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    Imperator: Rome is getting a free Punic Wars content pack in addition to the big Livy update / GamingOnLinux – 11:42

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One piece of PDXCON news missed from yesterday: Imperator: Rome is getting a free Punic Wars Content Pack along with the upcoming Livy Update.

Paradox Development Studio sure are busy. Not only are they working on multiple Stellaris expansions , Crusader Kings III and Hearts of Iron IV: La Résistance they're also trying to turn around the rough launch of Imperator: Rome. Another big free patch is coming out named Livy which will include: a new character experience system, a rework of the family system, a procedurally generated mission system, a map with greater details including showing war on the map with burning cities and more not yet announced. It's going to be big!

Not stopping there, the free Punic Wars Content Pack was also fully announced and you can see their fancy announcement trailer for that below:

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Feature Highlight:

  • Roman Mission Pack: Ten unique mission trees for the star of Imperator: Rome to guide your conquest of Italy and neighboring regions.
  • Carthaginian Mission Pack: Ten unique mission trees for the children of Tyre to help you plan your mercantile and military dominance of Africa, Spain and the rest of the west.
  • Numidian Unit Model: New army model for the Numidians, North Africans often hired as mercenaries by larger powers.
  • Carthaginian Ship Model: A unique ship design for Carthaginian navies.
  • New Music: Three additional music tracks to soothe your conquering soul.

They're putting a huge amount of effort into basically rebuilding Imperator, something I definitely plan to go back to and have another proper go of once this update and content pack are out as it sounds quite good. That is, once you can pull me away from exploring space in Stellaris.

Currently Imperator is on sale too with 33% off across Humble Store , GOG and Steam to celebrate PDXCON.

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    Continuing the Counter-Strike 20th anniversary Valve put out skins, plus a possible Operation and update coming / GamingOnLinux – Yesterday - 12:13

Tags: Free Game, FPS, Valve, Steam

After starting off the celebration for Counter-Strike turning 20 back in June with the retro version of Dust II, Valve have now added a refreshed version of the map Cache and a themed Weapon Case and Sticker Capsule.

We're expecting some bigger updates to come but let's go over what they've already done.

The latest update to Valve's free to play first-person shooter, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, released yesterday added in the latest version of the Cache map for official servers across Casual, Deathmatch, and Scrimmage:


Additionally, Valve also released a pack of stickers to slap on your weapons and also a box of themed anniversary weapon skins. Some of the weapon skins look really damn good too, but as usual you need to open your wallet and hope you get the skins you want since they're still using a loot box system. You can see what they may contain below (click to enlarge):


It's possible that a big new operating is on the way, something CS:GO fans have been waiting on for some time. The last operation, Hydra, was back in 2017. This is the longest wait players have had, especially since in the past Valve released multiple operations in the same year.

All pure speculation at this point though, since Valve haven't talked about it. However, some with a keen eye have noticed lots of little things. One of the new weapon skins for example, it's called Hydra and includes the text "worth the wait" ( credit ). It's also the only one that shares a name with a previous Operation.

VNN's Tyler McVicker also released another of his highly speculative videos talking about lots of other things that could be pointing to a new operation. With a possible update coming that may include: custom Danger Zone modes, a new Danger Zone map, new Danger Zone weapons, co-op missions, hats and other wearable items, player taunts and more being speculated on.

You can find Counter-Strike: Global Offensive free to play on Steam .

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    Hearts of Iron IV: La Résistance expansion and a significant free update announced / GamingOnLinux – Yesterday - 10:34

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Paradox Development Studio and Paradox Interactive are expanding another of their grand-scale strategy games, with Hearts of Iron IV: La Résistance announced during PDXCON.

Not just that, as they usually do they also confirmed a "significant" free content update will be released to all players. The free update will include a reworking of the resistance system, interface improvements to battleplans and air operations plus many other "quality of life improvements".

As for the Hearts of Iron IV: La Résistance expansion, they've not yet given it a release date other than "Coming Soon" but you can see the announcement trailer for it below:

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Feature Highlight:

  • New Focus Trees for France: New National Focuses for Free France and the Vichy Regime, as well as an option for conservatives to restore the old French Monarchy.
  • More in Depth Spanish Campaign: New National Focuses for Republican and Nationalist Spain, as well as an expanded Spanish Civil War that can spiral into a wider conflict..
  • Espionage: Use you Intelligence Agency to train spies to specialize in certain types of information warfare and develop passive resistance to enemy espionage, then send them on special operations.
  • Support Resistance: Use your agents to assist allied resistance movements, giving them what they need to damage the enemy.
  • Collaboration Governments: Use your agents to prepare the ground for collaborators to fill the void once you’ve conquered your target.
  • Code Cracking: Decrypt enemy communications to gain short term battlefield advantages.
  • Recon units: Scout planes can provide useful information on nearby areas while armored cars help in detecting and suppressing resistance activities.

The Steam page is also up to follow/wishlist.

