Bitchuter "Geeks And Gamers" gives his complaints about why the gaming website "Twitch" is wrong to ban the "Emotes" for the word "Simp". He doesn't realise that "getting banned" has a liberation to it if you prepare for it. I think he has missed something here, and that is the fact that the manosphere is winning in regard to the word "simp" finally having a "banned" status (for emotes at least) on a large network, especially pertaining to gaming. As an aside, an "MRA" was somebody who called (and, as it turned out, generally failed) for reform to the De Jure (such as family court). The MGTOW is of the De Facto, and not a repairman, and he is disinterested in reforming law but instead sometimes interested in starving the system. It is possible for a MGTOW to support MRA in theory but to either wait until reform or (depending on the MGTOW man) instead to still refuse to play the game (of marriage and family) even if reform comes to pass. The MRA was giving women (as an aggregate) a second chance. Women either noticed and generally turned it down and called it misogyny, or did not care to pay heed.

Geeks And Gamers

For those who do not know, an "Emote" is sort of like an emoji emoticon, except, rather than a website having its own known-quantity library of emojis, an "Emote" can be uploaded by the user and so that person would upload an image (which might resemble an emoji but higher resolution and tailored to perhaps hold a sign or be a dragon or whatever) and then it gets approved before the public can be able to see it. However, if an account has a long good standing with said website sometimes the "emote" image uploaded gets approved automatically. If it is found to break a rule, it is removed retroactively in that circumstance. It would seem some accounts had uploaded "emotes" (custom higher resolution emojis) with the word "Simp" to call out the behaviour of people they deemed to be simping. It has long been argued whether "Simp" means "Simpering" (as if a man is pathetically servile or fawning to a woman) or if it means "Suckers Idolising Mediocre Pussy". It might be that the latter is an extension of the former by extrapolation. Essentially a man who is a "simp" is an enabler to a woman's toxic behaviour. An example of women with toxic behaviour on Twitch is a 'thot' ("that ho over there") using the guise of "findom" (financial domination) to launder prostitution. The term "thot" seems to be used by Americans in the way Brits say "tart". So adjectives "thotty" and "tarty" seem to be used in a similar way other than literal meanings of prostitution (but it can mean that too). See the meme "five dollars twitch thot" (examples being InvaderVie and BadBunny). Also the website/app TikTok is notorious for thots with an attitude of female entitlement.

However, the Bitchuter "Geeks and Gamers" has missed the point that "banning" a word (or its pertaining "emotes") drives it underground, and that is where speak-easys and punk rock are born in echo-chamber think-tanks. Those who want the cool and edgy will pursue will follow the banned media like a judas-priest record-player song, or punk rock. Music was always better when the women were not there. Ideally, they'd be fashionably late to beyond their life expectancy (and never come spoil the gig with their Operation-KillJoy). There exists the De Facto and the De Jure. The word "Simp" became popularised in MGTOW and this became catalysed when the MRA ("Mens Rights Advocacy", or "Mens Rights Activism") was driven out by normies and feminists, and attempted to be sanistised by TradCons. Too many women in the MRA. Too many women, and more specifically, too many women in the wrong places, and doing the wrong things. So the MGTOW aggregate grew by the driving of the MRA underground (into MRA/MGTOW hybrid), and with it when the De Facto honed by forming words with new meaning such as "Simp". It didn't really matter if it was used in terms of the European (white) meaning "simpering" or the other (alliteration) meaning "Suckers Idolising Mediocre Pussy" (supposedly popularised by all races, but in America USA). It was written down, people believed it, and it was true. When MRA was driven underground and squashed under the fat arses of the FeMRAs (female MRAs who attempt to sanitise the MRA so it does not look misogynistic - as if that even matters), words like "simp" were catalysed, as uncomfortable-truth sleeper hits, and latent language of the De Facto. The banning of the word simp (on twitch emotes) is an indicator of it becoming mainstream, shaping the environment of free-speech. Both MRA and MGTOW carve the landscape. Women in general and their simps can come to know despair's name.

