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    I started using Movim with this account. <3 it! I strongly believe one should be able to self-host. But coulnd't get that to work yet |-(

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    Roelof Pieter – Saturday, 2 June - 06:34

    Metronome IM v3.9 released

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    Metronome IM v3.9 released

    Took a while but it's finally released, you can pick up a changelog from here it also brings some nice kicks in which will make Movim happy :)

    people Marco Cirillo 1 June

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    Timothée Jaussoin

Had a boat race yesterday. let's not get into how it went and what place we ended. More important is that since the event Vechten op de Vecht had it's 10th anniversary, they had set up this special photo booth that makes theses kind of Matrix/Bullet time kind of pictures. Which was nice.