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    Free and open source software to create a forum or a community

    ericbuijs – / open-source-software – Friday, 25 January, 2019 - 16:13 edit

I wrote a blog post about #FLOSS software to create and maintain a community or a forum. It's an extended version of my earlier post on this topic.

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  • 25 January, 2019 ericbuijs

    That's correct I expanded on the orginal post and replaced it with the one on my blog.

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    26 January, 2019 Adam

    Interesting article - the words "This is a link to a Movim community" does not appear to be a link.

    Also kind of interesting that a whole slew of OSS forum software is not touched on, though they are still heavily developed & used - phpbb and all it's deriviates/lookalikes?

    However, sorry, not wanting to be too negative. The summaries aren't bad, but could use some fleshing out I think.

  • 26 January, 2019 ericbuijs

    @Adam, thanks for the criticism which I think is fair.

    First, I'm currently struggling to get the blog post updated just when I was working on the Movim section. Something wrong with my WordPress server I'm afraid. I'll try again to get the link in tomorrow.

    The blog post was intended to provide G+ refugees with options to build a forum or community with FLOSS software. Since a lot of G+ users are making their choices right now I thought it was important to get the word out. So I only mentioned the software that I'm familiar with. I intend to make it a living document by adding information when I have the time to further study the existing options.


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    28 January, 2019 Adam

    As I run a Friendica node, I've been watching the G+ "refugees" (heh, have to laugh at that every time) move over to "the fediverse" in a couple of bursts. I imagine there must be numerous posts out there that make suggestions on 'where to go next', but I'm also sure it's interesting the little pockets of exposure each would get depending on the communities one's involved with.

    Anyhow, as previously mentioned I didn't want to be sounding too critical - wanted to give the quick suggestion I saw in case it hadn't been noticed. You're the one who took the time to write the article and I commend anyone who's doing that - I'm not enough of a writer myself to (generally) want to publish those kinds of things (though I have plenty of opinions on them! heh).

  • 28 January, 2019 ericbuijs

    I'm one of those G+ refugees myself and having seen a lot of people running off to another centralized social network I was pretty motivated to help people understand the possibilities and benefits of distributed networks.
    As it happens I also ended up using Friendica ( so it intrigues me that you have some kind of XMPP addon running on your server. Perhaps I can convince Michael Vogel to do the same or else set-up a Friendica server myself.

  • 28 January, 2019 racuna

    Thanks. G+ is still my main source of boxing and mma news. I'm looking for an alternative.

  • 28 January, 2019 ericbuijs

    @racuna, with so much options it's hard to choose right. One thing I've learned is not to settle too easily and take my time to see what really fits for me. I also found it better not to search for a G+ copy (because there isn't) but instead look for what I want from a social network. If your interested in the Fediverse I wrote a guide for GPlus refugees to choose a new social network in the Fediverse:

    BTW: what me made come back to Movim is that it's a social network on top of XMPP which potentially brings me in contact with all the users of XMPP clients out there. Given the uncertainty around Hangouts I thought I might as well be looking for an alternative for that too.