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    Some news about Movim

    Timothée Jaussoin – / Movim – 5 days ago - 16:29 edit

You may have noticed that there was less updates about Movim the past few weeks. I was indeed a bit busy with other things (jobs, other projects…) but don't worry I'm still working on the upcoming release and maintaining things up.

Our #ejabberd instance (for and was updated to ejabberd 19.05 a few days ago (we also found a little issue in the release related to the #Pubsub module, which was kindly fixed upstream by the ejabberd team).

A new "share posts to chat contacts" feature was also introduced recently. This will need a bit of polishing but will be part of the upcoming release.

Posts in the chat, Movim, first XMPP client to do that, it

I am also renewing our call to help the #Movim project on #Patreon, we lost a few bakers and went again bellow the 50€/month that allows us to cover the servers + domains and few other expenses for the project.

So if you want to help us, do not hesitate to join our Patreon as well as participating to our little community by doing translations, bug reports (or better, fixes!).


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    Contact publication

    Timothée Jaussoin – / Movim – Monday, 6 May - 11:44 edit

Venez nous voir à l'Ubuntu Party de #Paris pour une petite conférence sur la plateforme #Movim et ses récentes évolutions. La conférence aura lieu Samedi 18 mai à 15:00 - 16:00 à la Cité des sciences et de l’industrie. #conference #UbuntuParty #Ubuntu
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    Movim is the first #XMPP client that supports #message reactions! PARTY POPPER

    Timothée Jaussoin – / Movim – Monday, 1 April - 12:02 edit

We are using the recent XMPP standard XEP-0367: Message Attaching to provide this #feature in the project. You can already try it out on the official pod

This feature is available for the one to one conversations but also the chatrooms 😊 Have fun!

To continue to build #Movim and introduce awesome new features such as message reactions we need your help. Please visit our Patreon page to help cover our expenses and fund new ideas and projects around Movim.

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    Timothée Jaussoin – / Movim – Sunday, 10 March - 13:13 edit

    Movim 0.14.2 is coming soon! You can have a look at the #changelog for all the incoming features. We are planning to do a proper #release note for the 0.14.1 and 0.14.2 versions together. #movim

  • movim/movim

    Movim - Decentralized social platform. Contribute to movim/movim development by creating an account on GitHub.

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    Some news regarding and

    Timothée Jaussoin – / Movim – Monday, 25 February - 16:02 edit

Following our previous post. The owner of the French #server that was hosting the XMPP server and pod is turning of his server at the end of the month.

The server has just been merged with the XMPP server (they are handled by the same ejabberd instance) and the pod will be turned off and redirected to for now.

#migration #movim #jappix #xmpp

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    Timothée Jaussoin – / Movim – Sunday, 17 February - 22:12

    A nice little article talking about #Movim :) Thanks!

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    Movim, FLOSS Alternative for Hangouts

    News is spreading that Google will replace classic Hangouts with Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet. Since Google had already decided to close G+ forcing me to look for an alternative this was a good moment replace Hangouts with a FLOSS alternative. I’m pretty happy with the Fediverse social networks as a replacement for G+ but … Continue reading "Movim, FLOSS Alternative for Hangouts"

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    I'm leaving Skype

    Timothée Jaussoin – Thursday, 14 February - 07:13 edit

Microsoft, how can you seriously fu** up your products so bad? I choose to leave #Skype by today for two reasons that just poped-up the past few days.

Exposing private information

How is it possible that during several meetings and other discussions your team voluntary choose to add the feature to suggest private contacts of my contacts to me?

I'll be direct with you, this is clearly a #privacy violation and will hurt lots of people directly including myself. I'm using this account for years for professional and private reasons, I have really private contacts on my account (that I only want to only keep for myself, obviously, maybe I should stress that point more?), family members, friends and professional relations. Now all those contacts will see some of my private contacts as "Suggestions".

The new Skype contacts suggestion box

In this list I have some contacts that I can easily guess to who they are related to.


  • Lawyers that are using Skype have also things to hide, and you're directly exposing the persons they are talking to to their other clients.
  • Doctors that are using Skype have something to hide and you are exposing their patients list to other patients or contacts.
  • Journalists that are using Skype have something to hide and you are exposing their sources and colleagues to other contacts putting some of their life and investigations at risk.

And I can give you lots of other cases where this kind of feature will hurt businesses, families and sometimes can put lifes at risk.

Microsoft, let be frank there, Skype IS NOT a fu** social network like Facebook. Skype is a Instant Messaging and video-communication service where people expect their private contacts list to stay… private.

