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  • Mozilla's Cringe-Worthy Dive Into A Buzzfeed Style Swamp.

    preptorrent – Sunday, 24 December - 13:45 - Sunday, 24 December - 13:59

Update: Hyerplink Linux Gamer criticism of MozillaLinux Gamer

Example video by youtuber titled Linux Gamer. Mozilla Privacy concerns raised. Perhaps a small part of the solution is to break up one's computing habits so that some actions do not reqiure a browser. Retro Computing channels use Bulletin Boards which likewise have IRC and FTP features. You don't need a browser at all for those things. Networks or chat using XMPP like Movim are another thing to consider.

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A video (see the mpeg4 file or the youtube video embedded) by Styxhexenhammer666 (aka Styx) reports that the video website known as VidMe is shutting down. He makes some good points about echo chambers. Here is my two cents: The eagerness for VidMe to succeed seemed to be the domain of its userbase. The VidMe website itself did not seem to value that strength. It's heavy handed "one strike" policy was over the top in comparison to youtube's "two week ban" approach. Letting a user now in advance so they get a chance to undo whatever it is that has offended the website creators is much more fair. Alas, perhaps for VidMe, the ego would rather destroy itself than turn to face its own shadows. In the youtube comments sections of Styx's videos, some people who used youtube and VidMe reported that people would get "instabanned" for posting a link. They spoke of #censorship too. It was as if automatically they were deemed a spammer and therefore instantly banned. Not only is this not "fair" (in terms of living a person a chance to hear them out) but also it seems absurd that hyperlinks on the internet (and sure, we are not talking adult boobs or anything) are what make content and are also citations. It seemed to hypocritical seeing as the actual videos from VidMe where often hyperlinks for direct ripping from youtube. So far Movim seems to embrace the fact that a link can be embedded as the basis for a post made. Of course, even with the two week timeout banning by youtube, youtube would likely be seen as more fair if youtube were to actually tell an account owner if they have been shadowbanned in comments. Another poor thing VidMe did which came across as hypocritical was the way it would allow a person to rip youtube videos on its own website but then would not allow the ability to rip videos from its own website to another person's website. It gave off the impression of it being a one way street. It raised questions about the way that, in doing so, vidme did not seem to acknowledge youtube had made deals with the Performing Rights Society for copyright music uploaded. Sure there are sometimes nuances, however, you either respect the function of ripping, or you don't. That applies to those who feel copyright laws are working and to those who feel copyright laws are not working. Not only this but VidMe had a habit of engineering fame for those who got the front page a lot. Some channels, displeased with what they felt was unfair treatment closed their channels, such as the GoMGTOW channel and that channel had helped give shoutouts to other VidMe channels. Even metacafe allowed their upload button again recently and metajolt is a website that allows direct mpeg4 file links. The vlogger StyxHexenHammer666 (or often aka "Styx" for short) reports that VidMe is shutting down its servers. Styx then shows another site is available, known as 'Pew.Tube' and it has been allowing direct mpeg4 links to the videos on its pages. So the source video webspage for Styx's video is here but, the actual mpeg4 file can also be linked. He does also have a BitChute webpage. The way VidMe allowed embedding of videos was limited for some other websites including the way in which Movim handles HTML. Do remember that Movim has some pretty good features for HTML albeit oldschool (a bit like HTML4) but in a good way. A Direct mpeg4 link can help. Those also work on that vidlii website. Mind you TopBuzz is a website that does not seem to have it.
While Styx has not mentioned them, see also planktos github or zeronet wikipedia or InterPlanetaryFileSystem for other webtorrent or crypto-currency social networks. Styx also has his video on youtube. Styx references an archive webpage to demonstrate the news. Do consider using the #prepTorrent Filenaming convention too. Thank you to Jim Giant and Go MGTOW ( #JimGiant and #GoMGTOW ) and others for their kindness during my one strike instaban. #prepTorrentFilenamingConvention

Consider this example of Mozilla taking a cringeworthy dive into a BuzzFeed style swamp and how it can it be avoided. This is the Mozilla IRL podcast public movim link.

Here is an interesting video by computing forever on alternative services to use the internet. This is the Dave Cullen Video ComputingForever video DailyMotion link.