Don't own Hearts of Iron IV? It's currently on sale on Humble Store and Steam .

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    BATTLETECH: Heavy Metal brings more classic 'Mechs and new weapon systems, releasing in November / GamingOnLinux – Yesterday - 10:16

Tags: DLC, Upcoming, Strategy, Steam

Even more news from PDXCON! Harebrained Schemes and Paradox Interactive have now properly announced the BATTLETECH: Heavy Metal expansion to bring more destruction.

Releasing November 21 and you can see the announcement trailer below:

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" Heavy Metal brings a greater level of diversity to BATTLETECH by including eight new ‘Mechs and a variety of devastating weapon systems that will change the way players destroy their opponents," said Mitch Gitelman, BATTLETECH Game Director and co-founder of Harebrained Schemes. "The new mini-campaign weaves its way through your mercenary career to the point when you become an elite MechCommander, capable of facing off with two of the most legendary MechWarriors in BATTLETECH history."

Feature Highlight:

  • One Original and Seven Classic BattleMechs: Seven classic ‘Mechs from BATTLETECH ’s 35-year legacy make their triumphant return along with the first completely new ‘Mech designed exclusively for this expansion. Each classic ‘Mech comes with unique equipment that reflects the flavor and lore of the original board game.
  • Eight Game-changing New Weapon Systems: Eight all-new weapon systems can be utilized to destroy even the most formidable opponents in a wide variety of unique ways. The ‘Mech Mortar is the first AOE weapon in BATTLETECH and can destroy multiple units at once, while the new COIL Beam generates more energy the further the attacker travels before firing, a perfect fit for light ‘Mechs.
  • New Flashpoint Mini-Campaign: Come face-to-face with two legendary characters from BATTLETECH lore - the Bounty Hunter and the Black Widow of Wolf’s Dragoons. A derelict cargo ship has drifted into the Periphery from deep space; what secrets does it contain, and who will ultimately control its mysterious payload?

It will be included in the Season Pass, otherwise priced at around $19.99 / £15.49 / €19.99 depending on your region.

You can wishlist/follow it on Steam .

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    Prison Architect - Psych Ward: Warden's Edition expansion announced / GamingOnLinux – Yesterday - 09:45

Tags: DLC, Steam, Upcoming, Strategy, Dating Sim

I think we all saw this coming when Paradox Interactive picked up the rights to Prison Architect, with Double Eleven taking on further development. The first proper DLC has been announced at PDXCON named Prison Architect - Psych Ward: Warden's Edition.

This isn't some small feature pack though, it actually sounds like it's going to be adding quite a bit to the game. Paradox also gave it a release date of November 21, so you won't exactly have long to wait to really find out.

Prison Architect - Psych Ward: Warden's Edition announcement trailer:

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Feature Highlight:

  • Plead Insanity: Criminally insane inmates are unpredictable, require special care, and have their own Reputation traits for you to consider when building your prison. Let them co-exist with the general population or lock them away in a padded cell, how you manage their needs is up to you!
  • Shrinks: Any prison holding the criminally insane needs a team of Psychiatrists and trained Orderlies to keep everything under control. These valuable prison staff can sedate rowdy prisoners or pull out the straitjackets when things get too rough.
  • Doctor’s Note: Provide counseling to the criminally insane with the new Psychiatrist’s Office and new consultation Programs. Improve their sessions by upgrading the office with leather sofas, medicine cabinets, Rorschach tests, and more.
  • Good Behavior: Your inmates now have a wide range of behaviors players will need to manage. They start out harmless, but if left untreated, they can turn violent or attempt to escape.
  • It’s Gone Viral: Treat your regular inmates with care. Subjecting your inmates to excessive suppression or punishment can cause them to turn criminally insane.
  • Extra Padding: Psych Ward: Warden’s Edition adds padded cells and padded floors along with a bundle of other new objects, floors, and wall types to customize your prison. Now you can easily build a dedicated wing for the criminally insane.
  • Tools of the Trade: Additional contraband, including Adrenaline Shots, Fountain Pens (Shanks), and Gold Pocket Watches, can be stolen by your prisoners, or by you in Escape Mode.

This is one expansion I think I'm going to enjoy. Prison Architect is already a huge amount of fun and this pack sounds like it will make the game far more detailed with the inmate behaviour system.

You can wishlist/follow it on the now live Steam store page .

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    Crusader Kings III announced for release next year, to be more welcoming to new players / GamingOnLinux – Yesterday - 09:35

Tags: Strategy, Upcoming, Steam

As I suggested they would when setting Crusader Kings II permanently free, Paradox Interactive have announced Crusader Kings III.

"Crusader Kings III is a grand medieval simulator where you are free to live out any plausible ruler fantasy that we could think of - but not without challenge." says Henrik Fåhraeus, the Game Director. "Seeing its predecessor explode in popularity was very satisfying, especially considering that user friendliness was never our primary goal. Now we have a chance to address an even larger audience."

