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    Faites vous passer pour quelqu’un d’autre sur Zoom ou Skype / Korben · Tuesday, 21 April - 19:52

Si vous avez une grosse machine bien puissante, vous allez pouvoir vous amuser avec vos collègues et vos amis, grâce à Avatarify .

Ce projet donc le code est disponible sur Github permet de mapper n’importe quelle photo avec votre propre visage pour ensuite diffuser un avatar plutôt réaliste dans des visioconférences Zoom ou Skype. Voici une démonstration où Ali Aliev a pris les traits d’Elon Musk dans une conférence Zoom qu’il tient chaque semaine avec ses collègues.

Vraiment cool non ?

Cela nécessitera CUDA et Miniconda et fonctionnera aussi bien sous Windows, macOS et Linux.

À découvrir ici bien sûr ! Bon, je vous laisse, y’a Donald Trump qui m’appelle sur Skype… à moins que….


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    I'm leaving Skype

    Timothée Jaussoin · Thursday, 14 February, 2019 - 07:13 edit · 2 minutes

Microsoft, how can you seriously fu** up your products so bad? I choose to leave #Skype by today for two reasons that just poped-up the past few days.

Exposing private information

How is it possible that during several meetings and other discussions your team voluntary choose to add the feature to suggest private contacts of my contacts to me?

I'll be direct with you, this is clearly a #privacy violation and will hurt lots of people directly including myself. I'm using this account for years for professional and private reasons, I have really private contacts on my account (that I only want to only keep for myself, obviously, maybe I should stress that point more?), family members, friends and professional relations. Now all those contacts will see some of my private contacts as "Suggestions".

The new Skype contacts suggestion box

In this list I have some contacts that I can easily guess to who they are related to.


  • Lawyers that are using Skype have also things to hide, and you're directly exposing the persons they are talking to to their other clients.
  • Doctors that are using Skype have something to hide and you are exposing their patients list to other patients or contacts.
  • Journalists that are using Skype have something to hide and you are exposing their sources and colleagues to other contacts putting some of their life and investigations at risk.

And I can give you lots of other cases where this kind of feature will hurt businesses, families and sometimes can put lifes at risk.

Microsoft, let be frank there, Skype IS NOT a fu** social network like Facebook. Skype is a Instant Messaging and video-communication service where people expect their private contacts list to stay… private.

This little suggestion feature crossed my mind for #Movim but was directly discarded regarding the privacy implication that it will have (also with the fact that I can't technically get my contacts contacts through XMPP for obvious reasons).

Mozilla, Microsoft hates you, kiss <3

The second reason why I choose to leave Skype is that Microsoft recently enforced the usage of Skype under Chrome, the "desktop Skype" (that is an embedded Chrome) and the themed Chrome alternative that will be Edge soon.

Firefox is officially dropped from their support list.

Fun fact, by changing Firefox user agent to Chrome Skype is suddenly working fine on it. If this is caused by the #WebRTC video-calling features, first you're not making lots of efforts regarding the really good support of Firefox for this Web standard and secondly you can simply block that feature and allow the rest on the other browsers.

Mozilla, Microsoft wants to hurt you there. This is definitely a bad move from Microsoft regarding the web diversity and standards.

So I will notify all my contacts in the upcoming days of my decision and definitely close my account.

If you want to contact me, you can still send me emails or add me on Movim. Movim is supporting video-call (peer-to-peer), direct messages and chatrooms.