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    Steam Game Festival - Summer Edition is live, lots of Linux demos / GamingOnLinux · Tuesday, 16 June - 18:07 · 1 minute

Want to get a peek at some upcoming games? The Steam Game Festival - Summer Edition is live now with lots to have a look at for the interested Linux fan.

Currently Steam appears to be having issues rolling out demos, we will update this with a Linux list as and when we see them appear. Please check back often. We're expecting quite a few! I'll also be notifying developers of issues as they come up.

Linux demos newly live (or updated) for the event:

We'll be taking a look and perhaps doing a few videos and thoughts articles over the next few days, if they manage to catch our interest. We've already taken a look at ASYLUM and done a preview previously too.

A lot of developers will also be doing their own livestreams and Q&A sessions, which will be live on their Steam store page so be sure to take a good look at the times of each you're interested in.

Since most big gaming events were cancelled, online events like this are the next best thing. Frankly, I hope this type of event continues each year because the bigger in-person events are usually quite restrictive due to location and prices.

Take a look over on Steam . It's live until June 22. As for the Steam Summer Sale, there's been rumours of it starting on June 25 only a few days later.

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    Steam has a Summer of Pride 2020 sale and event going on / GamingOnLinux · Wednesday, 10 June - 09:26 · 1 minute

Summer of Pride, a month-long event featuring LGBTQIA+ streamers playing queer games has launched and developer MidBoss has arranged a Steam event to go with it.

Weirdly though, I tried on my Steam account and in a private browser and for me the event isn't listed anywhere on Steam. I only know of it due to being on the email list for MidBoss.

The event showcases a few upcoming titles like Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER , Lore Finder , N1RV Ann-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action , Volleyball Heaven and Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp - all of which plan to support Linux as well.

On top of that there's a few games on sale that also have Linux builds like Always Sometimes Monsters , Arcade Spirits , Gone Home , Tacoma , Ladykiller in a Bind and a few more.

"We want everyone experience the range of diversity bubbling just below the surface of gaming, whether that’s by getting hands-on with the games or watching a beautiful array of diverse streamers find pieces of themselves in the works of queer developers," said Cade Peterson, CEO MidBoss and developer of Read Only Memories, which organized the event.

Find the Summer of Pride 2020 Steam event here .

As for the other side of the event, they're having LGBTQIA+ inclusive games and Twitch streamers make content for 15 hours a day across a whole month. You can find the schedule here if it interests you with it pulling in over 70 streamers and over 60 games will be showcased during this time.

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    CrossTalk is the latest Intel CPU security problem / GamingOnLinux · Tuesday, 9 June - 21:58 · 1 minute

A fresh month, a fresh security problem. Today Intel disclosed "Special Register Buffer Data Sampling" (or SRBDS) which has been named CrossTalk by a bunch of researchers from VUSec. This is just another in the growing list of security problems Intel has suffered over the last few years.

For the first time this enables clever attackers to leak sensitive information across cores on many different generations on Intel CPUs, bypassing previous security fixes against previous issues like Spectre and Meltdown. You can see a list of affected CPUs here , it's unfortunately quite a large list covering a huge amount of Intel's different CPU brands.

The VUSec team built a profiler called CrossTalk, allowing them to inspect "the behavior of complex (“microcoded”) x86 instructions beyond the CPU core boundaries". Using it they found an undocumented "staging buffer" that contained a bunch of sensitive data (including that from the random number generator) that can be leaked across cores using MDS style attacks.


With responsible disclosure, the team told Intel of the issues back in September 2018, followed by more information in July 2019 and Intel rewarded them with the Intel Bug Bounty (Side Channel) Program. Intel requested it be under embargo until now, due to the difficulty of a fix.

There's microcode updates going out from Intel to clean up SRBDS, with Intel now locking the whole memory bus before it talks to the staging buffer and will only unlock it after clearing it. This way nothing should be exposed across cores. How's performance loss with it? Considerable apparently so Intel has only applied the fix to a few security instructions: RDRAND, RDSEED, and EGETKEY. Phoronix did a quick test and it's quite dramatic.

You can see the official Intel release here and the VUSec CrossTalk info dive here .

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    Even more Linux games confirmed for the Steam Game Festival / GamingOnLinux · Saturday, 23 May - 19:13 · 1 minute

We're getting close to the launch of the Steam Game Festival, running from June 9 - 15 and we have more games confirmed to get a Linux demo for you.

As more events go online because of the Coronavirus, it's giving a lot of people chances to play games early they wouldn't perhaps normally be able to. Valve's festival is one for a global audience to get involved thanks to many developers putting up demos for it.

For a quick round-up on Linux we already have confirmed: the literary mystery Sarawak , the racing game DRAG , a supernatural horror with ASYLUM and also the curious looking point and click adventure Nine Noir Lives . Today, we have more confirmed to share with you!

