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    Sex, gender and protecting the rights of women, gay men, lesbians and bi as well as trans

    François Brutsch · Saturday, 15 February - 13:13 edit


Best general introduction to the subject l've read so far!

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    People on the Tube in the 1970s / 80s

    François Brutsch · Friday, 14 February - 22:33 edit

  • YourWullie on Twitter

    “While working as projectionist in an adult cinema called The Office Cinema in 1970s / 80s London, Bob Mazzer began photographing the people on the tube during his daily commute, more often at night. Here are some of those images.”

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    La justice comme limitation des pouvoirs

    François Brutsch · Saturday, 8 February - 17:12

  • Les femmes symbolisant la justice en Suisse disent l’identité profonde du pays

    Les femmes symbolisant la justice tiennent une épée et, en Suisse, traditionnellement, elles dominent les hommes de pouvoir représentés à leurs pieds. Quels sont les puissants que la justice soumet à sa loi ? Quelles sont les six villes où contempler ce symbole de notre identité culturelle ?   L'allégorie de la justice et sa [...]

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    Writing today in the spirit of Christopher Hitchens

    François Brutsch · Thursday, 23 January - 18:20 edit

  • The Enemies of Writing

    A writer who’s afraid to tell people what they don’t want to hear has chosen the wrong trade.

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    Understanding leftwing anti-Semitism (to fight it)

    François Brutsch · Thursday, 16 January - 14:47 edit