Rise MGTOW and MRA against the De Jure! Time to form yet more words to be banned. Form whole libraries of words to be banned, until those of the De Jure burn books filled with words of truth, and so those same people of the De Jure shall witness their own true colours which shall be seen in the chromatography of the flames. Then they will be in hell when they see themselves as they truly are. Big Tech's acrid fear is undeniably discerned in the beguiling smoke of their banning and shadowbanning. The ego would rather destroy itself than turn to face its own shadow.

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Now that Saudi Arabia has allowed women to drive just as cars are becoming A.I. driverless (Nelson Muntz, "Ha Ha"), its time to put Movim into a carputer. One of the uses for this is to have the XMPP video conferencing streaming your dashcam footage to your home (or other remote location), probably to be captured in a stream to a remote home-computer maybe via FOSS software similar to OBS or miracast (even though the local carputer might be set up to be a video-recording 'blackbox' in the car itself too).


It basically doesn't matter if Movim video-conferencing only does a video-call via just two computers linked in peer-to-peer at the moment. The carputer could have several cameras "mixed" into say 4 way split screen (like diddykong-racing or goldeneye 4-player on the N64 resembles). The 4 cameras could point out the windows in a Front, Back, Left and Right configuration (or something similar).

Of course, Movim in an HTPC could also have similar functionality. To build the carputer, it would be perfectly possible to choose either a MITX mainboard or to gut-out a laptop. The processing should be fine, as long as a computer is capable of playing Blu-Ray (usually dual-core 1.6Ghz with zacate or AMD graphics APU is fine, but double it to a rasperry-pi3bplus quad core of a 3GHz dual-core to be on the safe side and a little virtualisation ability might help, and future 3D collada support could capture physics from cameras acting as stereoscopic). Having opengl4.4 is nice but if you need opencl, something like a a6-6400k APU gives opencl 1.2 but an AMD 7400k gives opencl2.0 on the apu. Power efficient equivalents would need to be considered as alternatives. A 12volt car stereo can be powered from a modified xbox360 psu at home, if you want an htpc to match the carputer.

Fitting the carputer into a car-stereo bay so a DVDRW is included would be tidy and it also means, if a network fails, you could burn two 1GB DVD-R 8cm discs and pop them in a standard-letter-size (110 x 220 mm) envelope with a first class stamp to friends or family at a nearby postbox, so that within a day or three, at least some footage can get to them (and maybe have a folded Return Address SAE inside the envelope too). Or have the computer installed somewhere in the car it won't get stolen, and the DVDRW drive could simply be connected by a long cable to the car-stero bay. If the carputer is running Kodi many touchscreen options exist and so can voice-activation.

There is a myth that women drivers are safer drivers. The truth is, men drive more. The self-heating tin of all-day-breakfast exists because of men drivers. Necessity is the mother of invention, and hunger is the brother of indigestion. It is part of men in careers involving driving, as business not just residential. The majority of accidents happen 2 minutes from home. The flooding of women onto the roads as drivers is really just a quantitative easing, creating a hyperinflation of drivers. It is a way to launder funny money. Like alcohol-prohibition era America, more rules paves the way for more corruption. All roads lead to Rome, and when in Rome, the fall of Rome is by driving drunk on girl-powah. That'll put lead in your pencil. When women hold up half the sky, they take up your braking-distance. Women destroyed the environment in creating more roads by exceeding the capacity of those roads already existing. Carpooling spreads diseases. Arguing against it gets car companies and insurers calling you a male chauffeurnist. So with the abundance of falsehoods pre-emptively trying to find men autoguilty, don't get caught out by the social-distancing cameras that only put A.I. red-boxes around the chosen few, and don't get caught out by the establishment's electronic-line-judge or their equivalents to "HawkEye Cyclops" where corruption in sport is in court, found to be rigged. Driving is a sport, and could we be surprised if they'd employ their same tactics there on the main road? Speed cameras have been questioned in the past. Create your own data and have your own specialists, friends and back-ups at hand.

Movim RSS could keep you abreast of new changes on a road before the mainstream media or traffic reports get the information.

An automatic message over the XMPP chatroom or conferencing could send a message and a hash file of the video file you make such as a magnet link to a torrent. When the airbag goes off, a torrent is seeded, and an (atom) RSS published. War-driving with your IPFS could also be used, and could be a mobile Movim Pod. With that, finding driving routes via a route-finder can be done in a way that finds today's best war-driving route if the journey is tweaked, so maybe even coverage is mapped when microwave or other wireless comms are affected by weather or impaired communications masts.

