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    Beyond a Steel Sky, the sequel to the classic Beneath a Steel Sky is coming to Linux next year / GamingOnLinux – 15:26

Tags: Adventure, Action, Steam, Upcoming, Cyberpunk

Revolution Software today put out an announcement about Beyond a Steel Sky, the sequel to Beneath a Steel Sky, to give an update on the release date.

Beyond a Steel Sky is a dramatic, humorous, cyberpunk thriller in which engaging puzzles drive a fast-paced narrative set in a dynamic game-world that responds to – and is subverted by – the player’s actions. It was quite a surprise when writing about it back in September as it popped up on Steam with Linux system requirements. We didn't manage to get full confirmation from the developer, until today! They confirmed to us on Twitter that Linux support is happening—awesome!

However, it's going to be seeing a slight delay (all versions). Originally planned for this year, Revolution Software have pushed the release into next year:

This extra time is being used to ensure that we realise our vision: Integrating conceptual innovations like Virtual Theatre and system hacking into adventure gameplay; Innovating with graphics technology in ToonToy; Working closely with Dave Gibbons to create a beautiful visual style.

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To follow/wishlist you can do so on the Steam store page . Once they have a confirmed release date, we will let you know as soon as we know.

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    Card-battling mechanics with roguelike exploration, Space Grunts 2 is nearing a full release / GamingOnLinux – Yesterday - 12:46

Tags: Action, Roguelike, Deck-builder, Steam, Indie Game

As Orangepixel celebrate 15 years of developing games, their latest with Space Grunts 2 is getting ready to leave Early Access.

They said that Space Grunts 2 is now pretty much feature complete, in regards to the content they had originally planned for it. However, they're not finished. Orangepixel are still planning to add in some alternate areas and possibly some more cards with a full release expected in early January next year.

On top of that, they have a fancy new trailer to give you an overview of what the deckbuilding card-based combat in Space Grunts 2 is all about:

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Feature Highlight:

  • Mixing a top down roguelike with card-battling
  • Unique deck-building system (collecting items on the map)
  • Daily challenges (with leaderboards)
  • Unlockable modifier cards – changing the flow of the game
  • Random events, random modifications
  • Procedurally generated

Pretty amazing that Orangepixel have been around developing games for 15 years, that's an incredible milestone with how tough the market is now. It wasn't exactly easy in the past, but with so many games coming out all the time getting noticed is more of a struggle. If you want some background on that, they have a YouTube video up talking about it.

Hopefully when Space Grunts 2 leaves Early Access in January next year, it will give them enough to continue on making fun games for Linux like this. You can pick up Space Grunts 2 right now on Steam .

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    Kharon's Crypt - Even Death May Die heads to Early Access with a new trailer / GamingOnLinux – 2 days ago - 10:54

Tags: Indie Game, Upcoming, Steam, Action, Retro

Kharon's Crypt - Even Death May Die, a nonlinear dungeon crawler inspired by old Nintendo Game Boy Color games and Zelda is getting closer to an Early Access release and they have a sweet new trailer.

This is another that was crowdfunded on Kickstarter (listed on our dedicated page ) back in October of 2017. Playing as Kharon, you are a being thought to be death itself. Your mission is to escape from your crypt, where you had been sealed by a deranged king that wanted to elude death.

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A little late on talking about this one, since their Steam page and new trailer went up on November 12. There's a good reason though, as I wanted to ensure it's still seeing Linux support. The developer, Andromeda Project, replied yesterday to be clear that it is!

Feature Highlight:

  • You can possess all exanimates (enemies)
  • Each exanimate has unique properties: bats can fly, skeletons can open locks...
  • Multiple items with different powers and abilities
  • Over 100 collectable Necronomicon pages full of lore
  • Nonlinear metroidvania world design
  • Dozens of mysteries, side quets and puzzles
  • And many challenging Boss Fights!

