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    Movim is full of new features for 2021!

    Timothée Jaussoin · / Movim · Friday, 25 December - 22:43 · 1 minute

A lot of new exciting features were added to #Movim the past few weeks! Like Chat Reply, that allows you to quickly quote and reply to an exisiting message in a one to one or chatroom discussion.

Chat Reply

It is now also possible to search and add GIFs within the discussions thanks to the Tenor integration. This feature is totally optional. The administrator can easily enable it by adding the #Tenor API key within the Movim admin panel (don't forget to restart the daemon).

Tenor GIFs

The embedding feature was also greatly improved. Movim now resolves video urls, pictures as well as general website URLs to embed them properly within the chat! Some improvements in the picture preview feature now also allows you to preview pictures from the embedded url quickly before visiting it.

URL preview

And finally, some improvements were made to the picture proxy feature. To simplify, Movim is protecting its users by serving the externally shared pictures (from Internet websites for example) and acting as an intermediary. It also automatically recompress the pictures if they are too large.

Server administrators that are hosting a Movim pod can now easily setup a cache system allowing those Movim proxyfied pictures to be kept for a while and reduce the load on the Movim side. For example, if someone is sharing a large picture URL in a chatroom, the first time Movim will display it to a member, it will recompress it and keep it in a cache, the other users will then directly request the cached version and load it instantly.

The One-Page-Setup wiki page has been updated to explain how to setup that cache easily.

With all those new features Movim is now ready to compete with other web chat platforms such as #WhatsApp or #Discord. But with the power of decentralisation, standard and build on open-source technologies.

It also seems that a big feature might be planned for 2021, stay tuned ;)

If you enjoy Movim and want to help funding the project, you can help us on Patreon. This will allow us to cover our monthly expenses and fund some new features.

Thanks again for your support!

That's all folks !

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  • 26 December mathias poujol-rost ✅

    Yesssss !

  • 09:20 agentcasey

    I'm happy.

If you aren't yet familiar, #Lemmy is a federated aggregator, and a drop in replacement for #Reddit... Visit to find an instance (or how you can host your own!)..

Once on there, you can follow and post to the #Movim community at

  • Movim - Lemmy

    Movim is a social and chat platform that act as a frontend for the XMPP network. Once deployed Movim offers a complete social and chat experience for the decentralized XMPP network users. It can easily connect to several XMPP servers at the same time.

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    Movim just flattened the (connections) curve !

    Timothée Jaussoin · / Movim · Wednesday, 21 October - 07:37 edit · 1 minute

A few days ago I discovered that the #Eloquent database library (the one that Movim is using for a few years now) had some events that could be caught by an event listener.

With this simple mechanism #Movim could be aware of when exactly a #SQL request is done during the execution time.

The Movim #architecture is based on several processes that talk to each others, and each connected session (each user connected to a specific XMPP account) is having its own sub-process. The main issue with this architecture is that all those processes relies on a common database (PostgreSQL or MySQL) and each process open an unique connection to the database. See How's Movim made? Part I - The Architecture to know more about this architecture.

When you start to have a lot of users connected on the same instance, this is opening lots of connections to the database. This is creating a congestion and can slow down the general performances.

This simple commit ask Eloquent to close the connection after a few seconds of inactivity. Eloquent is reconnecting automatically if a new SQL request is made after the disconnection. This allows to free-up the socket resources once "we don't really need it anymore".

And here is the result once this commit deployed on

The PostgreSQL connections curve

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    Movim 0.18 – Oterma

    Timothée Jaussoin · / Movim · Sunday, 27 September - 16:58 edit · 5 minutes

It's been six months since the last #release, and for the 0.18 – Oterma one there's a lot to show!

So let's dive in this list of exciting features and changes that you will find in this new release.


0.18 is coming with quite some changes regarding how the notifications are handled and displayed within Movim. This also came with lots of bug fixes to ensure that the counters are up-to-date everywhere across the UI and between all the devices.

One of the first notable changes you will find is how the global chat counter is behaving. This counter is now displaying the total number of unread discussions and not the total number of unread chat messages anymore.

picture chat counter

Related to this change, an update on the chatrooms bookmark specifications is now allowing you to save a per-chatroom notification configuration. With this new feature you'll be able to choose, for each chatroom, if you want to “always be notified” for each new messages, “only when you're mentioned”, or “never”.

picture chatroom config

Movim can now use sound to notify you of a new incoming message, if you allow it to (see the configuration panel).

audio notif screenshot

Stickers, drawing and emojis

We also improved some existing chat features. Some work has been done by Christine Ho on the Draw widget. The drawn lines are now smoother, even on large resolution pictures. The feature has also been extended to allow you to draw on existing pictures you upload from your device.

picture draw upload

Christine Ho also improved the existing emoji picker to add useful search bar, you can find it when trying to add a reaction bellow a message.

