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    Movim, FLOSS Alternative for Hangouts

    ericbuijs – / open-source-software – Thursday, 31 January - 10:14

Looking for a FLOSS alternative for #Hangouts reignited my interest in #Movim. If only I can convince my friends to use Movim or any other #XMPP client. Anyway here is a short blog post of mine about Movim.

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    Movim, FLOSS Alternative for Hangouts

    News is spreading that Google will replace classic Hangouts with Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet. Since Google had already decided to close G+ forcing me to look for an alternative this was a good moment replace Hangouts with a FLOSS alternative. I’m pretty happy with the Fediverse social networks as a replacement for G+ but … Continue reading "Movim, FLOSS Alternative for Hangouts"