Elteria Adventures ( Steam Page )

Elteria Team announced their very colourful MMO, Elteria Adventures, will be placed into an "Open Alpha" during the festival so anyone will be able to jump in and try it out. It looks quite unique, with it split up across tons of small islands that blends a 3D platformer with an MMO. Linux confirmation here .

youtube video thumbnail
Watch video on

No doubt there will be more than that, especially as new announcements seem to be coming out quite quickly as Valve go through all the submissions. We will let you know as more come in. It's shaping up to be a very exciting event.

If we have any game developers reading who will be doing a Linux demo be sure to let us know .

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    The Steam Spring Cleaning event is up to get you to play your old games / GamingOnLinux · Friday, 22 May - 11:22 · 1 minute

Surprisingly, Valve are running an event that is not trying to get you to buy new games. To be fair though, it's not the first time. The Steam Spring Cleaning 2020 event is now live.

Running from now until May 28, the idea is to get you to play through your existing games and clear out your backlog. This links in with their recent Play Next feature to suggest games to you, which graduated from Steam Labs to appear on the Steam Store and as a shelf in your Steam Library. It also pulls in Remote Play Together, for games to share online with friends.


Sadly, a downside is that for Linux gamers it might pull in games from your Library that can't be played (even with the Proton compatibility tool). Testing this myself, it turned out to be the case for me suggesting a few that were completely unplayable. Thankfully with three options each time, you might not get stuck when building up your Spring Cleaning badge. It does, however, highlight that Play Next needs to take into account titles you've set to Ignore on Steam.

Find the event over here .

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    Valve announces the return of the Steam Game Festival for you to try games, starting June 9 / GamingOnLinux · Monday, 13 April - 20:17 · 1 minute

The Steam Game Festival is returning for another round, starting on June 9 developers will be able to show off their games on Steam. If you remember, Valve did one only recently with a bunch of games having demos and it appears they're going to do it bigger this time around.

From the press release:

The Steam Game Festival is an event that shines a spotlight on games set to be released within the next year. From June 9th - 14th, game developers have the opportunity to show off their upcoming releases to a global gaming audience, giving gamers on Steam the chance to try them out, learn more, and add games to their wishlist!

Additionally, they're trying to pull in more developers this time around inviting any to get involved. Developers need to have a Steamworks account in "good standing", a release planned before the Summer of 2021 and a demo. For any developer wishing to get involved, the deadline for submissions is April 24 and you need a demo ready by May 15. See more here if you're a game developer on Steam.

For us normal users of Steam, Valve has setup a dedicated page allowing you to set a reminder.

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    La série OnePlus 8 se dévoilée le 14 avril ! / JournalDuGeek · Monday, 30 March - 13:18 · 1 minute

Cette gamme sera intégralement 5G, et disposera notamment d’un nouvel écran Fluid AMOLED doté d’un taux de rafraîchissement de 120 Hz. Selon les dernières rumeurs, le OnePlus 8 disposerait d’un écran de 6,55 pouces cadencé à 90 Hz, quand le modèle « Pro » aura le droit à une dalle de 6,78 pouces (QHD+) cadencée à 120 Hz, tout comme les récents Galaxy S20 de Samsung. On retrouvera, sur les deux modèles, un SoC Snapdragon 865 couplé à 8 ou 12 Go de RAM. C’est surtout le modèle « Pro » qui a été détaillé dernièrement, il pourrait avoir droit à une large batterie de 4 510 mAh, aussi bien compatible avec la recharge rapide 30W que la recharge sans fil et même la recharge sans fil inversée. Ce serait une grande première pour OnePlus , qui a longtemps dénigré la charge sans fil sur ses smartphones. Le modèle standard ne devrait par contre pas en bénéficier.

Source : WinFuture

Côté photo, le OnePlus 8 Pro pourrait compter sur un quadruple module photo comprenant deux capteurs de 48 MP, un capteur de 8 MP et enfin un dernier de 5 MP. Pour l’heure, on ignore encore les spécificités de chacun de ces capteurs. Le modèle standard ne bénéficiera quant à lui que de trois capteurs à l’arrière, dont un de 48 MP, un deuxième de 16 MP et un dernier de 8 MP. Les deux auront le droit à un capteur frontal de 16 MP, logé dans un poinçon qui devrait être situé en haut à gauche de la dalle.

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    Berlin Online XMPP Sprint 2020

    debacle · / berlin-xmpp-meetup · Sunday, 22 March - 00:47 edit

Berlin Online XMPP Sprint 2020

The planned XMPP sprint in Berlin from Thursday, 2020-03-26 to Sunday, 2020-03-29, will take place despite the current crisis. But instead of an in-person meeting, it will be an online event!

We will mainly use the XMPP group chat for all coordination, and multiple Jitsi instances for audio/video conferencing, maybe also mumble for voice chat.

Please find all details in the wiki and consider participation! This time, there are neither travel nor hotel costs!

See you at the Berlin Online XMPP Sprint! Berlin is whereever you are!

#xmpp #sprint #event #community #hacking #freesoftware #uwpx #beagleim #siskinim #xmppjs #omemo #kaidan #smack #dino #omemo #prosody #xmpprs #salutatoi #debian #jitsi