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    I started using Movim with this account. <3 it! I strongly believe one should be able to self-host. But coulnd't get that to work yet |-(

  • This meme made me laugh :-)

    Roelof Pieter – Monday, 25 December - 21:16 - Monday, 25 December - 22:32

...as found on pump.io. #meme

  • Eefje de Visser in Bitterzoet, Amsterdam

    Roelof Pieter – Saturday, 23 December - 23:04

Went to see a #concert of the Eefje de visser in Bitterzoet #amsterdam this evening. It was pleasant, with beautiful #music. Though short and plagued with technical difficulties. And with my shorter length, being there live, is not without difficulties, making me somewhat wound up :-( ...