• Movim 0.12 – LoveJoy

    test – Monday, 25 September - 11:02 - Monday, 25 September - 16:59

With #Lovejoy, #Movim is now #easier than before. Let's discover all the new #features bundled in this awesome #release.

A new way to explore your contacts and Communities

The Movim contact page has been entirely redesigned. Now you can easily focus on their publications and general information. The sidebar allows you to discover more of them.

The Community page, introduced in the 0.11 version, has also been reorganized and now allow you to see what is happening on your #pod in a glance.

Publish in a simple click

You want to quickly send a picture to your friends? Share a feeling or a though? The new Quick Publish widget allows you to do that easily.

If you still want to do more advanced publications with formating, you can press the button to access to the complete form.

Movim also automatically saves the draft of your publications so you can continue their redaction later.

Organize and explore the publications

Tagging articles in Movim has been greatly simplified. By simply putting #hashtags you can categorize your publications. Now you can also explore public articles having similar tags.

NSFW content

To protect the children browsing the articles we also added an automatic filter on adult content (enabled by default). When publishing "Not Safe For Work" content you can categorize the article as so by adding the NSFW tag to it.

If you want to have access to those content, you can enable them in the configuration.

New look for the publications

Lovejoy also comes with a new design for the articles cards. The embedded links are better integrated and you can now directly like an article when browsing!

The redesign also simplify the browsing and navigation on mobile devices.

Movim ❤️ your mobile

The UI of Movim has been redesigned for mobile devices.

A new menu allows you to quickly switch between the four main pages. You can have access to the full menu by drag & dropping it from the left.

Chat and Chatrooms, new features and redesign

A lot of love has been put in the chat-room features of Movim. The conversations now have a unified look with the single chat ones. You can also now embed pictures in the discussions by uploading them or pasting links directly and you can auto-complete the nicknames by pressing Tab when writing a message in the chat-rooms.

Since Lovejoy you can also now start a discussion with a chat-room member in one click and invite your contacts to join the chat-room by sending them a message, or an invite link.

With the new autojoin feature you can ask Movim to automatically join some of your favorites chat-rooms when you login.

Chat markers

Movim now implement the recent XMPP standard called Chat Markers, this allow you to know if a contact has seen your messages. This feature is also fully compatible with clients like Conversations or Dino.


Say hello to Miho, the official mascot of the Movim project. A new sticker pack created by Xey-Xander is available on Movim.


With the support of the XMPP standard Message Archive Management you can now resynchronize your history when login back to Movim, for your private discussions but also in the chat-rooms. Never loose any messages anymore between your devices!

…and also

Under the hood we continue to fix many issues, optimize and refactorize the Movim sourcecode to keep the Core engine clean and secure. This is also made possible with the continuous feedbacks of our community, on our official chat-room and our Github Page.

Thanks to members of our community we also opened new pods in Sweden, Japan, Germany and Russia. Thanks to them!

Migration of our official XMPP server to ejabberd

One of the biggest task of those past months was also to migrate our official server from the deprecated Metronome server to ejabberd. This migration contains more than 11 thousands accounts, thousands of articles, messages and relations.

Thanks to the ProcessOne team and especially Christophe Romain, Evgeny Khramtsov and Holger Weiß we greatly improved the script to migrate the data from one server to another and several features used by Movim after the migration.

ejabberd is now officially recommended by the Movim team. To make Movim fits perfectly with your server, please follow our ejabberd configuration page on our Wiki.

We are now having close than 300 simultaneously connected users on our official pods :)

Help us!

For 9 years now, the Movim team and community is working freely to develop the platform and the related projects. We are also hosting the officials pods to allow our users to use Movim daily.

To continue to maintain and expand our infrastructure we are looking for your help. You can contribute by doing a one time donation on our Paypal account or on our official Patreon.

You can also help us by writing feedbacks about your experience with Movim, translate the project or help us debugging and improving the platform :)

You can find all those information on our official website.

That’s all folks!