This little suggestion feature crossed my mind for #Movim but was directly discarded regarding the privacy implication that it will have (also with the fact that I can't technically get my contacts contacts through XMPP for obvious reasons).

Mozilla, Microsoft hates you, kiss <3

The second reason why I choose to leave Skype is that Microsoft recently enforced the usage of Skype under Chrome, the "desktop Skype" (that is an embedded Chrome) and the themed Chrome alternative that will be Edge soon.

Firefox is officially dropped from their support list.

Fun fact, by changing Firefox user agent to Chrome Skype is suddenly working fine on it. If this is caused by the #WebRTC video-calling features, first you're not making lots of efforts regarding the really good support of Firefox for this Web standard and secondly you can simply block that feature and allow the rest on the other browsers.

Mozilla, Microsoft wants to hurt you there. This is definitely a bad move from Microsoft regarding the web diversity and standards.

So I will notify all my contacts in the upcoming days of my decision and definitely close my account.

If you want to contact me, you can still send me emails or add me on Movim. Movim is supporting video-call (peer-to-peer), direct messages and chatrooms.

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    3 March Nara

    I find it funny when people share docs with me on OneDrive or wants to talk to me on Skype heh

    For them, they think Skype is part of the computer. Having computer means having Skype and OneDrive. "Oh, you use google, sorry! I didn't mean any offense, sorry, sorry". Dude.

  • 16 March Bigou

    Honestly, I'm surprised you were still using Skype. While I still have a Skype account, I don't use it anymore. (In fact, I stopped using it not long after it become a Microsoft thing.) One of the reason if because of what Microsoft made of Skype, but the main one is because all of my contacts also abandoned it because of what it became since Microsoft own it.

    Now, all interesting people I chat with are either using #XMPP, which is good, or Discord, which is not so good, but probably better than Skype. (…At least for now.)

  • 18 April aschatria

    I was using the Micro products (lol) ages ago, never really liked the Skype.

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    Willkommen - Los geht's! / forexbulle-de-die-community-zum-blog – Saturday, 2 February - 16:12

Herzlich Willkommen in der neuen "Community" zu meinem/unserem #Forex #Trader #Blog (

Hier gibt es weitere und ausführlichere Infos, zusätzliche Links und vieles Andere mehr, das (aus welchen Gründen auch immer) nicht in das Blog und auf die dazugehörigen Seiten passt.

Auch ist geplant, dass wir uns alle über/mit #Jabber / #XMPP und #Movim untereinander austauschen und helfen. Ihr kennt ja meine Einstellung und mein Ziel (hoffentlich). Wenn nicht, hier noch einmal für alle:

  1. Ich bin der feten Überzeugung, dass wirklich JEDER professionell und dauerhaft gewinnbringend Währungen/Devisen handeln kann und sich damit ein zusätzliches Einkommen generieren kann. Je nachdem, wie viel Spaß man daran hat, ist es dann später natürlich auch möglich, das Ganze zu seinem neuen Hauptberuf zu machen (so, wie ich selbst es getan habe).

  2. Das Alles geht auch, wenn man einen Hauptberuf hat und "nur" nebenberuflich handelt (was ich ohnehin jedem Neuling empfehlen würde).

  3. Ich helfe jedem KOSTENFREI, der wirklich bereit ist, das Ganze auch zu lernen! Natürlich würde ich mich freuen, wenn mir jemand als Dank dann später etwas "spendet", wenn er durch mich und mein kostenfreies Coaching zum erfolgreichen Währungshändler geworden ist bzw. regelmäßig Gewinne macht.

  4. Jeder Leser meines Blogs, jeder "Lehrling" sollte sich auch aktiv an meiner/unserer Community beteiligen. Sei es durch Kommentare im Blog, hier auf Movim, in dem er anderen hilft, Fragen beantwortet, Tipps gibt, ...), ... oder wie auch immer.

Das sind meine vier "Haupteinstellungen" und ich weiß aus Erfahrungen mit vielen, vielen Tradern, die ich bisher betreut habe, dass man wirklich erfolgreich Währungen handeln lernt, wenn man sich an diese vier Dinge hält. Bisher sind es knapp 900 Personen, die ich vom absoluten Neuling zum erfolgreichen Forex Trader betreut habe. Ich finde, das ist eine ordentliche Anzahl an Leuten und es freut mich wirklich, dass das bisher alles so gut funktioniert. Ich habe dadurch auch wirklich sehr viele neue Freunde gefunden und würde mich freuen, wenn noch viele Weitere hinzukommen.