• Monologue of the Algorithm: how Facebook turns users data into its profit

    paulfree14 – Saturday, 13 January - 16:51

some #video I found on #vimeo:

''Does #Facebook identify and manipulate our feelings? Is it able to recognize our personality type, habits, interests, political views, wages? Does it use all the information in order to reach us with personalized ads or sponsored content? You bet!..

  • Monologue of the Algorithm: how Facebook turns users data into its profit

    Does Facebook identify and manipulate our feelings? Is it able to recognize our personality type, habits, interests, political views, wages? Does it use all the information in order to reach us with personalized ads or sponsored content? You bet! Mark Zuckerberg's empire is based on analysing the digital dandruff that we leave behind on the Internet, transforming it into a valuable consumer profiles and selling it to advertisers. In this factory we are not even a product - we are just a human biomass, which only gains value after being shaped and worked on by algorithm. How exactly does it work? Take a look. Authors: Vladan Joler (SHARE Lab) Katarzyna Szymielewicz (Panoptykon Foundation) Based on SHARE Lab research: Facebook Algorithmic Factory Animation: Aleksandar Ilic Voice: Zofia Kremer Sound production: Jarek Gawlik Supported by: European Digital Rights and Renewable Freedom Foundation Special thanks to: British Council Tok.fm

  • fuckoffgoogle - we won't let you take this city

    paulfree14 – Wednesday, 10 January - 14:14

'Google plans to implant a "Google Campus" in Kreuzberg, Berlin. We, as a decentralized network of people are committed to not letting our beloved city be taken over by this law- and tax-evading company that is building a dystopian future.''


G-ENTRIFICATION Increased rents, buildings bought by Google and their startups, local livelihoods destroyed.

GOOGLE IS EVIL #Google routinely violates Human rights through widespread #censorship and mass-#surveillance.

A BRAVE G WORLD Google has a leading role in influencing technology towards a dystopian future where Humans will be controlled by algorithms

NO TAX NO LAW Google systematically evades EU taxes and legislation. Do we want such a company as neighbor?

TAKE ACTION – RESOURCES! As a diverse multitude we can organize to resist and kick them out of Kreuzberg! Also, let’s joyfully share knowledge about decentralized technologies!

Let’s organize! Resist the invasion! Everyone can participate by contributing research material about any of our topics....


  • 10 January paulfree14

    see also: https://degooglisons-internet.org/ a campain to take back the dominance of #google and share/build free and #opensource software

  • 10 January Timothée Jaussoin

  • Salut à Toi: the multi frontend, multipurpose communication tool

    paulfree14 – Wednesday, 10 January - 12:23

Hi #xmpp and federated social neyworks lover. I just found another xmpp based social network.

''Salut à Toi Multipurpose, multi frontend, free (libre) and decentralised communication tool.''

I really like the phillosophy behind: '#SàT is not made for money or to trap people, it's a project about freedom and sharing.'

Their dev just told me of being in great contact with the #movim dev.



  • 10 January Dominik George

    Only sad thing is I do not even manage to login with my XMPP account after installation ☹.

  • 10 January Timothée Jaussoin

  • 10 January paulfree14

  • 10 January paulfree14

    ...hmm. I have asked the dev. to join in here to give you support.

  • 10 January Marzanna

  • 10 January paulfree14

    here the response @Dominik: '@paulfree14 I'm at work now, so can't check it. We are currently in a deep change in the web interface, and I have updated recently, a couple of things are broken and should be fixed soon (couple of days). An alpha release should come soon followed by beta phase to stabilise the whole thing.'' ''He (and you ;) ) can join sat@chat.jabberfr.org MUC room for help, it's more easy to follow from time to time.''

  • 10 January mathias poujol-rost

  • paulfree14 – Wednesday, 29 November - 12:48

    Introduction to Mix Networks and Anonymous Communication Networks by David Stainton

  • Home | Least Authority

    Least Authority was formed in 2011 to create freedom-compatible technologies. We are a small team who believe that freedom matters in Internet technology. You can take advantage of online services while retaining control over your own data. We're here to make it easy.

  • If you like #audiobooks, you'll love this:

    paulfree14 – Wednesday, 29 November - 12:44

#Librivox free public domain audiobooks free for anyone to listen to

"LibriVox audiobooks are read by volunteers from all over the world. Perhaps you would like to join us?" https://librivox.org/

Also some of our favourite anarchist and communists are present:

Emma #Goldman https://librivox.org/anarchism-and-other-essays-by-emma-goldman/

#Marx https://librivox.org/author/2426?primary_key=2426&search_category=author&search_page=1&search_form=get_results

#Bakunin https://librivox.org/author/730?primary_key=730&search_category=author&search_page=1&search_form=get_results

#commons #anarchism #communism #audiobooks


  • 29 November paulfree14

    ah and all the audiobooks can also be downloaded via torrent :)

  • What search engines do you suggest friends?

    paulfree14 – Sunday, 26 November - 18:21 - Sunday, 26 November - 18:23

(remember, one doesn't suggest friends tool that spy on them or exploid them 😜 )

Here are just 3 I have in mind:

searx.me/ opensource meta search engine

#yacy p2p search engine....sounds damn cool, but haven't tested https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/YaCy

#deuSu #opensource and no tracking. Has it's own search index. Yet just a project developes by one person in their spare time (someone adviced it me yesterday) https://deusu.de/

#privacy #searchengine


  • 26 November Marzanna

    I use Startpage and DuckDuckGo.

  • 26 November paulfree14

  • 26 November paulfree14

    @Marzanna if you like startpage I can recoment searx.me very much. There you can choose which search engines you like to use....and there is a great vararity you can choose from.

  • 26 November paulfree14

    qwant and duckduckgo, aren't opensource sofar as I know. So I wouldn't trust them much. Lilo.org never heard of. I'm gonna have a look :)

  • 26 November paulfree14

    ...ah, nope I know lilo.org. In germany ppl use ecosia with simliar purpose. Thought it's just nothing for me as I dislike advertisment where those offering more cash will get the loudest vioce very much.

  • 26 November Timothée Jaussoin

    DuckDuckGo for me with a fallback to Google :)

  • 26 November Timothée Jaussoin

  • 28 November ThurahT

    To add one not mentioned here so far: https://metager.de/en and onion version: http://b7cxf4dkdsko6ah2.onion/en privacy aimed and open sourced.

  • 28 November ThurahT

    Oh, and as paulfree14 already mentioned P2P stuff I might add skytorrents "Sky torrents search engine Maximum Privacy, Minimal tracking" found here: https://www.skytorrents.in/ It reminds me a bit of torrentproject, which I miss sorely.

  • 5 December Roelof Pieter

    But does using open source software mean you can trust the site? There is no way of knowing whether your searches are being logged and you being profiled is there?

  • paulfree14 – Saturday, 18 November - 14:48

    Anyone experience with using smartphones as a sever?


  • 18 November Dominik George

    Not apart from irregularly serving some directory via FTP.

  • 18 November paulfree14

    On mastodon someone linked me to #postMarketOS http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/104926

  • 18 November paulfree14

  • 19 November Noo

    No, i didn't. But good question! They have everything a small homeserver needs. But Android-OS for Servers!? ahhhhhh... So I'd need a smartphone with an alternative os like debian, etc... :)

  • 20 November Timothée Jaussoin

    A server that is connected over WiFi, meh :/

  • 21 November paulfree14

    that's how you'll do it in emergency situations. Cables are broken, so you'll need to do it with a wireless solution. For 2018 we'll propably see a couple of earthquakes happening. Knowing how to build usefull infrastructure for those situation can be very usefull.