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    XMPP server with LDAP and XMPP as an onion service (and a sprint?)

    debacle – pubsub.movim.eu / berlin-xmpp-meetup – 5 days ago - 09:37

Berlin XMPP Meetup! Wednesday, 2018-12-12 18:00 CET Searchmetrics, Greifswalder Straße 212 10405 Berlin

This time, we actually talk about three things!

Paul will present us two features, many people would like to implement in their XMPP server, LDAP and TOR:

XMPP server with LDAP

We will look into some tricks from the enterprises and learn howto connect user accounts for e.g. XMPP, email, and web applications. Example setup with necessary files included!

XMPP as onion service (mini bonus talk)

We talk about using services over TOR and learn how to provide an onion service, with Prosody as example.

Will we organize a sprint in Berlin?

Last, but not least, there is the idea about organizing an open XMPP sprint on a weekend in March or April, after Chemnitzer Linux-Tage. Who likes to help? Who has ideas? Who has a room? Who would sponsor pizza and Argentinian mate?

#xmpp #ldap #tor #onion #meetup #berlin #sprint

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    Timothée Jaussoin

Hallo Movim! Ich teste Dich mal unter de.movim.eu, eingeloggt mit einem XMPP-Account auf meinem privaten XMPP-Server (prosody 0.11.0). Ich verstehe noch nicht so ganz, wo welche Daten gespeichert werden, aber Deine Oberfläche gefällt mir schon ziemlich gut!
#xmpp #movim #prosody #neuHier
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    Udo Rader , Kristian , Timothée Jaussoin


  • 5 days ago - 09:44 Kristian

    Bekannte Avatare. Hallo hier. ;)

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    Hey tumblr users. Here is why Movim could be the best platform to migrate to!

    Timothée Jaussoin – pubsub.movim.eu / Movim – Monday, 3 December - 22:45 edit

Tumblr has decided to ban all NSFW content from its network. Although we understand the reasons why this decision has been made, it's a strong reminder that handling your content - NSFW or not - from a centralized and private platform can always lead to such censorship.

The Tumblr Logo

Movim has been built to prevent this kind of restriction. Here's a few reasons why.

Movim is a Free Software

Movim has been and will always be a Free Software. This provides you with the freedom to adapt it, redistribute it and use it in any way you would like to. You are then free to add new features, change some behaviors or customize as you wish, for yourself or your community.

Movim is based on an Open Standard : XMPP

All the content that you are publishing on Movim: articles, private messages or chatroom messages, pictures… are published using your #XMPP account that is separate from Movim itself (like your emails are separated from your email client).

The XMPP Logo

The XMPP standard is the official IETF Instant Messaging solution and is used accross the world by millions of people daily. Since 2008 Movim is pushing social features on top of it to provide to everyone a simple and modern way of publishing content, subscribing and reacting to it.

Movim is then just a way to access your content on the XMPP network (like your browser is accessing content on the Web). If you don't like Movim, you are also free to use one of the many other solutions to access your content and communicate with others… while keeping the same account!

Movim is easy to deploy

Movim is lightweight (only a few megabytes) and can be deployed on any server. We are providing a Docker image, a Debian package or a simple installation tutorial if you want to deploy it yourself.

The project only relies on widely used technologies like PHP, HTML5 and is fully compatible with MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite.

One instance can handle several hundreds of simultaneous sessions in real time.

We are also providing apps for Windows, macOS, Linux and Android that can easily be used for your own personnalized instance.

You can then build your own instance in a few clicks and host your own content while still being connected and explore the rest of the network.

Movim provides similar features to Tumblr's

Like Tumblr, it is possible to publish content in a few clicks, write articles (like this one), attach pictures or files. You can publish content on your own profile but also in Communities where you can collaborate with others and create a stream of articles around a topic and bring followers in.

It is possible to apply CSS stylesheets to fully customize your public blog.

It is also possible to share a content that you found on your own account, but also like and comment other people's content!

You can easily #tag content by putting #hashtags in your article or title. The other users will then be able to discover it while browsing tags on their own instance.

Movim has NSFW features built in. If you publish NSFW content, just add the nsfw tag and Movim will filter the content for the users who chose not to view it from their account. A spoiler overlay is also added in your news feed to prevent explicit content to be displayed on your screen while scrolling.

… but also provides more than Tumblr!

All the content published on Movim is broadcasted to your subscribers in real time! You will also be notified instantly for the likes and comments on your publications. A simple toggle will also allow you to publish your articles privately (restrict the publication to your subscribers) or publicly (share with the whole network).

Movim also provides a full, and modern Instant Messaging system, with chatrooms, message edition, stickers, video-conferencing and many more features… In a few clicks you'll be able to invite contacts and chat with them!

Movim is available on all the devices. Its fully responsive and the real-time UI allows you to access your content from your phone, tablet or computer and keep everything in sync.

So what are you waiting for? Come and try it!

If you have any concerns, questions, remarks or critics on the project, feel free to come to our official chatroom: movim@conference.movim.eu and drop us a message.

That's all folks!

