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    when using the #movim app, I still can't join/view chat rooms. :(

    people paulfree14 10 July, 2018


  • 13 July, 2018 Dominik George

    Do you understand that the Movim app is just a wrapper around your Android system's webview component? Did you test with that alone, and what vendor/version is it?

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    webpage that lists anarchist radio/podcast

    #anarchy #anarchism

    group_work webradios 12 July, 2018

''Those who believe this is an over-romanticized notion should consider the history of the #WorldCup.

Whether it's a country's desire to show that it can pull off hosting a major international event or a people's desire to show that they can compete with the world's superpowers...

#nationalism is the common thread.

The World Cup is intrinsically a nationalistic event, and it has often been exploited for nationalistic or political ends The #WorldCup is more than a #soccer tournament;

it's an occasion for all the nations of the world, at least those that qualify to its final stage, to determine which one produces the best athletes, the tightest teamwork and the most dominant style of play.

Smaller nations fight to prove that they belong among the great powers. This is true for the competitors, but it's even truer for the hosts.'' - via Stratfor, geopolitical intelligence platform

their full analysis:


  • 10 July, 2018 Marzanna

    Why? Do you get any error message?

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    11 July, 2018 paulfree14

    no. it's just nothing happening

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    11 July, 2018 paulfree14

    @Marzanna (just testing if mentions are working)

  • 13 July, 2018 Marzanna

    No, mentions don't work here. Ask in Movim chatroom.

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    An interesting project for #opensource developers. #blockchain

    people Marzanna 29 November, 2017

''Developers of #proprietary development tools who are giving it away t no cost to #OpenSource software developers try to help #FreeSoftware and are often valuable community members, but we have to reject their offering. - via Bjoern SchieSle from the fsf

  • Free Software Needs Free Tools

    Over the last decade, free software developers have been repeatedly tempted by development tools that offer the ability to build free software more efficient...

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    Dominik George

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    paulfree14 – Sunday, 8 July, 2018 - 01:49

    It’s not AI vs people
    It’s not Big Data vs people
    It’s not robots vs people

    It’s corporations vs people.

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    Timothée Jaussoin , Marzanna


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    8 July, 2018 paulfree14

    - via Aral

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    paulfree14 – Thursday, 5 July, 2018 - 18:41

    What would you like to let Tim Berners-Lee know?