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    paulfree14 – Friday, 13 July - 13:06

    when using the #movim app, I still can't join/view chat rooms. :(

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    when using the #movim app, I still can't join/view chat rooms. :(

    people paulfree14 10 July


  • 13 July Dominik George

    Do you understand that the Movim app is just a wrapper around your Android system's webview component? Did you test with that alone, and what vendor/version is it?

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    paulfree14 – Tuesday, 10 July - 07:46

    when using the #movim app, I still can't join/view chat rooms. :(


  • 10 July Marzanna

    Why? Do you get any error message?

  • 11 July paulfree14

    no. it's just nothing happening

  • 11 July paulfree14

    @Marzanna (just testing if mentions are working)

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    Timothée Jaussoin – Sunday, 1 July - 12:31 edit

I've added a few indexes to the Movim database to boost it up. If you are running #Movim on #Postgresql with a SSD you can also change the random_page_cost parameter. This can greatly reduce the number of sequential reads from the DB and use the indexes instead. More info here https://srinivasoguri.blogspot.com/2016/07/randompagecost-in-postgres.html :)
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    Andrew M. – Monday, 4 June - 19:37

    Damn! The #Movim Android client is just reloading the login page, so I can't even enter the login details… Uninstalled.

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  • 4 June Orbifx

    Yeah, I think it's broken.

  • 5 June Orbifx

    Conversations works for the chatting, but not the news (pubsub).

  • 5 June Timothée Jaussoin

    Are you sure you put the correct password?

  • 6 June Andrew M.

    It's not about the password being (in)correct, it's about me being unable to enter the login details.

  • 7 June Timothée Jaussoin

    Is it reloading the page after a specific amount of seconds?

  • 25 June Andrew M.

    Sorry for the delay, I've just noticed a new notification…
    I tried again and everything went relatively smooth this time. So, IDK, maybe it was an ephemeral server issue.

    P.S. Are there a mentions (a la @ or +), so I could ping some specific accounts on responding?

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    andrescuccaro – Wednesday, 30 May - 13:39 edit

Hello, everyone! Trying #movim for the first time. I hope it everything works out. I'm interested in #libresoftware #linux #comics #animation #blender . I know this isn't #diaspora but I thought it was a nice way to get to know and interact with other people. I'm uploading a picture of what I make in Blender just to try Movim features, heh. And just for fun, here is a link to one of my models: [Vintage Mickey Mouse](https://sketchfab.com/models/fad853279dc24e989fe900c223ffdff5/).