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    Some news about Movim

    Timothée Jaussoin – / Movim – Tuesday, 11 June - 16:29 edit

You may have noticed that there was less updates about Movim the past few weeks. I was indeed a bit busy with other things (jobs, other projects…) but don't worry I'm still working on the upcoming release and maintaining things up.

Our #ejabberd instance (for and was updated to ejabberd 19.05 a few days ago (we also found a little issue in the release related to the #Pubsub module, which was kindly fixed upstream by the ejabberd team).

A new "share posts to chat contacts" feature was also introduced recently. This will need a bit of polishing but will be part of the upcoming release.

Posts in the chat, Movim, first XMPP client to do that, it

I am also renewing our call to help the #Movim project on #Patreon, we lost a few bakers and went again bellow the 50€/month that allows us to cover the servers + domains and few other expenses for the project.

So if you want to help us, do not hesitate to join our Patreon as well as participating to our little community by doing translations, bug reports (or better, fixes!).


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    18 June hyper

    this looks great! I am on the Feb build of Movim, is Git master installer broken at all?

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    ejabberd 17.09 is out

    Timothée Jaussoin – / Movim – Friday, 29 September, 2017 - 14:51

ejabberd 17.09 is the first version of #ejabberd recommended for the upcoming #Movim 0.12 #release. We worked closely with the ProcessOne team, especially on the #Pubsub implementation, to improve the integration between Movim and ejabberd. Thanks to them!

  • ejabberd 17.09

    ejabberd 17.09 is out! This release mostly contains bugfix and adds few improvements.

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    pubsub fail

    Stanislav Nikitin – / feder8-news – Sunday, 26 February, 2017 - 07:39

Уважаемые пользователи, у меня на сервере случился некий казус с базой данных, который привел к пересозданию всей БД для сервера Что-то я смог восстановить (конференции, пользователи, ростеры), но данные pubsub были безвозвратно утеряны :( Пришлось пересоздавать все группы.

Прошу прощения за этот инцидент.

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    Picture on Pubsub Group / movim-faq – Thursday, 9 February, 2017 - 10:17

Hi, I created groups on my via movim. How can i give a pict to each groupe ?