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    The impressively smooth roguelike Jupiter Hell has a big AI upgrade and a first sale / GamingOnLinux – Yesterday - 13:12

Tags: Indie Game, Action, Early Access, Steam, GOG, Update, Roguelike

ChaosForge continue advancing their turn-based shooter roguelike shooter Jupiter Hell, with another big update now available.

A big focus has been on the AI to actually make it a bit smarter. Humanoid enemies will now attempt to take cover and not always run in a straight line at you, which can make it a little more difficult for sure. Most enemies will also react to noise you and other NPCs make. The demon-like enemies will now track you by smell, so you can't hide from them. You might find the need to retreat more often, to find a better position.


The weapon system was also boosted further, adding in Weapon Perks for ADV weapons. These can include increased damage based on the enemy type, distance to them, if they are wounded, fast reloading, automatic reloading and more. They say the list of perks will continue to expand too and they will be adding the perks to other items in future.

Some work also went into "quality of life" changes like giving you an audible click for feedback when you tap the wait button, so you know it actually did wait (it's hard to tell sometimes). The last enemies on the level will also be highlighted on the map so there's less endless running around sometimes.

Thanks to their work on Vulkan, it swims along without any issues. Honestly, this is probably the most fun I've had in a proper tile-based roguelike in what feels like a long time. A classic feel, with a very modern and shiny look that blends the brutal action of DOOM with turn-based gameplay.


Jupiter Hell is thorough challenge too, I've been playing it through on Medium and it's absolutely kicking my arse. Part of my own issue is going a little too fast. While it is turn-based, it's just so incredibly smooth I just forget that aspect of it entirely and end up rushing around. That is, until my health is seriously low, which I today noticed how that entirely changes how I play it. As soon as my health is down, it's like I'm suddenly very gently tapping the movement keys as I pray to the roguelike gods to let me survive just one more floor. Ridiculously action-packaged. Love it.

Also, on Steam ChaosForge are running the first sale for Jupiter Hell with 20% off. It's easily worth it.

Find Jupiter Hell on both GOG and Steam .

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    Creature building action and survival game 'Sipho' adds some fun new zooids for your monstrosity / GamingOnLinux – Yesterday - 09:16

Tags: Indie Game, Early Access, Steam, Update, Action, Survival

Swim, kill, adapt and hopefully survive. That's the aim of the game in Sipho and the recent update adds in some new pieces for you to unlock to build your horrific sea creature with.

It's such a strange game, blending together furious action with a creature builder where you unlock different parts and species. Based on real science, inspired by the Siphonophorae with your creature being built with zooids, an animal that forms part of a colony that all move together.

At the end of last month, the 0.5.0 and shortly after 0.5.1 releases were put up. A lot of fun to play with, as they add in these new zooid pieces to unlock:

  • The slimy thought-provoking Greaser which buffs neighbouring zooids with range and movement power. It creates an interesting choice between having one, but powerful zooid or many of the same zooid.
  • The shaky concept-bending Swarmer which spawns little critters that attack their foes and damage everything in their way. It challenges the regular approach to combat by allowing to keep a long distance from enemies but at less direct control of damage.
  • The swingy motion-dependent Flail which damages everything it touches with its spiky ball loosely connected to the colony. Flail use highly depends on your movement skills as it needs to be flung around at great speeds. It also acts as a good shield.
  • The hasty projectile-emitting Sprayer which spews out little projectiles and can hurt by touch as well. Sprayer requires high energy efficiency of the colony and good aim.

Not seen it before? Have a look at it in the trailer below:

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Sipho does get quite brutal. It starts off simple and as you progress, some of the AI creatures are quite terrifying in their construction. Big jaws snapping at you, poison spraying everywhere and more. It's tricky too, you have to balance progression with surviving in an eat or be eaten underwater world.

If you find the survival experience a bit tough, there's also a sandbox-like Aquarium mode. This allows you to really experiment with unlimited growth, friendly siphos, a destructible environment and more. It does need you to unlock it though, by killing The Queen.

You can pick up a copy of Sipho on Steam and .

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    Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition arrives on Linux on November 5th / GamingOnLinux – 2 days ago - 13:44

Tags: Feral Interactive, Upcoming, Steam, Adventure, Action

Feral Interactive have finally confirmed the Linux release date for Shadow of the Tomb Raider after announcing it for Linux back in November last year .