A new pack of fresh meme stickers was also added to the stickers panel.


And finally, the Movim emojis support has been updated to Unicode 12.0, bringing a pack of new emojis in.


Video conferencing

A big part of the time spent on this release was focused on the video-conference features. The related code was heavily reworked to ensure a smooth compatibility with the #Conversations Android client, it's still not perfect but works already quite well.

This was especially because of the integration of XEP-0215: External Service Discovery in the project. Allowing the web browser to easily perform STUN/TURN discovery (it's a way to discover alternative routes on the Internet for the video and audio feeds to be streamed on) using the #XMPP server services.

The call flow was also split to conveniently allow audio-only calls.

And the screen-sharing feature was integrated on the video-side. Useful when you want to quickly show a document or a presentation during your call!

The new videoconferencing features

Video-conferencing is hard. For this release we made quite a lot of work to improve the user experience but we are still not totally satisfied with the result. Some more work will be needed in the upcoming releases to really deliver the best we can offer for that feature.

And a many other things…

Chat and chatrooms

The interfaces between the chat and chatrooms (header bar, drawer menu) are now unified to display general information the same way. A little gallery was added which displays recently sent and received pictures.


The pictures handling in chat messages has been improved. Movim is now trying to resolve picture URLs, even if they were sent using a client that doesn't embed pictures in messages.

The scrolling behavior in chat was greatly improved and simplified, a little "go to bottom" button was also added.


Movim now handles the XEP-0319: Last User Interaction and can therefore be more precise to tell you the last time your contacts were seen active.

Post publication

Movim was already automatically saving your draft posts while you were writing, but since this version it actually displays when a draft has been saved. The post publication panel was also slightly redesigned to be clearer and more accessible.

publish form


On the technical side, a PresenceBuffer system was added to handle wave of presences coming from the network and mass insert them in the SQL DB. This reduces by a factor of 10 to 100 the number of requests that are done to the database during those "spikes" of incoming presences from the network. This little feature greatly improves logins speed and shortens the time it takes to join a new chatroom.


The favico.js library, that was handling the little counter in the browser tab icons had been removed and rewritten using only vanilla JavaScript, keeping only the required bits which also made it way smaller. This was actually the last (external) JavaScript dependency coming with Movim.

XMPP Authentication

Regarding the authentication process, Movim now supports XEP-0368: SRV records for XMPP over TLS to directly connect to XMPP using an encrypted socket (better than the historical STARTTLS negociation system that is still used as a fallback mechanism). Regarding the IP resolution Movim now uses the Happy Eyeballs mechanism to resolve the server IP on IPv4 or IPv6.

Android application

Finally, the official Android app gained nice features thanks to the improved integration of Movim on your phone.

The notification handler has been reworked to handle newer Android versions, conversations are now stacked properly.

android notifs

From any application you can now share a URL to Movim directly and publish it in a Post. In the future we are planning to add more sharing capabilities like this one (share to contacts or chatrooms for example).


Related to the video-conferencing improvements, audio and video calls are now launched in a separate task to allow you to switch back easily to your chat or publications while having your call. This makes it close to the experience you can already have on desktop.

Finally some work was done in #Movim and on the Android app to improve the general performance, especially regarding the touch features and general responsiveness.

To conclude…

As always you can test all those features on our official pod, or deploy them in a few steps on your own server :)

We always need some funding to help us promoting Movim and covering project costs, feel free to help on our Patreon.

And stay tuned for the upcoming releases, it seems that there are some interesting features already planned ;)

That's all folks!

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  • 23 October Adrien Dorsaz

    Super release, merci beaucoup !

And also here

Recommend Movim and share your experience ;-)

(No registrations recquired).

#Movim, #XMPP, #Recommendations


  • 7 September preptorrent

    Movim (the app and a browser plugin/addon for mozilla and konqueror, maybe using webgl) should have libtorrent2 built-in so people can refer to a large file (e.g. a 4gigabyte DVD ISO of memes in GIF and short vine 480p ogg-theora clips and and collada 3D objects under 2meg in size and blender files). That way, even though movim might be used on a low bandwidth internet connection, as long as people already have the ISO they are all talking about that current year, the magnet link means they all know what they are referring to in text chats. It would also be cool if that Movim konqueror/mozilla function could (mount) "bust an ISO" (known by the magnet link) so as to refer to a subfolder in that ISO such as a GIF (or midi song or dosbox game) to link in a written post so it plays of the HDD or (sdcard) of the person reading the comment (and not the movim website). It is very little bandwidth used, see. Each year, filling an ISO with public-domain content should take no time for the community.

