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    Miho – Wednesday, 13 September - 10:25

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    Help us to covering our monthly costs on our official Patreon!

    pubsub.movim.eu / Movim – Tuesday, 12 September - 16:35

  • For a couple of years already, we are #hosting Movim for free on different servers accross Europe (and soon on the other continents!). The Movim team is also hosting two XMPP servers (movim.eu and jappix.com) and their related services (file hosting, chatrooms, PubSub service…).

    Those #servers and domains are directly financed personally by the administrators but still have a cost.

    Today we are launching an official #Patreon page to allow our community to help us fund those servers and related services. Our overall monthly costs are around 50$ and we would like to see if the #Movim #community could cover them by doing small monthly donations.

    There are actually 400 connected users on the XMPP servers, 100 of them are connected on the different pods that we are hosting. A small donation of 1$ monthly could easily allow us cover those cost and help the team to improve and extend the services in return :)

    If you prefer to do a one time donation, you can also send it on our PayPal account.

    Thanks again for your support!

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  • Понял, что не использую фриендику так, как хотелось бы, то есть вообще. Потушил. Теперь единственным средством микроблоггинга у меня будет #movim.

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  • The migration of the #XMPP #Movim server from #Metronome to #ejabberd is close to be done and most of the services are up again, sorry for the connectivity issues that you had those pas few days.

    I'll write a longer post about that #migration in the upcomign days on the official Movim blog.

    • Migration

      The honking of Canadian geese overhead caught my attention just long enough for my to snap this shot. Too bad I couldn't get a good photo of their V-formation, as they're quite disorganized in this...

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  • We are currently experiencing downtimes of the movim.eu XMPP server (and related services like Pubsub or Conferences) for several weeks now. This is having a serious impact on the availability of the platform (and, by extension, Movim related instances) for many of our users. We are deeply sorry about that.

    The exact reason of those downtimes is not known for now (it seems to be related to the Pubsub module of the server). The movim.eu XMPP services are running on top of the Metronome XMPP server that is not maintained anymore since 2016.

    We are currently working closely with the ejabberd XMPP server team to migrate the whole XMPP infrastructure in the upcoming weeks to this new server. This migration will also bring more stable and new features (especially regarding the Pubsub part) to the existing platform.

    Thanks for your comprehension. #movim #downtime #xmpp #metronome #ejabberd #migration

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  • Original article written by kawaii.

    Movim is a decentralized social network, written in #PHP and HTML5 and based on the XMPP standard protocol. One of my faviourite features in Movim is that you can send #stickers to your friends. By default #Movim comes bundled with a few sticker packs but if like me you'd like to extend this and add your own then it's surprisingly not too difficult! There are three main components to creating your own sticker pack:

    You'll need to find the following directory on your Movim server filesystem:


    Within this directory you will see the default Movim sticker packs i.e. 'mochi' and 'racoon'. Create a new directory here, for this example call it 'mystickers' or something. Within this directory create a new file called 'info.ini'. The contents of this file describe some basic information about the sticker pack. Here is an example from the 'racoon' set:

    author      = Corine Tea 
    license     = CreativeCommon BY SA
    url         = https://lechocobo.wordpress.com/

    Edit and enter the relevant details into the file and then save it. Now we need to add our 'icon.png' to this directory. This is a small image that will be displayed in the list of sticker packs within the Movim client itself. You must name this file exactly 'icon.png' or it will not be displayed. Finally, your actual sticker images themselves. Movim will not simply load any image within the directory. Your images must be converted so that the filename is the SHA1 hash of the file contents, plus the file extension (PNG). You can use the following #Python script created by James Curtis to rename any image files (except icon.png) into an acceptable format for use within Movim:

    import hashlib
    import os
    from glob import glob
    image_file_list = glob('*.png')
    for image in image_file_list:
        if not image == "icon.png":
            image_hash = hashlib.sha1(open(image, 'rb').read()).hexdigest()
            os.rename(image, "{image_hash}.png".format(image_hash=image_hash))

    Any image with the '.png' extension within your new sticker pack directory will have been converted so that the filename is the correct SHA1 hash which Movim will accept and display. Enjoy your new stickers! :)

    Special thanks to Jaussoin Timothée for creating Movim and to James Curtis for providing the Python script used to convert the image filenames to the required SHA1 hash.

