David Icke has been booted off youtube (and I think facebook) for saying the coronavirus is being used by the State (mostly governments) to track everybody on mobile smartphones and similar technology and force vaccinations and break the economy. While of course his claims about those exact things are absurd and all that stuff is definitely not like totally happening right now (that exact precise set of things), I will say that David Icke is absolutely correct about the anunnaki, their gold, Archons, and the transdimensional lizards who put their 'hands' in the lower backs of the illuminati to sort of control them like remote control robots. Being on Movim where free-speech reigns, I have the confidence to say this without getting shadowbanned (not that I'd shitpost here or anything).

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Sargon Of Akkad on David Icke and covid19

Sargon Of Akkad on covid19 and David Icke