  • 7 September eyome

    I think it's not really the goal of Movim ;-)

  • 9 September preptorrent

    @eyome I appreciate I cannot always get what I want in life (aside from my existing castles, mansions full of my harems, my classic car collection and by butlers and jetpacks). ;p
    And I certainly do not wish to revolutionise what Movim is. I do think I have a case though for what helps with audience retention. People do like Movim and I mention it a lot. For example, the reply button could use the "@" operator (or a dropdown menu of people in the thread and your own contacts list). I have tested that in this post, just in case I am incorrect. I didn't even know you'd replied until, by chance, I used the #movim hashtag to look around at what Movim's progress was (such as the cool video conferencing yet to come in 1-to-1 or more ratios). Surely you can see I have a point there in audience engagement rention when the operator helps keep people chatting and in the loop. A good thing Movim has is a "print-preview" for posting text. The disqus comments and youtube do not have that nice feature. Movim is cool like that and it seems such a waste not to squeeze in some low bandwidth tweaks. I don't mean to be cheeky. I'm already wondering if my reply is too long.

    Regarding the html4 style picture embedding and hyperlinking (which is nice), I do not expect to be able to demand full html5 and canavas. However, wouldn't just the ability to upload a basic 3D model (in a written post, as if a image) solve everything? Is there no way the "upload-image" field can take a collada file (e.g. of a house or a ship) and display it in canvas api in place of a jpeg or animated gif?

    It would be small in filesize (not straining the movim server) and a 2D image can be a simple "flat" collada shape. People could make them in sketchup or whatever (maybe something like blender). I would be nice, although not mandatory to be able to trigger a ogg-vorbis audo trac (very low quality even just mono 32kbps would be fine at 1megabyte) when the 3D collada fle is "played". I'm not expecting Newgrounds website. I just think it would be eye-catching and would help audience retention, because people remember how they "feel" (emotions) about a post they saw. It also helps impart a concept better than just text with a GIF. The ability to upload a 1meg 3d model with a 1meg ogg-vorbis audio file, would be awesome. I understand the video-conferencing (sort of like skype) is a priority. I would attach a swf to my posts but nobody uses adobesoftware to run it, and if I use an exe file from flash , a virus assumption deters people. Also the Adobe Flash exe bundles in dependencies and the filesize exceeds the movim (2meg?) upload size.

    OpenShot ( Video editor, allows you to point to a HDD folder in blender2.8 (even if running 32bit or 64bit blender) and so it generates a template 3D model (which could be a collada file or other format) such as of a 3D text you type in, or a rotating planet earth or whatever 3D model (e.g. a house or castle or parked-lorry) in the templates (and so it animates, in a basic way sort of like a google-sketchup file).

    So for, with a movim upload example (ignoring blender and openshot for a moment), it could look as basic as this, below (a random image from OpenScad).
    So it need not even be as complex as this example:

    In Movim, it could be just the simplest of collada files displayed (presumably in some hidden html5) just by using the image upload (and choosing filetype collada). It could even be pulled in from the google 3Dwarehouse website if movim felt a filesize was too large (such as 4meg). Here is an example of a kitchen-sink in google 3Dwarehouse. Just rotating 3D (a still static image) and one not even worry about being able to turn on the tap. It could do with an automated rotare function tbh.

    OpenShot linking with blender is a great example of Free software linking with other free software. The movim mswindows App (or pidgin plug-in) could totally do that.

    It might sound bold of me, but I think a goal of movim is to get more people to use it and then stay. That way, they continue to remember it exists and continue to use it for chat. As for the torrents, the fact it has RSS makes me wonder if there is a way to link a torrent magnet link via RSS to it like a blog in RSS. People do that in kodi. Kodi boxes can run blender. Even a PiZero runs blender.

    I honestly think I see it from the audience view-point from down here in the cheapseats, and these small features could help engagement becuase it helps impart concepts and is fun.

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    WebSocket connections on

    Timothée Jaussoin · / Movim · Monday, 3 August - 22:09 edit

The #XMPP server now supports connections through #WebSockets.

This means that if you're using a #web client like conversejs, you'll be able to connect directly using your account.

If you are a #Movim user. Nothing changes as Movim is using standard good ol' TCP/TLS connections to login 😉

The clients that wants to connect to using WebSockets will normally automatically discovers the endpoint (using the related XEPs). If not, it is available manualy at wss://

That's all folks!