The team at Andromeda Project say they've designed Kharon's Crypt in a way that people with multiple types of colour blindness including protanopia, deuteranopia and tritanopia can still enjoy it. Always nice to see developers have a focus on being accessible.

You can find the Steam page here to follow along and wishlist it if that's your thing. Once they announce an Early Access date, I will let you know.

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    James Bond apparaît dans un court teaser de “Mourir peut attendre” / JournalDuGeek – 3 days ago - 16:30

Mourir peut attendre pour le célèbre agent des service secret. Et il faudra encore attendre quatre mois avant de pouvoir retrouver James Bond en salle. Mais à l’occasion de la première bande-annonce du film qui sortira ce mercredi 4 décembre, un teaser de James Bond : No Time to Die (mourir peut attendre), vient d’être dévoilé. Dans cette vidéo très (trop) courte de 14 secondes, on aperçoit l’agent 007 dans son costume. Coups de feu, cascades, voilà ce qu’annonce les premières images explosives du film. Plus que deux jours à patienter avant de découvrir d’autres superbes images dans un trailer plus long.

James Bond a décidé de se retirer des services secrets afin de vivre pleinement sa vie en Jamaïque. Mais, un élément vient perturber son quotidien serein. Un scientifique vient d’être kidnappé. Felix Leiter de la CIA, et vieil ami de l’agent 007, débarque pour lui demander de l’aide. Mais la mission se révèle bien plus dangereuse que prévu. L’agent sera confronté à un ennemi possédant des armes technologiques destructrices. Cary Joji Fukunaga (L’Aliéniste / Jane Eyre) sera aux commandes de ce nouvel épisode. Daniel Craig n’est pas prêt de prendre sa retraite ou son repos. L’actrice française Léa Seydoux (La Vie d’Adèle) rejoint également ce casting dans le rôle de Madeleine Swann. Naomie Harris (Rampage : Hors de Contrôle) incarnera Moneypenny. La suite du casting se compose de Rami Malek, Lashana Lynch, Ben Whishaw, Billy Magnussen et Ralph Fiennes dans le rôle de M. Mourir peut attendre pour Bond. Pour nous, il reste encore deux jours à patienter avant la première bande-annonce et encore quelque mois avant la sortie du film le 8 avril 2020 dans les salles obscures.

James Bond 007 : Intégrale...
James Bond 007 : Intégrale...
  • filtre
  • MGM / United Artists (03/11/2016)
  • DVD, Tous publics
  • Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan
  • Français, Anglais
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    Arsenal Demon, a fast-paced arena-survival FPS lands on Linux / GamingOnLinux – 3 days ago - 14:09

Tags: Action, FPS, Steam, Indie Game, New Release

Wall running, long jumping and lots of pew-pew is what you will be doing in Arsenal Demon. It's a newish arena-survival FPS and it's now available on Linux too. It launched on Steam in October, with Linux (and macOS) getting support in mid-November.

Much like an older favourite of mine called Devil Daggers, the overall idea is simple: you're pushed into an arena and you have to survive as long as possible. Beat your last time, beat everyone else you know too. It's ridiculously fast, it's exciting and you get to customize your Arsenal Demon too.

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Quite a surprise actually. I picked it up after coming across it today and it certainly has a good hook to it. Random arenas to keep each run feeling fresh and when you get going, it gets incredibly tense. Especially when you're only a second or two away from smashing your last record and as you run around a corner at blistering speed, there's an enemy right there waiting and now you're dead.

Multiple modes of play with a "Classic" mode where you have access to everything, a "Demon" mode where you start off with nothing and gradually level up and the weekly "Event" mode which is where everyone has the same map layout to see how you stack up.

I certainly captures that feeling of needing to try just one more run, perhaps this time will be when I beat my record?

You can pick up Arsenal Demon on Steam .