And if all else fails, make your carputer's A.I. brain one of them #MGTOW wuvbots and you can just call anybody who disagrees with you sexist. If she crashes, she is the primary victim of wardriving for she is the one left behind.

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    A carputer is a computer with specializations to run in a car, such as compact size, low power requirement, and some customized components. The actual computing hardware is typically based on standard PCs or mobile devices. Because they are computer based they typically have many standard interfaces such as Bluetooth, USB, and WiFi. The first carputer was introduced by Clarion Co. on December 4, 1998, although on-board diagnostics have already been employed ever since the 1980s in order to measure precisely the amount of fuel entering the engine as the carburetors got too complex.A challenge to installing a computer in a car is the power supply. Energy is supplied as a nominal 12V DC in cars or 24V in some trucks. The real voltage varies according to whether the engine is on or off since the battery generally delivers less than 12V, while the generator supplies more. There can be peaks, and at ignition time the current supply drops. External DC/DC converters can help to regulate voltages so these can be used.Police cars often have Mobile data terminals in the form of a laptop swivel mounted where the driver's armrest would be. This can be used to log data...

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Movim Manosphere
PrepTorrent blog

Do you remember the film Spartacus? In the movie, Peter Ustinov plays Batiatus. Rome was the State. Do you remember the trilogy of films for "The Matrix"? In that film, Agent Smith is played by Hugo Weaving. In The Matrix, the computer system known as The Matrix is the State. Ruling over others, it is sort of like a government or Military state or a Monarchy or Religious State or Corporate/Capitalist State. I doesn't matter all too much what form of State as long as it is recognised it is the State. So the Matrix State by virtue of being a State shares that similarity with Rome in the Spartacus Film. Both also have the simlarity of being a troubled state, with its relevance weakened. The Agent Smith character and Batiatus are two different people who share an attribute. They both are people (men) who once had a role or position within the State, but now their role has either eventually gone or has been eroded, and so they evolve or find new purpose. For Agent Smith, he was a program that was essentially being surplus to requirements or possibily even deprecated. Around the time Neo visits the Oracle, Agent Smith eventually thanks Neo as Agent Smith finds new "purpose". Notice of course that Neo, flying around doing his superman impression is somewhat like a Messiah character, as is Spartacus. Batiatus is (or was) a sort of 'Broker' of gladiators and slaves. Batiatus starts to lose his role as the Slave Gladiators destabalise the Rome state. Eventually Batiatus finds a new role in helping the Senate destablise Caeser (Marcus Licinius Crassus) to whom he had previously been fawning. Do not mistake his fawning behaviour towards (Crassus) Caeser of Rome to be affection for Caeser. Batiatus just sees Caeser as a person who serves a purpose, and likewise Batiatus sees the Gladiators and Slaves that way too, in their own sense. Batiatus is capable of being charming and can even do good deeds alongside evil deeds. He even enjoys eventually helping Varinia (the slave prostitute who becomes wife of Spartacus). However he also has the capacity to allow her to be a slave prostitute to the Gladiators (and in the film it is portrayed to have an immoral or even maybe evil element to that practice). No matter the seeming kindness of Batiatus to Varinia, she too is seen by him as a person there for a purpose, valued for her utility irrespective of her value in her humanity. Take for example the view Batiatus holds of the Guards. Again they are seen as people there for their utility, to control the slave Gladiators. Batiatus is capable of having a good business relationship with a guard, but also he does not find it objectional that Spartacus hamstrung a guard by biting the guard's leg, almost certainly crippling the guard for life. An irony is that guards could once have been slave Gladators who worked their way up the ranks within the order of the day. Agent Smith once seemed to despise Neo, but in actual fact he recognises his purpose, and likewise eventually thanks Neo when Agent Smith starts realising a new purpose exists. As with Batiatus, both (Batiatus and Agent Smith) have an element of narcissism to them, and possibly machiavellianism although it is not required. What is required is an emotional detachment. Agent Smith is more prone to fits of rage (which may possibly be seen as psychopathic and cold at one point), even though he eventually controls these more upon finding his new sense of purpose. Compared to Agent Smith, Batiatus always had a better control of his jealous rage, although he always had jealousy and a sense of entitlement of a narcissist, and so his jealous rage was more a capacity to be spiteful, as he ultimately behaved in a calculating collaboration involving the Senate to erode the position of Crassus and to help Varinia escape. The ultimate spite was that in his loss of position for trading slave gladiators, he acts as though, if he cannot have it there is no reason anybody else should. That is the entitlement of the narcissist, and the latent sports-team behaviour of the machiavellian. The gladiator game is a blood sport. If either of the two characters do good things for the wrong reasons (which means irrespective of the good deed being motivated by that which is personally moral or immoral to him), they can effectivley behave as tantamount to an antihero, even momentarily. They are not, however, pure heros.

