Full blown fascist nation larping communism does the #blackmirror.

Can the democratic nations just please shut this shit show down and exclude them from everything? Oh, theres loads of money to be made? No worries then. Carry on.

#china #socialcredit #fascism #surveillance

'Remember as you say punch nazis, WWII resistance heroes also smuggled and hid refugees, deleted refugee data, lied to cops, broke the law.'

'As fast as IBM used computers to update census data to round up Jews, ordinary people manipulated, deleted data, forged docs to save lives.'

'Remember this, engineers: you don't have to break the law, but giving users control of their data can help them save lives when they must.'

#fascism #nazis

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    Understanding of Antifa

    paulfree14 – / informactive – Saturday, 9 September, 2017 - 19:27 edit

Before I'd make the quote from an article I'd like to share with you, let me start with saying that #antifa is first an ideology positionizing oneself against #fascism. People being anti-fascist have many different strategies and aproaches. Antifa is not a group but an idea. People gather and organize themself around.

Ok here some quote from the article:

''The first major problem with criticism of #antifa is a studied unwillingness to learn anything about them

They believe that fascist and violent racist groups have to be confronted in their infancy, when they number in the dozens, lest they soon number in the thousands or even millions

antifa's primary tactics are nonviolent - protests, online research, naming and shaming — but also believe that violence is an appropriate response to inherently violent ideologies

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    11 September, 2017 chlorineburnout

    But Antifa IS a group. And the "black bloc" is violent first, talk later. No different from the German Nationalists of 1934. Eight years ago they lost support until they held no power and could have no public presence. And the same thing happened 8 years before that. When they cannot even have enough support and members the only people that share their ideals are kiddies upset with mommy, daddy, and teacher. That's all their is to Antifa the group. Children upset they cannot have things their way. I'll laugh when antifa fizzle out again and remind those I know that I was right.

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    11 September, 2017 paulfree14

    Well that depends on how you define groups.
    Would be for me sayn like all friends are a group.
    Anti-fascism is the theme. Anti-fascist it the person acting within this theme.
    to do action together with other they form affinity groups.

    BlackBloc is a strategy and can acure very different. Sayn it's violent first then talking is false, or describes the masking itself as violent.
    Blackbloc is used to not be identified so easy. Doing it as a block is about protecting each other.
    To not been identified so easy can have many reasons. On is that police is charging from time to time randonly ppl who've attended on a protest, days or weeks later by face-match.
    But Blackbloc can also be violent. And nobody would ever deny that.