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    Andrew M. – Monday, 4 June - 19:37

    Damn! The #Movim Android client is just reloading the login page, so I can't even enter the login details… Uninstalled.

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  • 4 June Orbifx

    Yeah, I think it's broken.

  • 5 June Orbifx

    Conversations works for the chatting, but not the news (pubsub).

  • 5 June Timothée Jaussoin

    Are you sure you put the correct password?

  • 6 June Andrew M.

    It's not about the password being (in)correct, it's about me being unable to enter the login details.

  • 7 June Timothée Jaussoin

    Is it reloading the page after a specific amount of seconds?

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    Contact publication

    andrescuccaro – Wednesday, 30 May - 13:39 - edit Wednesday, 30 May - 13:41

Hello, everyone! Trying #movim for the first time. I hope it everything works out. I'm interested in #libresoftware #linux #comics #animation #blender . I know this isn't #diaspora but I thought it was a nice way to get to know and interact with other people. I'm uploading a picture of what I make in Blender just to try Movim features, heh. And just for fun, here is a link to one of my models: [Vintage Mickey Mouse](https://sketchfab.com/models/fad853279dc24e989fe900c223ffdff5/).
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    Hosting my own life

    Cuber🥀 – Tuesday, 29 May - 18:36 - edit Tuesday, 29 May - 22:57

I determined a few years ago that I was getting too old to host and code. But with the recent privacy issues in the headlines seemingly every day I have revisited the idea. I've recently acquired a domain with which I hope to host all of my own most used web services such as cloud storage and office, email, and public gallery to name a few. I also hoped to find a messenger and social network, too. I think, after looking at several, that I have settled on #movim for these. I found some that I like but none that are as nice and versatile as movim. I'm stoked! I hope to have my own instance up within the next couple of months. This is a busy time of year for me in the real world. So, my digital aspirations will have to take a back seat for the moment.

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    Debian Mini DebConf in Hamburg

    Timothée Jaussoin – Saturday, 19 May - 10:55 - edit Saturday, 19 May - 10:57

Hey everyone :) I'm currently in #Hamburg for the MiniDebConf.

The goal is to work on #Movim and prepare it to be packaged for #Debian! Lots of work has already been done as you can see on the CHANGELOG of the project.

We first worked on cleaning up and stabilizing the #dependencies of Movim. The outdated heyupdate/emoji was replaced by a wonderful pull request by mirabilos that add support of emojis directly inside Movim.

On my side I replaced ramsey/uuid with a simple internal function and worked on upgrating reactphp/http to their latest release with the help of WyrilHaximus, which also helped to release the v0.4.0 of reactphp/zmq that contains some important fixes for Movim.

The template engine of Movim, RainTpl was also stabilized to the latest release.

Natureshadow also made a really nice pull request to prepare the Debian package and fixe a couple of small bugs regarding URL handling inside the project.

All those dependencies will soon be packaged and integrated in Debian.

On top of that I worked a few hours yesterday on the optimisation of the #database requests by using some memory caching and Eloquent eager loading to prefetch some extra information when querying resources in the DB. This reduces the time spent to generate the pages and contents by more than 50 to 75% in some cases! It can especially be noticed on the Chat page and Contacts page.

The main pods were also updated with all those changes, so you can try them on nl.movim.eu, fr.movim.eu or de.movim.eu.

That's all folks!

So, die allermeisten Abhängigkeiten sind paketiert und, bis auf nicht-unser-eigenes-Paket auch hochgeladen, nur bei raintpl muß der Timothée nochenz selbst nachschauen, was da Sache ist, aber das machen er und Nik dann morgen früh. Am Ende ging alles recht zügig und sogar gut parallel oder eher Fließbandarbeit, aber am Anfang war erstmal e̲c̲h̲t viel Vorbereitungs‑ und Lernaufwand nötig.

Zwischendurch habe ich dem @edhelas noch neuen Emoji-Code geschrieben, das hat leider auch länger gedauert als gehofft, tut aber super, erspart uns eine Abhängigkeit (gut, die zu paketieren hätte weniger lange gedauert), fixt aber direkt ein paar Bugs mit. #Movim

Jetzt befinde ich mich noch in einer Prügelei mit C++ (irgendwie funktionieren da NULL-Pointer nicht so richtig…) wegen des Absturz-Bugs in MuseScore… aber das sollte auch zu schaffen sein (im Moment mache ich es „halt anders“) #MiniDebconf

Nur mit dem WLAN hapert’s was, aber das liegt scheints an der doofen WLAN-Karte in meinem Laptop :|