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    Help us to covering our monthly costs on our official Patreon!

    Timothée Jaussoin – pubsub.movim.eu / Movim – Tuesday, 12 September - 17:35

For a couple of years already, we are #hosting Movim for free on different servers accross Europe (and soon on the other continents!). The Movim team is also hosting two XMPP servers (movim.eu and jappix.com) and their related services (file hosting, chatrooms, PubSub service…).

Those #servers and domains are directly financed personally by the administrators but still have a cost.

Today we are launching an official #Patreon page to allow our community to help us fund those servers and related services. Our overall monthly costs are around 50$ and we would like to see if the #Movim #community could cover them by doing small monthly donations.

There are actually 400 connected users on the XMPP servers, 100 of them are connected on the different pods that we are hosting. A small donation of 1$ monthly could easily allow us cover those cost and help the team to improve and extend the services in return :)

If you prefer to do a one time donation, you can also send it on our PayPal account.

Thanks again for your support!


  • 12 September Marzanna

    Can I make one time donation? Do they accept bitcoins?

  • 12 September Bigou

  • 12 September Bigou

    Ill give a little something as soon as I can, but it won't be right now, alas.

  • 13 September Mike

  • 13 September Stanislav N.

  • 17 September Dominik George

    I have put a donation on the agenda for Teckids e.V.'s board meeting in October. We are establishing Movim for educational use, e.g. to replace WhatsApp groups used by teachers and students to share homework, etc.

  • 20 September Supernova

    I muddled my way through the french for a donation :-)

  • 21 September Marcel Subvogel

  • 4 days ago - 10:26 Ruben Solvang

  • 4 days ago - 10:31 Ruben Solvang

    Pledged! Do you have an IOTA wallet I can donate to?