They've said today it will officially release as "Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition" on November 5th ! Looking around at dates, technically this is the earliest we've seen any of the newer Tomb Raider series arrive on Linux. The first Tomb Raider came to Linux in 2016 after an original 2013 release, with Rise of the Tomb Raider arriving on Linux 2018 after an original 2016 release and we get the final game in the reboot trilogy next month!

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Since we've waited on it for just over a year after release, we get the fancy Definitive Edition which comes with its entire collection of DLC so it's not a bad package for a patient gamer to get. Feral's previous port of Rise of the Tomb Raider performed really well too, so I've no doubt this will.

Feral announced it on their official site , Twitter , press emails and so on. They also have a fancy mini-site setup for it if you're after a bit more information. We also still have Life is Strange 2 and Total War Saga: TROY to come from Feral yet.

Will you be picking up a copy when it releases? We shall have a livestream of the fun no doubt, be sure to follow us on Twitch for when that happens.

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    POSTAL 4: No Regerts released into Early Access, Linux version likely in future / GamingOnLinux – 2 days ago - 09:03

Tags: Steam, Indie Game, Early Access, Action, Comedy, Open World

Running With Scissors are back, with a surprise release of POSTAL 4: No Regerts on Steam and a Linux version is looking likely in future.

Naturally, someone posted on Steam to ask about the possibility of Linux support. This is something that happens a lot but here it's a bit different. RWS already supported Linux with multiple previous Postal releases.

RWS did reply, to say :

Probably after it's out of Early Access, but not before as managing two builds will slow us down at this point.

After that, they also said :

All of our other games have ended up on Linux even before it was cool ;) So yes, it's likely P4 will get a Linux client in the future.

So if you do want to see this gain actual Linux support, it might be worth politely letting them know in this linked forum post . I've given it my vote, as I love these ridiculous sandbox-style satirical open-world action games. Having the latest version of it on Linux would be sweet.

It should go without saying for those that know of Postal but for those that don't, this trailer is very likely NSFW:

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A little more about it:

POSTAL 4: No Regerts is a satirical and outrageous comedic open world first person shooter and the long-awaited true sequel to what’s been fondly dubbed as "The Worst Game Ever™", POSTAL 2! (No third game is known to exist.)

Interestingly, they seem to be putting in some effort to allow a more peaceful play-through this time too. Not that I expect many people to actually play it like that, although the challenge of it could be amusing.

See more about POSTAL 4: No Regerts on Steam .

Hat tip to the many many people sending this in.

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    The completely silly fighting game Foreskin Fury is out in Early Access / GamingOnLinux – 3 days ago - 12:11

Tags: Indie Game, Action, Early Access, New Release, Unreal Engine

After a short delay, you can now jump into Foreskin Fury and have a cock fight. Yes this is a very real game.

Made in Unreal Engine, the aptly named Stupid Industries said it started off as a joke and they ended up actually learning Blender and Unreal Engine to turn the joke into something a little more real. Here we are, Foreskin Fury was accepted onto Steam and it supports Linux.

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Feature Highlight:

  • Unique combat system - Build up your manhood and use it to trigger your special abilities. Be smart and use them carefully to become the undisputed champion of the arena
  • Dynamic and ruthless environments - To master the art of the Fury, you will need to understand and use your surroundings. Bounce over your enemies, sneak behind their backs, spit and transform the terrain or become a dangerous striking shadow.
  • Personalized character - Fury is nothing without style. As you move around, you'll find items to personalize and decorate your character. Your penis will quickly become a dangerous and stylish weapon, famous and feared in the cruel world of Foreskin Fury.

Trying it out with our contributor Samsai and the developer in a few games earlier today, it actually works quite nicely overall across both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs. The idea is completely ridiculous of course but good for a bit of a laugh. Shoot your…fluids at your enemies or run at them and wave your wobbly structure around to slap them.


As you run around and build up your Fury, once full you get a random special ability. This could be a spiky body, sticky fluids, a zipper trap (which is amusing) and more. A bit rough around the edges but for what it is, there's some genuine fun to be had if the crass humour is your sort of thing. If they add in some local multiplayer, this could make for a brilliant party game.

