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    Golang's adventures, part 1

    Stanislav N. – Sunday, 27 May - 06:50 edit

2018-05-27T11:44:47+05:00 |DEBU| Trying to load paste data from '/home/pztrn/.go/workspace/src/github.com/pztrn/fastpastebin/cmd/fastpastebin/data/pastes/1.json'...
2018-05-27T11:44:47+05:00 |DEBU| Loaded 191 bytes: {"id":1,"title":"","data":"123123123123","created_at":"2018-05-27T06:43:56.753740597Z","keep_for":30,"keep_for_unit_type":1,"language":"text","private":false,"password":"","password_salt":""}
2018-05-27T11:44:47+05:00 |ERRO| Failed to parse paste: json: Unmarshal(nil *pastesmodel.Paste)
2018-05-27T11:44:47+05:00 |ERRO| Failed to get paste #1: json: Unmarshal(nil *pastesmodel.Paste)

FFS, why it's nil? >.<

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    Stanislav N. – Wednesday, 23 May - 09:55

    In latest Rambox you should add Movim as "Custom service", otherwise it won't load more than once.

    That's how JS and Electron are "awesome".