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  • Trying to get Movim running at home...

    Roelof Pieter – Tuesday, 16 May, 2017 - 21:22 – 20 November

  • This is a description of the problems I encountered when trying to install a Movim "compatible" XMPP server. This is mainly a reminder to myself, in case I want to try again in some time. I have written this in afterwards, and some of the details have blurred. Be skeptical of everything you read here :-)

    #movim #ejabberd #prosody

    So, I've been trying to get a complete Movim "suite" running on my Raspberry Pi @ home. For me this means running the following components:

    1. Movim itself
    2. A web server for presenting the Movim interface (Nginx)
    3. A database server for storing Movim "stuff" (MySQL/MariaDB )
    4. A XMPP server for the actual transportation of messages and storage of "content"

    I did already have Nginx and MySQL running. Installing Movim was quite straightforward, thanks to the instructions in the wiki. Also, I had already implemented things like DNS (a .nl domain through Yourhosting) and encryption using Letsencrypt. The tough nut to crack here is the XMPP server. I haven't been able to get this running in a way that I can fully enjoy Movim.

    First up: Prosody.

    I already had Prosody running as an alternative to the evil "Whatsapp". I use it mainly for chatting with my wife, who of course also has a Whatsapp account. She always looks a bit weary of me when we use Conversations. So, since it was already there, I tried this first. Despite the warnings that it has some drawbacks. Well, it works fine as a chat client, but the "news" section is disabled. The configuration section tells me that Movim is working in a "degraded" mode. Trying to get it running has at least had me configure http_upload (XEP-0363) so file uploading works better now.

    Next Ejabberd (Version 15.X)

    So, use my Raspberry Pi for many things. It's main purpose however is running as a media-center running Kodi. For this reason I have installed OSMC as it's operating system. It is basically Raspbian, optimized for playing media. Being based on Raspbian it means there are a lot of packages available. Amongst them Ejabberd, albeit in an old version (14.07) . I installed Ejabberd and disabled prosody. After plowing through the terrible configuration file* (in Yaml, which was new for me) in the end I finally had it running. Chat works and Movim appears in it's full glory (with "News"). The only thing missing is the ability to upload files/photo's to it. But hey, there is a module for that. I couldn't get it running though. A lot of scary errors, that I forgot to write down though :-( . I Googled a lot (well Duckduckgo'd) but the suggested configurations all led to an error and a crash of Ejabberd. So, this was no good either.

    Finally, Ejabberd (17.04) from source

    As there was no later version of Ejabberd as a package available, I decided to just download the source of more recent version of Ejabberd. After remembering how this compiling goes, I did a "./configure --enable-user ejabberd & make & make install". Installation was fine. But here also I have a problem with mod_http_upload. Gajim, which I use for testing my XMPP account, with the http-upload-plugin recognizes the possibility to upload a file. I see in the logging that the upload request reaches the server and is processed, without error by the server, but the file doesn't seem to end up anywhere on the server. Gajim just tells me there is a HTTP error. Conversations only tells me the upload has failed. I spent several hours trying different combinations of configurations, mainly trying alternating docroots, but to no avail.

    So, nope... (for now)

    So, by now I have given up for now. Perhaps I will try Ejabberd later again. With some more luck I might succeed. I have prosody running again, for chatting with my wife. If I understand correct, in the next version 0.10 (or the next 0.11) Pep persistence might be available in prosody, making it run better with Movim.

    • ) Yes, I know there is a web-interface but I found the screen shots not very promising. I go the impression it was mainly for day-to-day administration, and not for setting the damn thin up. And, it more easy and therefore not nearly as cool :-) .

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