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    The math of philanthropy

    François Brutsch · Thursday, 25 June - 19:02

  • Who gives?

    Jenny Kleeman meets the man who wants us to stop giving with our hearts and start using our heads

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    On Anti-Zionism and Left-Fascism

    François Brutsch · Tuesday, 23 June - 11:30

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    Zeev Sternhell (1935-2020)

    Fathom Editor Alan Johnson reflects on the life and work of Zeev Sternhell who died this week. Obituary notices following the death of the intellectual historian Zeev Sternhell have focused on the...

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    The problem with trans (and lgbTQ+) activists, by JK Rowling

    François Brutsch · Wednesday, 10 June - 17:00

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    With Starmer, a more disciplined, younger, cleverer, happier team for Labour

    François Brutsch · Thursday, 9 April - 08:23 edit

  • What does the new shadow cabinet say about Labour’s future?

    Sir Keir Starmer has spent the last 48 hours putting his own stamp on the Labour Party. Out goes the clique around the old leader, in comes a new breed of less easily pigeonholed talents. Most voters will not even have heard of more than one – or at the most two – of these …

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