Check out the official announcement trailer below:

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Feature Highlight:

  • Shape Your Dynasty : Guide unique characters through history, choosing lifestyles best suited to their personalities and your ambitions.
  • Rewrite Medieval History : Dynasties will change and adapt to changes in family and politics, and religious beliefs are more firmly under your control.
  • Build a Mighty Kingdom : Use your vassals’ fear of you as a weapon or call on familial obligations to persuade reluctant relatives to submit.
  • Experience High Drama : Stranger than fiction stories leap off the screen, as characters plot against you and events push you to extremes.
  • Learn as You Go : Guided advice to help newcomers navigate a rich medieval world. In-game suggestions tip you off to paths you might not have considered.
  • The Usual Crusader Kings Fun : Keep a stubborn council in line, scheme against your overbearing uncle or marry the rich duchy…oops, I mean pious duke or duchess of your dreams.

Since CK II is quite old now, of course CK III is going to be a lot prettier. They've confirmed it will have new 3D character models and a much more detailed world map. Not only that, it should also be a lot more welcoming to new players so if you found the previous game a bit too intimidating you're hopefully going to enjoy this one.

Once again it seems Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio will be supporting Linux too. It already has a Linux system requirements section ready to be filled out on Steam. I'm waiting for an absolute 100% confirmation on that at the moment, will update when they reply.

They will be giving out more details on Crusader Kings III over the next few months.

If you wish to follow it, the Steam store page is already up. You can also now get Crusader Kings II free to keep on Steam .

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    Stellaris: Federations and Stellaris: Lithoids Species Pack announced at PDXCON / GamingOnLinux – Yesterday - 09:22

Tags: Upcoming, DLC, Steam, GOG

PDXCON is now in full swing and the announcement are being handed out like candy. First up, Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio have announced Stellaris: Federations and Stellaris: Lithoids Species Pack.

Stellaris: Federations announcement trailer:

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Unlike Federations, Lithoids Species Pack has an actual release date of October 24.

If you want to know more and wishlist/follow each of them you can do so below:

  • Stellaris: Federations: Steam
  • Stellaris: Lithoids Species Pack: Steam

They will also be on GOG but the store pages are not live yet, will update when they are.

I will be going over other Paradox news today too, stay tuned.

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    Fantasy tactical RPG Wildermyth blends a mix of hand-painted 2D and 3D art & arrives on Steam soon / GamingOnLinux – 2 days ago - 12:03

Tags: Indie Game, Early Access, Steam, Upcoming, RPG

With character art during the turn-based battles that look like paper cutouts in a 3D environment, Wildermyth certainly has a strange and lovely charm to it.

Currently available on where users have been testing it for some time, Worldwalker Games have now announced that their character-driven tactical RPG will enter Early Access on Steam on November 13. In Wildermyth, your party will be tasked with defending the lands from various threats, switching between the turn-based combat and making decisions on the over-world map. It has choice-based comic-styled events, which can end up changing your heroes' appearance, personalities, relationships, and abilities.

Their take on death sounds fun too as it's not the end. A dead character goes into your Legacy, so they may end up appearing in a future play-through. Over time "your legacy heroes grow into larger-than-life myths" which I'm curious to see.

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Feature Highlight:

  • An Imaginative Papercraft World: The Yondering Lands weaves hand-painted 2D characters and scenery into a 3D world to create a luscious, layered landscape, full of detail and surprises. No orcs, elves, or goblins here—but watch out for the telepathic insect-dragons and the clockwork undead.
  • Extreme Character Depth: Each of your heroes has their own unique generated history, personality, appearance, and relationships with the other heroes—all of which can change over the course of the game as they encounter mysteries and overcome challenges.
  • Choices That Matter: A hero may choose to trust the enigmatic wolf god, leading to a particularly hair-raising change in their appearance and combat abilities. Or they may choose whether to pursue a romance with a fellow hero, giving each of them new advantages from fighting side by side. Encounters and events have permanent, character-defining effects, letting you craft the arc of each character.
  • A New Approach to Death: Got one-shotted by that tentacled horror-bear? Choose to let a hero "fall back" with a maiming that can open up opportunities for transformation later, or let them go down in a blaze of glory to be remembered for generations to come.
  • Fresh Tactical Combat: Combat in Wildermyth emphasizes teamwork and careful positioning. Walling and flanking provide conflicting incentives, and interfusion lets you remake the battlefield with explosive magic. Multiple difficulty levels mean you can get as intense as you want to.

The developer already provided me with a copy, so I shall have some further thoughts up in due time. The Linux version is already there and seems to work mostly quite well. Seems genuinely sweet too, absolutely love the setup and the art style they've gone for as quite a fan of Papercraft. The way they did the comic strips is sweet too with scenes placed on top of torn paper. Looking forward to playing a lot more of this.

Find it on right now or wishlist/follow on Steam for November 13.

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