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    Cooperation vs. competition

    François Brutsch · Sunday, 30 August - 12:37 edit

In Britain, I am struck how much society is geared for competition rather than cooperation, be it the school system, debating competitions or first past the post. You need a balance between the two, of course. This game looks like an interesting way to show how the Swiss society (and direct democracy, woefully misunderstood here) works. #politix

  • «Democratia – The Isle of Five» | Avenir Suisse

    Swiss democracy as a mobile game With the launch of Democratia: The Isle of Five, a mobile game for smartphones and tablets, Avenir Suisse is treading new ground in terms of methodology, content, and communications. The virtual board game is a playful approach to direct democracy in Switzerland and a new way of simulating the […]

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    François Brutsch · Monday, 24 August - 17:05 edit

    Les Demoiselles de Rochefort: histoire et architecture


  • Rochefort, la demoiselle de Jacques Demy - Invitation au voyage - Regarder le documentaire complet | ARTE

    Son plan quadrillé et son gigantesque arsenal rappellent le temps de la splendeur de Rochefort, ville de garnison créée par Louis XIV. Dans les années 1960, la ville a perdu de son éclat, mais quand Jacques Demy la découvre, il est séduit par sa place centrale et par son pont transbordeur. Il fait de la cité charentaise le décor principal d’un film pop et coloré, devenu un classique du cinéma français, « Les Demoiselles de Rochefort ».

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    Micro-local community farm

    François Brutsch · Thursday, 20 August - 15:13 edit

In my city neighbourhood in the heart of London UK, we have a few "guerilla gardens": the ground around trees lining the street transformed by inhabitants growing wonderful flowers. But this an altogether different level!


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    Death of Lord Hutton, Andrew Sullivan returns to the blog

    François Brutsch · Sunday, 19 July - 16:35

Hutton was a hero of, see our posts from August-September 2003.

An occasion to mark the anniversary of this blog, started on 3 August 2003. As we explained elsewhere, Jean-Paul Guisan (aka Guillaume Barry) and I were inspired to start one by reading blogs ourselves, notably the Daily Dish by Andrew Sullivan. He stopped 5 years ago, being a confirmed commentator in mainstream media - but it's due to reappear as The Weekly Dish! Behold!

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