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    Dominik George , Marzanna , debacle , amiablecannibal , roelofpieter , Trx99


  • 4 December Kristian

    Well. Really? :) I love movim and other open, decentralized social networks. But if there's one thing *all* of these fall ages behind Tumblr, Twitter or any of the "big" players, then it's usability and accessibility for non-technical end users. We've got a lot of work to do here...

  • 4 December Timothée Jaussoin

    I'd love to have your feedback on those concerns :)

  • 6 days ago - 11:39 Kristian

    @Timothée Jaussoin Would feel happy to do so. How and where? :)

  • 5 days ago - 10:12 Udo Rader

    I'm curious.

    One of the reasons for Tumblr throwing out "adult" content from their site was because of their notoriously ineffective (if not to say incompetent) way to deal with highly illegal content and accounts on their site (mostly child pornography) plus a very defective "adult" mode, which again led to Apple throwing Tumblr out of their appstore and ad vendors threatening to withdraw from the platform.

    How is movim prepared to deal with illegal content or accounts?

    As a pod admin, I guess you throw someone out of your instance, but can you block someone from another pod?

    As a user, can you flag content or accounts (didn't figure out so far if or how you could do it)?

    And can I also block someone else?

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    Transmission de quelques articles de la Quadrature du Net

    Bigou – Monday, 26 November - 14:46 edit

Soutenez notre La Quadrature du Net ayant une présence des plus limité sur #Movim et #XMPP en général, je me permet de poster les liens vers quelques articles for intéressant liés à une actualité hélas caché.

Le pire, c'est que #LQDN a déjà proposé des alternatives par le passé, mais il semble que bien peu les aient entendu.

Alors si vous voulez sauver internet neutre, et par conséquent notre liberté d'expression, je vous en conjure : Soutenez la Quadrature du Net !

  • Soutenons notre Internet !

    Depuis 10 ans, vos dons nous permettent de défendre notre vision d'un Internet idéal — un idéal que nous espérons avoir en commun avec vous. Nous lançons aujourd'hui notre campagne de dons annuelle, avec un objectif de 320 000 € de collecte, comme l'an dernier. Nous voulons surtout profiter de c

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    Timothée Jaussoin , Thibaut Brix

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    Things I don't like with OMEMO as it is today

    debacle – Tuesday, 13 November - 19:21 edit

I use OMEMO every day, because I prefer end-to-end encrypted messaging for many purposes. OMEMO is much better than OTR, and it works well enough to be useful. But OMEMO has a number of usability issues, that should be addressed by the IM and XMPP community at some point.

  1. It relates to devices instead of users. I don't want to know, whether my contacts own a new device, nor should they care when I do.
  2. Forward secrecy is a good thing for TLS. But when used for messaging, I cannot decrypt my old messages stored on the server in all cases. Also, it makes key escrow impossible, which is a killer for using it in business.
  3. Deniability. I want verifiable signatures instead. Maybe I want to conclude a contract via XMPP? For deniability I would use an anonymous account in the first place.
  4. OMEMO does not encrypt the complete stanza, but only the textual part of a message.
  5. It does not work with local, serverless messaging. I don't use this feature a lot, but still, encryption should work with it, too.
  6. OMEMO seems to be pretty complex, which makes implementation relatively hard. In fact, bugs related to OMEMO are still frequent in some clients.
  7. I already have an OpenPGP key, that is trusted (and occasionally signed) by many. Why not re-use it for IM purposes?

Some of the points can be addressed in later OMEMO versions, but some points seem to be woven into the fabric. Fortunately, I see the light at the end of the tunnel (and I hope it is not the oncoming train): OX or "OpenPGP for XMPP". I hope, that it will heal all my OMEMO aches:



The only thing, I do not like is synchronising of encrypted private keys using PEP, which involves storing it on the server, only secured by the PGP passphrase and the "backup code", generated by the device. But nobody forces me to use the backup feature and I assume, that it can be blocked by admins who feel uneasy about it. Also, OpenPGP seems to have a higher per message overhead than OMEMO. This is probably unavoidable.

Edit: Correction about OX private key encryption, thanks to lovetox!

Edit: Add point about OMEMO complexity and errors, thanks to Holger!

#omemo #xmpp #im #ox #openpgp #e2ee

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    Timothée Jaussoin

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    QR-Code d'ajout rapide (pour Conversations & dérivés)

    Bigou – Friday, 14 September - 18:04


Je sais que la plus part d'entre vous à lire ce blog savent comment m'ajouter à leurs contacts #XMPP: Prendre la partie de l'URL qui resemble à une adresse e-mail, l'ajouter dans votre client de messagerie instantanée préféré, et le tour et joué.

Mais pour ceux qui utilisent un client XMPP sur leur #smartPhone, tel que l'excelent #Conversations ou l'un de ses dérivées, par exemple, voici un #QR-Code qui leur permettra de m'ajouter encore plus simplement : xmpp:bigou@movim.eu

En espérant que ça aidera une partie des personnes désirant discuter avec moi.

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    Morgan McMillian – Friday, 14 September - 16:32

    I'm upgrading my #xmpp server today so I can start to tinker more with new things like #movim