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    First XMPP Meetup in Hamburg September 6th 2018 19h

    error – / de-hamburg-xmpp-meetup – Monday, 13 August, 2018 - 21:34 edit

We meet at an unknown building of the University of Hamburg situated between the train station Altona and the Chaos Computer Club, both five minutes via your feet:

Max-Brauer-Alle 60
5 min walk from train station Altona

Ground Floor
Roomnumber NOT changed (!): 233

We want to get to know each other personally so there is no tight schedule. All newcomers heartly welcome.

Our MUC:

#hamburg #xmpp #meeting #meetup #jabber

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    Debian Mini DebConf in Hamburg

    Timothée Jaussoin – Saturday, 19 May, 2018 - 10:55 edit

Hey everyone :) I'm currently in #Hamburg for the MiniDebConf.

The goal is to work on #Movim and prepare it to be packaged for #Debian! Lots of work has already been done as you can see on the CHANGELOG of the project.

We first worked on cleaning up and stabilizing the #dependencies of Movim. The outdated heyupdate/emoji was replaced by a wonderful pull request by mirabilos that add support of emojis directly inside Movim.

On my side I replaced ramsey/uuid with a simple internal function and worked on upgrating reactphp/http to their latest release with the help of WyrilHaximus, which also helped to release the v0.4.0 of reactphp/zmq that contains some important fixes for Movim.

The template engine of Movim, RainTpl was also stabilized to the latest release.

Natureshadow also made a really nice pull request to prepare the Debian package and fixe a couple of small bugs regarding URL handling inside the project.

All those dependencies will soon be packaged and integrated in Debian.

On top of that I worked a few hours yesterday on the optimisation of the #database requests by using some memory caching and Eloquent eager loading to prefetch some extra information when querying resources in the DB. This reduces the time spent to generate the pages and contents by more than 50 to 75% in some cases! It can especially be noticed on the Chat page and Contacts page.

The main pods were also updated with all those changes, so you can try them on, or

That's all folks!

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    20 June, 2018 Jan Rhebergen

    Where in Hamburg was it? (I lived there)