• ejabberd 17.09 is the first version of #ejabberd recommended for the upcoming #Movim 0.12 #release. We worked closely with the ProcessOne team, especially on the #Pubsub implementation, to improve the integration between Movim and ejabberd. Thanks to them!

    • ejabberd 17.09

      ejabberd 17.09 is out! This release mostly contains bugfix and adds few improvements.

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  • The migration of the #XMPP #Movim server from #Metronome to #ejabberd is close to be done and most of the services are up again, sorry for the connectivity issues that you had those pas few days.

    I'll write a longer post about that #migration in the upcomign days on the official Movim blog.

    • Migration

      The honking of Canadian geese overhead caught my attention just long enough for my to snap this shot. Too bad I couldn't get a good photo of their V-formation, as they're quite disorganized in this...

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  • A really nice new article of Netfuture.ch with a small comparison between #ejabberd and #prosody :)

    • XMPP server hands-on comparison: ejabberd vs. Prosody

      Having been involved in testing an open-source XMPP web client (JSXC) against ejabberd and Prosody, I have noticed the following differences that I would like to share, to make it easier for you to decide. Please note that I have done more with ejabberd, so there will naturally be more nitpicking th

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  • We are currently experiencing downtimes of the movim.eu XMPP server (and related services like Pubsub or Conferences) for several weeks now. This is having a serious impact on the availability of the platform (and, by extension, Movim related instances) for many of our users. We are deeply sorry about that.

    The exact reason of those downtimes is not known for now (it seems to be related to the Pubsub module of the server). The movim.eu XMPP services are running on top of the Metronome XMPP server that is not maintained anymore since 2016.

    We are currently working closely with the ejabberd XMPP server team to migrate the whole XMPP infrastructure in the upcoming weeks to this new server. This migration will also bring more stable and new features (especially regarding the Pubsub part) to the existing platform.

    Thanks for your comprehension. #movim #downtime #xmpp #metronome #ejabberd #migration

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  • ejabberd: higher value for max_items

    Roelof Pieter – Thursday, 1 June - 23:32 – 2 June

  • Update ejabberd config:

          max_items: 1000000

    Changed max_items from 4 in #ejabberd. It seems otherwise only 4 posts would be saved.... . Learned this the hard way by missing posts... :-(

    BTW I am planning of writing a complete instruction of how to get #Movim running on a #Raspberry Pi (2 or higher I suppose). This is valuable and hard learned knowledge :-)

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