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    XMPP server hands-on comparison: ejabberd vs. Prosody

    Timothée Jaussoin – pubsub.movim.eu / Movim – Sunday, 6 August - 23:18

A really nice new article of Netfuture.ch with a small comparison between #ejabberd and #prosody :)

  • XMPP server hands-on comparison: ejabberd vs. Prosody

    Having been involved in testing an open-source XMPP web client (JSXC) against ejabberd and Prosody, I have noticed the following differences that I would like to share, to make it easier for you to decide. Please note that I have done more with ejabberd, so there will naturally be more nitpicking th


  • 7 August Marzanna

  • 7 August paulfree14

    I really like the webclient JSXC from a user perspective. Easy to use, and for the reason that it can be implemented on.any side everyone can choose the same chat while being on a different webpage.

  • 23 August SouL

    Love the image :)

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