I've no doubt you will all come up with even more crude and hilarious jokes about this in the comments.

Find Foreskin Fury on Steam in Early Access.

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    Open-world action adventure 'Pine' where humans are not top of the food chain is now available / GamingOnLinux – 7 days ago - 15:07

Tags: Action, Adventure, Exploration, GOG, Steam, Unity

Pine certainly looks good, a proper open-world action adventure with a story depicting humans who never reached the top of the food chain. It just released with Linux support today.

Note : Both the publisher and GOG sent a copy for us.

Developed by Twirlbound with a publishing hand from Kongregate, the story and setting certainly sound great. Looks fantastic too, gives off a little bit of a Zelda Breath of the Wild vibe from the trailer and pictures. You can see the launch trailer for yourself below:

youtube video thumbnail
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As a quick bit of history, Pine was funded thanks to the help of around 4,091 Kickstarter backers pledging €121,480 back in 2017. Linux was included as a release platform and here we are.

Something to note since it will be asked, there's a set story to follow and so there's no character creation possible in Pine. The story follows the young protagonist, Hue, as they attempt to find out more about the world they're in as the elders seem to live in fear of the outside world.

Feature Highlight:

  • A seamless open world to explore, filled to the brim with secrets, puzzles and collectibles
  • A smart simulated ecology of species who fight each other over food and territory
  • A diverse cast of species to befriend or hinder through trading, talking, questing and fighting
  • An engaging combat system that learns from your every move
  • A sweeping story of a human tribe at the bottom of the food chain, struggling for survival

I've not had it long and sadly I've already noticed one major issue on NVIDIA. If you adjust VSync, your character model instantly vanishes so you're just clothes floating around. Quite a nuisance. I've reported it to them, which they've seen and it can be worked around by quitting and reloading. There's a few other times I've seen models not appear for various things too. Hopefully this will be amongst the first lot of fixes.

It's a Unity game using OpenGL, with no Vulkan support. I've tried forcing it to Vulkan but that caused the player log file to fill up with errors and eat entirely through my HDD space so that wasn't possible it seems.

Pine has everything in it that seems like an open-world adventure I could happily play for weeks, with the ability to explore and mess around in the environment. I've already had a few laughs with it, especially the weird and wonderful animals you come across. Disturbing a nest of "Puffles" was quite amusing, weird bird-like creatures that make a lot of noise and then they all make a mad dash to get away from you. Free eggs though—winner!


Pine has a number of different animal factions, all trying to control the island. If you help one and become allied, another might start attacking you on sight. To increase your standing with a faction, you need to give them a bunch of junk you find while exploring in a Donation Box near their village.

Some time later I was exploring, trying to find one of those Donation Boxes to increase my standing with a village. I found one and just as I was about to hand over the goods, what I can only describe as a huge and colourful (and surprisingly well equipped) Turkey decided it really didn't like me. It was mad—real damn mad.

It was well and truly kicking my butt, until a Fox-like person came along and started throwing explosives everywhere! What the heck is going on? I haven't a clue but it's brilliant.


The thing is, the Fox creature wasn't trying to help me. They just happened to be rival factions. After the colourful Turkey was defeated, the cunning Fox turned their attention to me and…a few bombs later I was toast.

From what I later learned, the Donation Box was right next to a village whose entire people were hostile to me. Okay then, so I sneak back to it later and donate a ton of rocks and wood and now they're my friends. Sorted. Well, that's stretching it a bit, we're almost friends. I just need to donate a few more rocks and random stuff I find on my travels.


I keep coming across these Turkey-like creatures, which I've now learned are actually called Gobbledew. They're manic fighters, they can launch themselves right up into the air at you and all. In a group, they're quite a nuisance to deal with. Seeing my new Fox friends (which are actually called the Fexel) growl at them when they come near their territory is quite awesome—and alarming with the volume up.

The Fexel eventually take me in, after I follow their gatherers for a while and pinch whatever goodies the Gobbledew end up dropping when slain by the Fexel, which I then donate back to the Fexel. Whose the cunning one now then? Me! Now they all salute me when I walk past, they even gave me a shield! Now I'm on my way to find someone else who might be familiar with Human equipment to help me gear up. Things are looking up!

