GIF. The ability to upload a 1meg 3d model with a 1meg ogg-vorbis audio file, would be awesome. I understand the video-conferencing (sort of like skype) is a priority. I would attach a swf to my posts but nobody uses adobesoftware to run it, and if I use an exe file from flash , a virus assumption deters people. Also the Adobe Flash exe bundles in dependencies and the filesize exceeds the movim (2meg?) upload size.

    OpenShot ( Video editor, allows you to point to a HDD folder in blender2.8 (even if running 32bit or 64bit blender) and so it generates a template 3D model (which could be a collada file or other format) such as of a 3D text you type in, or a rotating planet earth or whatever 3D model (e.g. a house or castle or parked-lorry) in the templates (and so it animates, in a basic way sort of like a google-sketchup file).

    So for, with a movim upload example (ignoring blender and openshot for a moment), it could look as basic as this, below (a random image from OpenScad).
    So it need not even be as complex as this example:

    In Movim, it could be just the simplest of collada files displayed (presumably in some hidden html5) just by using the image upload (and choosing filetype collada). It could even be pulled in from the google 3Dwarehouse website if movim felt a filesize was too large (such as 4meg). Here is an example of a kitchen-sink in google 3Dwarehouse. Just rotating 3D (a still static image) and one not even worry about being able to turn on the tap. It could do with an automated rotare function tbh.

    OpenShot linking with blender is a great example of Free software linking with other free software. The movim mswindows App (or pidgin plug-in) could totally do that.

    It might sound bold of me, but I think a goal of movim is to get more people to use it and then stay. That way, they continue to remember it exists and continue to use it for chat. As for the torrents, the fact it has RSS makes me wonder if there is a way to link a torrent magnet link via RSS to it like a blog in RSS. People do that in kodi. Kodi boxes can run blender. Even a PiZero runs blender.

    I honestly think I see it from the audience view-point from down here in the cheapseats, and these small features could help engagement becuase it helps impart concepts and is fun.