Why is all this important, and how does it affect roles and manophere and self-improvement?

The answer is that both Batiatus and agent Smith are behaving like a MGTOW man. It is absolutely important that they are men.

MGTOW in modern times is often 'described' in place of being 'defined'. The label "MGTOW" (men going their own way) is often used as a shortcut to say a man is a bachelor as a consequence of 'gynocentrism' which might be say TradCon or Feminism. However, that is a description, not a definition. Yes it is true that in practice it is either 99% or 100% of the time that a MGTOW man in the "current year" must be single in order to go his own way. However, once upon a time (as per the way MGTOW was once defined) it has been perfectly possible for a married man to go his own way. However, in the past, resources were more plentiful and the State was not so heavily set with rules and laws pertaining to feminism. It would still have been difficult, but possible. These days (probably since around the 1980s and 1990s until today), even though in theory a MGTOW could still be married, in practice the probability of that working in modern day "current year" is almost certainly zero.

So if MGTOW does not, by definition, mandatorily need to be defined as a man being a single bachelor, what is MGTOW? It can be described like an Object in computer programming defined by attributes and functions. In fact, it can be a change of role as polymorphism (and arguably, like 'multiple inheritance'). The Agent Smith change of purpose is a good example here because he is actually code. Some MGTOW have been through what is often described as an "anti-male system" such as legal disaprity (such as the Duluth Model) or even the family courts systems. Some ended up with PTSD. However, some MGTOW have never been through the family courts but have seen other men go through it, including those who have ended up with PTSD. Even some military men who have been through war described the trauma and stress of the family courts legal bias derived form the Duluth Model to be worse than that of the trauma and stress of war. Those men who have not been through that and yet still choose to go MGTOW can be defined by their functions, as in "what are they doing". What they are doing is pre-emptively recognising the coping and success mechanisms of a PTSD man (as if that man had been through the family courts or war) and they are emulating and adapting (optimising) that behaviour. It can seem to be an emotional disconnect or similar to machiavellianism. Sometimes it is that but other times it is more like how business can seen sociopathic and cold, but really, instead, to get on in life "it is just a thing you do". Their role has been eroded. Some of the most successful people (irrespective of them being MGTOW or not) can be psychopaths who manage to control their rage fits. A person with PTSD can resemble a (sociopath or) psychopath (unintentionally) when actually they are not. If rage fits are not an issue (to control) because you are not a psychopath, the emotional disconnect instead that can be controlled is empathy and so MGTOW may end up doing things they might not always wish to do, but they know it will probably succeed. They put side love, or at least some manifestations of it. People who are narcissists or psychopaths or machiavellian are often intelligent. A MGTOW can therefore mimic a person with a personality disorder. None of this is to put down MGTOW or to say they are bad people. Also it does not mean they are good people. They can be either, and so can Batiatus or Agent Smith if the circumstances reveal a path for them to follow in either manner. The psychopath (or narcissist) envies compassion as an attribute they cannot have, and so their jealously can be jealous rage, and a lack of empathy makes it harder to control that rage (so those better at it might use cognitive empathy of followinga a pattern htey derived). The weakness of the psychopath who struggles to control his rage fits through lack of empathy or love is that he cannot buy love prepackaged in a bottle. You cannot bottle love. However, you can bottle it up. And so, the MGTOW (not a psychopath, nor a narcissist) who mimics the PTSD can control his empathy in that manner. In his quest for other success in life, he improves his position and thusly he self-improves. The MGTOW have generally lost their role in, for example, being a family man (even if they never become one). Historically, most men never reproduced. Once the MGTOW could have been a husband and so on. So now they have change of purpose, such as with Agent Smith the man of changed code, and with Batiatus (who is no longer selling and trading in slaves and Gladiators). They are entities or people fighting or competing within the State, as their role has either been lost or has changed. They are not fighting against the State. The State, like the falling Rome or Matrix, is not as relevant in that context any longer either. While they may not realise it, the actions of the MGTOW and Batiatus and of Agent Smith are of 5th Generation Warfare. MGTOW is not a movement. Some define MGTOW as a philosphy, but really it is "a way of thinking". An outcome of that can be philosphy, however, it is not mandatory, and so not all MGTOW are "philosphers" nor are they required to be. As described above via the Object polymorphism mimicking the success strategies of pepole who have been through the antimale system, MGTOW is a way of thinking. As an aside, I am not a MGTOW. By doing nothing, I am doing something.

