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    fuckoffgoogle - we won't let you take this city

    paulfree14 – Wednesday, 10 January, 2018 - 13:14

'Google plans to implant a "Google Campus" in Kreuzberg, Berlin. We, as a decentralized network of people are committed to not letting our beloved city be taken over by this law- and tax-evading company that is building a dystopian future.''


G-ENTRIFICATION Increased rents, buildings bought by Google and their startups, local livelihoods destroyed.

GOOGLE IS EVIL #Google routinely violates Human rights through widespread #censorship and mass-#surveillance.

A BRAVE G WORLD Google has a leading role in influencing technology towards a dystopian future where Humans will be controlled by algorithms

NO TAX NO LAW Google systematically evades EU taxes and legislation. Do we want such a company as neighbor?

TAKE ACTION – RESOURCES! As a diverse multitude we can organize to resist and kick them out of Kreuzberg! Also, let’s joyfully share knowledge about decentralized technologies!

Let’s organize! Resist the invasion! Everyone can participate by contributing research material about any of our topics....