Lots of amusing encounters are possible and the world seems quite big, plenty to see and do. Incredibly promising. You know a game is definitely good when you don't want to stop playing.

Rough edges but seems a huge amount of fun. You can pick up Pine from GOG and Steam .

Note: The article originally mentioned really low performance, but that is a result of issues with my CPU Governor. Forcing it to Performance makes it a lot better. It's likely the game is doing something we quoted Croteam tallking about in a previous GOL article .

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    Bizarre action-RPG 'Insignificant' where you're three inches tall is out now with Linux support / GamingOnLinux – 7 days ago - 11:34

Tags: Action, RPG, Indie Game, New Release, Unity

Insignificant is an action-RPG that tells the story of the little people and when I say that I really do mean tiny little people, you're only about three inches tall.

Note : Key provided by the developer to our Steam Curator .

Probably one of the most bizarre experiences I've had recently. Developed by Significant Games, which is mostly just Dan Rickmers. This is the first release from Rickmers, who deals with autism and while the game doesn't touch on autism they said they do hope to continue making games in future, "which represents the experiences of autistic folks like myself".

Check out the trailer:

youtube video thumbnail
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The design of Insignificant is just so thoroughly strange. Everything about it is so mixed up and odd. The main UI for example, is like drawings on a piece of paper stuck on your screen for your health and enemy health, while the menu to look over your character is like you're using an old handheld gaming device like a Tamagotchi (it even has a little pet for you) and then you have a Compendium book to access things like a Map. Weirdly though, it sort of works in a charmingly unique way.


Feature Highlight:

  • EXPerience a wildly creative and personal story that GOES PLACES. You know that that means, right?
  • EXPlode enemies with bullets from your magic finger guns, slice them with a sewing needle, poke them full of holes with a pushpin, and grab tons of creative loot you could only use as a tiny person!
  • EXPeriment with a variety of gameplay modes like the hardcore Survival mode, the casual No Combat mode, and the tactical No Grinding mode so you can play your way!
  • EXPand your repertoire of surprising powers as you play and slow down time, become invisible or take to the skies and fly!
  • EXPlore unique, hand-crafted areas with absolutely no procedural generation at all! This is 100% artisanal, bespoke, keyboard-to-table game juice from designer Dan Rickmers.

There's currently two issues that would be good to see solved. The first is no mouse sensitivity option, which is a little annoying as the default speed feels a bit too sluggish. The second is with dual monitors, it keeps resetting my resolution at random times to something wider than my actual monitor it's displaying on. I've let them know.

Love the setting and the style of it, once at the very least the mouse sensitivity adjustments are possible it should be pretty interesting. Certainly an original game that's for sure.

You can find Insignificant now on Steam .

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    The roadmap for upcoming updates to UnderMine sound great with lots of new encounters coming / GamingOnLinux – Wednesday, 9 October - 14:03

Tags: Early Access, Indie Game, Steam, Update, Action, Rogue-lite

UnderMine hasn't been out for long but it's already becoming a regularly game I play, this gameplay loop is sweet and it's about to get a lot more interesting.

The developer, Thorium, recently showed off their roadmap of what's coming up with the next update "Cursed Update" coming out this month. It's going to add in another new NPC, legendary relics, new achievements, changes to Boss Battles, around 30 new items, 20+ new encounters to spice up your runs, a promise of "Halloween Surprises", Russian language support and more to be announced.

After that, the next update due sometime between November and December will be adding in a whole new zone to explore, new traps, new enemies, 100+ new encounters, the option of being a female character and more. After that more character customisation is planned, a new boss and some "Christmas Surprises" to come too.

Have a look at the trailer below if you've not played it or seen it yet:

youtube video thumbnail
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UnderMine already has a surprising amount of content to explore through, I've put quite a lot of hours into it and I've yet to see everything. Looks like they're doing well too, with a "Very Positive" user rating being given overall on Steam so it's good to see Linux have another highly rated game.

There's obviously similarities to games like The Binding of Isaac, with the combat and exploration being done through small rooms with random encounters. However, UnderMine (for the most part) has a slower pacing to it and feels a little less brutal overall and the setting is quite a bit friendlier.

You can find UnderMine on Steam now in Early Access. It's worth picking up even now, I've been personally enjoying this a huge amount.

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