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Greg Silverado looks at MGTOW in a pragmatic way to show that there are a great many content creators out there getting the message out whether the label MGTOW is used or not, while being aware MGTOW is not a movement.

Click the Manosphere hyperlink above to see more content like this on Movim. Also you can click pertaining topic hashtags in the titles of posts.

To hear more explanation of MGTOW you may wish to try this other post about a video by Turd flinging Monkey here on Movim.

Or Turd flinging Monkey Public Link

Consider this example of Mozilla taking a cringeworthy dive into a BuzzFeed style swamp and how it can it be avoided. This is the Mozilla IRL podcast public movim link.

Here is an interesting video by computing forever on alternative services to use the internet. This is the Dave Cullen Video ComputingForever video DailyMotion link.

Of course, setting up your own Movim Server might be an idea. Here is an example of that, although it would be nice to see a no brainer solution for people to set up a server as easily as setting up a webpage as long as you have a static IP address at home.

This is a Setting up Your Own Movim Server Public link.

Maybe subscribe to ComputingForever's followers?

This is the ComputingForever followers on DailyMotion DailyMotion link.

List of some Manosphere to reply to or share on movim or elsewhere using the public URL This is the MovimManosphere Public link. Or use this RSS subscription link to follow or even simply have the list in text format. This is the MovimManosphereRSS Public link which even works on some old GPRS mobile phone browsers. Do remember you can navigate through movim using hashtags such as #RedPill or #MovimManosphere or #NewHereManosphere . Consider also Diaspora which shares some similarities with Movim in its technology. DiasporaMovim Manosphere Or try this manosphere link when logged in.Manosphere

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    Why Privatization of Marriage will not work. #MGTOW

    preptorrent · / manosphere · Thursday, 25 May, 2017 - 16:32 edit

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Alexander MGTOW says privatization of marriage would be even less secure than the current State arrangement. Marriage is doomed and we should just accept this. The entitlements are slowly being done away with, such as alimony. Seeing as women can work about the same as men and earn about the same as men if they want to, eventually the division of property is to no longer be a thing.

If you liked this post, consider also this post about a Greg Silverado MGTOW video.

Sargon voices concern about the marketting aspects of words like Gynocentrism if they sound confrontational. Turd Flinging Monkey points out that MGTOW do not need to negotiate if they are going to win anyway. Find more manosphere content by clicking the pertaining hashtags in the title of this post when viewing the public URL. If you liked this post, maybe consider also the post about a video by Greg Silverado for one MGTOW's anecotal view. Please do comment on Movim.
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    My MGTOW Thoughts by Entrepreneurs in Cars aka Richard Cooper #MGTOW

    preptorrent · / manosphere · Sunday, 21 May, 2017 - 21:52 edit

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Richard Cooper of the youtube channel Entrepreneurs in Cars, has had a ton of people ask him if he is MGTOW, and what he thinks of it. Here is his assessment, and his own experience of the Men Going Their Own Way Movement. Speaking from personal experience, the bias against men from the family courts is a point of empathy from Richard in this video while he looks at pros and cons of MGTOW.