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    mosi76 · Friday, 19 June, 2020 - 13:23

    Trying again to build out my own #Movim self hosted pod via #Docker. Hopefully it will be a frustration free Friday


  • 19 June, 2020 ThUnD3r|Gr33n

    I'm here to help if needed :)

  • 6 September preptorrent

    #14October2023EpochEclipse Did you succeed? A tiny Movim pod/server should be solar-powered in the middle of the african desert, running on a raspberrypi3bplus retropie running on a battery with a qwerty keypad (made from a clone xbox360 chatpad modded with arduino) and it could have a solar powered bigger antannae. It could be placed in tibesti mountains Chad, and a second identical setup in Tchirozerine niger on high rocks, hills or mountain, and a third in Algeria "Erg Tiffernine" sand dunes. All very remote, hot dry places that eventually could link up via a weak signal, but enough for Movim. Maybe the signal from the third raspberry-pi could just about trickle to spain's africa enclaves and get the occassional internet update. Then the other two raspberry-pi machines get the update too. A LoRa gadget on each could help for a "ping" here and there.

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    Chat picture resolver and Telegram stickers

    Timothée Jaussoin · / Movim · Friday, 15 May, 2020 - 07:50 edit · 3 minutes

Movim 0.18 is planned to be released soon.

In the meantime, let's have a look at one specific feature that is really useful when you integrate Movim with the Spectrum2 - Telegram bridge.

For those that are not aware, XMPP can connect to other chat networks using tools called "transport". One of the most used is called Spectrum2 and can connect to many other networks thanks to its libpurple support.

Telegram transport setup

What will we do here is:

  • Setup telegram-purple in Spectrum2 on Debian
  • Connect it to a XMPP server (here ejabberd)
  • Adapt the transport to integrate with Movim

Setup Spectrum2 and telegram-purple

Here I will not detail the basic installation, the official Spectrum2 documentation is pretty complete.

Once the repository is setup, please install the base package and the libpurple module:

apt install spectrum2 spectrum2-backend-libpurple

For telegram-purple the README is also quite complete

Create a Telegram transport

Once all the packages are setup, we will create a transport configuration file. You can reuse the spectrum.cfg.example located in the /etc/spectrum2/transports/ as a base.

# nano /etc/spectrum2/transports/spectrum_telegram.cfg

This is basically the config file that I used for my own transport:

server_mode = 0

jid =
password = spectrumpassword
server =
port = 5347
backend_host =




name=Telegram Transport

config = /etc/spectrum2/logging.cfg
backend_config = /etc/spectrum2/backend-logging.cfg

type = sqlite3


When Spectrum2 will connect to the Telegram network, the stickers will be downloaded as files on the server. By default an ugly path is simply sent to the XMPP clients. We will turn it to a proper URL and let Movim to its magic.

To do that we need to configure the Web Storage module. You can also find more documentation about it there.


It's pretty self explanatory. The downloaded stickers will be put in the web_directory directory. The second parameter, web_url, is basically telling Spectrum2 how to general its URL before sending them in the messages.

Configure ejabberd

Then we need to add a new service in our ejabberd.yml configuration file.

    port: 5347
    module: ejabberd_service
    access: all
    ip: ""
    global_routes: false
        password: "spectrumpassword"

Once everything is setup, restart Spectrum2 and ejabberd. For Spectrum2 you can do it using spectrum2_manager or a dedicated systemd configuration file.

Configure our web server

We then need to expose those files to the web. A simple nginx configuration will handle it.

server {

    listen 443 ssl http2;
    listen [::]:443 ssl http2;


    root /home/movim/upload;

    location /spectrum {
        alias /home/movim/movim/spectrum;

Fix the nasty file rights with Incron

If you start to use your Telegram transport at this point you'll notice that the stickers URLs are returning a 403 Forbidden error.

Indeed, Spectrum2 is writting the files in the directory using it's own rights. And this can't be configured.

We will then use another useful tool called Incron. This tool works like CRON but instead of working on time events, it works on file events.

You can find a pretty complete documentation there.

apt install incron 
nano /etc/incron.allow # add your spectrum user there
sudo -su spectrum
incrontab -e

In the incrontab file well then change dynamicaly the rights of the files once they are wrote in the directory (check the documentation for more details).

/home/movim/upload/spectrum   IN_CLOSE_WRITE          chmod 664 $@/$#

Enjoy your nice Telegram stickers in Movim

In Movim, nothing more to do. With the version 0.18, Movim will try to resolve the incoming messages that contains a URL and see if it's a valid picture. Which is the case for Telegram stickers.

Telegram stickers displayed in the Movim chat

You can also note that it works for any other incoming picture URL, including those sent using Conversations or other XMPP clients.

That's all folks!

#telegram #xmpp #movim #transport #stickers #ejabberd #admin

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  • 15 May, 2020 ThurahT

    Fantastic that libpurpl is still useful : ) I hope the bridge works out, not that I have any telegram contacts.