Of course, setting up your own Movim Server might be an idea. Here is an example of that, although it would be nice to see a no brainer solution for people to set up a server as easily as setting up a webpage as long as you have a static IP address at home.

This is a Setting up Your Own Movim Server Public link.

Maybe subscribe to ComputingForever's followers?

This is the ComputingForever followers on DailyMotion DailyMotion link.

List of some Manosphere to reply to or share on movim or elsewhere using the public URL This is the MovimManosphere Public link. Or use this RSS subscription link to follow or even simply have the list in text format. This is the MovimManosphereRSS Public link which even works on some old GPRS mobile phone browsers. Do remember you can navigate through movim using hashtags such as #RedPill or #MovimManosphere or #NewHereManosphere . Consider also Diaspora which shares some similarities with Movim in its technology. DiasporaMovim Manosphere Or try this manosphere link when logged in.Manosphere

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Behold the pepTorrent hashtag! #prepTorrent


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  • A banner for the movim manosphere .

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In an attempt to create a homepage style comment, a workaround banner is made for the Manosphere so it can be linked to from this comment. Here, using a simple xhtml4 table, the banner is placed in the center of the page using tags. Clicking it below also takes the reader to the manosphere itself.

  • Turd Flinging Monkey points out MGTOW need not repatriate with gynocentrism. #mgtow #manosphere #mra #Unremarkable

    preptorrent – Tuesday, 23 May, 2017 - 20:47 - Wednesday, 25 October - 22:55

Sargon voices concern about the marketting aspects of words like Gynocentrism if they sound confrontational. Turd Flinging Monkey points out that MGTOW do not need to negotiate if they are going to win anyway. Find more manosphere content by clicking the pertaining hashtags in the title of this post when viewing the public URL. If you liked this post, maybe consider also the post about a video by Greg Silverado for one MGTOW's anecotal view. Please do comment on Movim.
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  • Massive company Google shuts down comments on this video. Remark on that! #Unremarkable #RedPill.

    preptorrent – Monday, 22 May, 2017 - 14:05 - Wednesday, 25 October - 22:58

For a massive company to make a video about "being remarkable" (able to be remarked upon) and then to shut down comments is yet more unremarkably typical fragile ego behaviour from Google who want to control the narrative. Where, by the way, is the disavowal of that action from the women in the video? Nowhere! You know you are unremarkable when you get across a pushy agenda masquerading as victimhood with an inequality of arms if you have a massive company backing you, and protected status from governments and State. They are in tears. They know they are not remarkable. They're like most other people, and that by definition, means there isn't the time to remark on all people one by one. Telling a lie that you are remarkable doesn't make you remarkable. FFS. Look, the mechanism is simple: You do something good, then somebody else remarks on you to outline it... not yourself remarking on you. You needn't add to it. It simply makes it worse. Just say "That's a nice thing to say" and then move on. And by "somebody else" I mean a number of everyday people.... not a huge company meddling with internet standards and control of the narrative. Thou shalt not remark. Self affirmation is fcking cringey and makes you look lonelier than you are. Welcome to Cringe-ville... Population: "you". Look at this one. Clearly the underlying connotation is: "I am remarkable because vagina." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mC0F7rPMIM Or "I'm fcking better than you" < Ana Kasparian mentality.

  • #IamRemarkable

    #IamRemarkable was created to empower women to overcome modesty norms, in order to facilitate necessary self-promotion in the work environment. --------- Cre...

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Regarding Jordan's comments on MGTOW: The 'Wind in the Willows Jordan B. Peterson as a furry' Meme. See hyperlink:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-0UMKnxfD8 "Minks Rights Activist" Stoat Mining for 'Men Going Their Own Weaselly Way' (MGTOWW). "Sexual Meerkat Place Value"... It's a Ferretocracy! #MenGoingTheirOwnWeasel #MenGoingTheirOwnWeasellyWay #MenGoingTheirOwnWeaselly #JordanPeterson #SexualMeerkatPlaceValue #Ferretocracy #MinksRightsActivists #MGTOW #MRA #Feminism #antifeminism #prepTorrent