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    Issues with XMPP Server restarts

    Marco Cirillo · / lw-org · Sunday, 3 May - 22:22

We have been finalizing a few fixes, to even long standing bugs, which will also go into the new Metronome release (3.14.0). We're experimenting with the JSON serialization storage, and the new RAM storage backend. Our benchmarks show the server performance has improved quite a bit, right now Movim for example has almost no hiccups.

We apologize for the small downtimes.

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    Website Revamp

    Marco Cirillo · / lw-org · Friday, 10 April - 14:57 edit

We recently revamped the website layout, to make it more modern and usable also we gave a solid improvement to the whole infrastructure, both hardware and software wise.

And it's perfectly usable with Movim also.

#xmpp #service #metronome #microblogging #movim

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    LW.Org is a free provider for mail and instant messaging services, join now. Founded 21 years ago, we grow to a full fledged communication platform aimed at respecting privacy and with strong security standards.

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    Upped HTTP File Upload Limit

    Marco Cirillo · / lw-org · Friday, 19 October, 2018 - 00:23

The size limit of files is now 100 MiBs, the expire limitation of two days it has also been removed, thanks to the external file upload module. Metronome's reimplementation of mod_http_upload_external also allows management of files on the upstream http file server, so it will be possible to either purge all files at once or pick which files to delete.

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    Support for Security Labels on LW.Org IM

    Marco Cirillo · / lw-org · Sunday, 7 October, 2018 - 15:27 edit

With the introduction of XEP-0258 support in Metronome, I also deployed it on XMPP service. While at a first look this may look like a Bussness / Military only feature, but with a simplier approach at the Access Control Decision Function/Policy Enforcement related to this extension it's also possible to implement content filtering and restriction or just fancy tagging of messages.

An usage example, is restricting routing only to certain occupants in a MUC based on their affiliation. So you could for instance send a message to the room which only members could see etc.

You can get a Comprehensive list of changes introduced in Metronome v3.11 here

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    Coming in effect of GDPR

    Marco Cirillo · / lw-org · Saturday, 26 May, 2018 - 00:04

Yesterday the General Data Protection Regulation officially came in effect, this means that as public service we had to take some countermeasures to became compliant as best as we could.

As not so little data that is dealt with on XMPP is PII and also that because of its decentralised nature basically the said data has to be treated by multiple entities and not just us. We have been forced to deploy a module that enforces some limits on server to server communication if the user doesn't give consent to the treatment of his data.

GDPR in its current form is not adapt and very biased against environments like XMPP but we will still do our best to oblige and be compliant.

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    LW.Org IM: Public Jabber/XMPP service

    Marco Cirillo · / lw-org · Tuesday, 22 May, 2018 - 23:08

logo is a public xmpp service started in 2009, you can register an account either using In-Band Registration (XEP-0077) or out of band at our registration page.

The server fully supports XMPP microblogging extensions used by Movim.