• paulfree14 – Saturday, 18 November - 14:48

    Anyone experience with using smartphones as a sever?


  • 18 November Dominik George

    Not apart from irregularly serving some directory via FTP.

  • 18 November paulfree14

    On mastodon someone linked me to #postMarketOS http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/104926

  • 18 November paulfree14

  • 19 November Noo

    No, i didn't. But good question! They have everything a small homeserver needs. But Android-OS for Servers!? ahhhhhh... So I'd need a smartphone with an alternative os like debian, etc... :)

  • 20 November Timothée Jaussoin

    A server that is connected over WiFi, meh :/

  • 21 November paulfree14

    that's how you'll do it in emergency situations. Cables are broken, so you'll need to do it with a wireless solution. For 2018 we'll propably see a couple of earthquakes happening. Knowing how to build usefull infrastructure for those situation can be very usefull.