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    Geneshift Battle Royale just got a lot prettier with a big update, also on sale right now / GamingOnLinux – 3 days ago - 10:32

Tags: Battle Royale, Indie Game, Action, Steam, Humble Store

Geneshift just keeps getting better! This indie action game that has a sweet fast-paced Battle Royale mode (along with a full single-player and co-op campaign) just had another rather huge update.

For starters, it's had a bit of a graphical upgrade. It now has multisample anti-aliasing, upgraded player models that actually hold the weapons and an entirely new tilted camera angle. The new camera is a big improvement, giving you a proper sense of the height of objects around you, like getting some cover which the older top-down view just didn't give you.


Supply Drops will also periodically appear and everyone is aware of them, this appears to happen in all multiplayer modes too. While it becomes a mad dash to acquire it, the contents are worth a bit of aggressive gunplay as it has some ultra-rare loot inside like permanent HP/Mana upgrades or a +30% damage weapon.

The Zombie system has been tweaked again too, this is one of the features that makes Geneshift's Battle Royale mode truly unique as players can come back from the dead if they manage to take down an alive player whilst a Zombie. As a Zombie, your weapons now do 100% damage instead of 50% and Zombie players keep their gun and other benefits gained when they spawn again. With the Supply Drop system, being a Zombie is a bit more interesting again.


A new advanced looting system was added too, giving you a chance to boost your weapon if you manage to find the same one and loot it again. So you will now grab the ammo, plus a nice little 2% damage boost. Skills were also tweaked so certain skills will now benefit nearby allies, handy for when you're playing in a squad.

You can read over the full changes on the Steam announcement . Give it a try, it's a lot of fun. Even if the fast-paced Battle Royale isn't for you, there's plenty more game modes on top of the single-player and co-op stuff too.

It's also on sale with 40% off on Steam , no discount on Humble Store .

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    Techland have updated Dying Light again, Drop Attack should be fixed on Linux / GamingOnLinux – 6 days ago - 11:15

Tags: Action, Zombies, Open World, Steam, Humble Store

Techland continue to improve their 2015 game, Dying Light. Another patch went out this week and it's a nice one for Linux owners of Dying Light too.

For some people, an issue that has plagued Dying Light on Linux is a crash when using the Drop Attack ability. Techland said with Patch 1.22, that's actually been finally fixed. Additionally they said the overall stability of the game has been improved.

Testing it again today, Drop Attack as expected works nicely:

Pictured: Just landing a Drop Attack in the Linux version of Dying Light.

I never saw an issue with it before, but good to see their official fix for those who did see it hasn't caused any other problems in my testing.

A Borderless Window Option is also supposed to be in there, but it seems that's missing from the Linux build, which I've let them know about today. Would be great to see that added in, odd it's not there.

Dying Light is currently on sale with 66% off across Humble Store and Steam .

Curiously, Dying Light 2 which is due next year is still listing Linux in the platforms list as you can see on SteamDB . That was added 6 months ago and they haven't removed it, so that plus them still updating the Linux version of the original is hopefully a good sign.

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    Tactical top-down shooter Police Stories now has online multiplayer on Linux / GamingOnLinux – 7 days ago - 14:21

Tags: Action, Top-down shooter, Steam, Update, Online Co-op, Game Maker

After having a bit of a rough patch with the online support in Police Stories, the team at Mighty Morgan and HypeTrain Digital have now rolled out the feature in the Linux version.

Released originally back in September, you can see some of my previous thoughts here . For a top-down shooter, it really does have a different gameplay feel to it. The slower, more tactical approach you need to take is a nice change of pace compared to other such shooters.

The online play support was added after release in early October, and as it turns out they had some problems deploying it for Linux so we've only just gotten it in an update this week. They've also now added in a Polish translation too.

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Mighty Morgan aren't done with it, still to come this year is a Custom Mission mode and Steam Achievements. Further out, they're planning to add in a Level Editor sometime next year with a promise of "more to come".

You can grab it from Steam . Humble Store for some reason still have is as "Coming Soon", so I've sent an email today to clarify what's happening there.

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