• Trying to get Movim running at home...

    Roelof Pieter – Tuesday, 16 May, 2017 - 21:22 – 20 November

  • This is a description of the problems I encountered when trying to install a Movim "compatible" XMPP server. This is mainly a reminder to myself, in case I want to try again in some time. I have written this in afterwards, and some of the details have blurred. Be skeptical of everything you read here :-)

    #movim #ejabberd #prosody

    So, I've been trying to get a complete Movim "suite" running on my Raspberry Pi @ home. For me this means running the following components:

    1. Movim itself
    2. A web server for presenting the Movim interface (Nginx)
    3. A database server for storing Movim "stuff" (MySQL/MariaDB )
    4. A XMPP server for the actual transportation of messages and storage of "content"

    I did already have Nginx and MySQL running. Installing Movim was quite straightforward, thanks to the instructions in the wiki. Also, I had already implemented things like DNS (a .nl domain through Yourhosting) and encryption using Letsencrypt. The tough nut to crack here is the XMPP server. I haven't been able to get this running in a way that I can fully enjoy Movim.

    First up: Prosody.

    I already had Prosody running as an alternative to the evil "Whatsapp". I use it mainly for chatting with my wife, who of course also has a Whatsapp account. She always looks a bit weary of me when we use Conversations. So, since it was already there, I tried this first. Despite the warnings that it has some drawbacks. Well, it works fine as a chat client, but the "news" section is disabled. The configuration section tells me that Movim is working in a "degraded" mode. Trying to get it running has at least had me configure http_upload (XEP-0363) so file uploading works better now.

    Next Ejabberd (Version 15.X)

    So, use my Raspberry Pi for many things. It's main purpose however is running as a media-center running Kodi. For this reason I have installed OSMC as it's operating system. It is basically Raspbian, optimized for playing media. Being based on Raspbian it means there are a lot of packages available. Amongst them Ejabberd, albeit in an old version (14.07) . I installed Ejabberd and disabled prosody. After plowing through the terrible configuration file* (in Yaml, which was new for me) in the end I finally had it running. Chat works and Movim appears in it's full glory (with "News"). The only thing missing is the ability to upload files/photo's to it. But hey, there is a module for that. I couldn't get it running though. A lot of scary errors, that I forgot to write down though :-( . I Googled a lot (well Duckduckgo'd) but the suggested configurations all led to an error and a crash of Ejabberd. So, this was no good either.

    Finally, Ejabberd (17.04) from source

    As there was no later version of Ejabberd as a package available, I decided to just download the source of more recent version of Ejabberd. After remembering how this compiling goes, I did a "./configure --enable-user ejabberd & make & make install". Installation was fine. But here also I have a problem with mod_http_upload. Gajim, which I use for testing my XMPP account, with the http-upload-plugin recognizes the possibility to upload a file. I see in the logging that the upload request reaches the server and is processed, without error by the server, but the file doesn't seem to end up anywhere on the server. Gajim just tells me there is a HTTP error. Conversations only tells me the upload has failed. I spent several hours trying different combinations of configurations, mainly trying alternating docroots, but to no avail.

    So, nope... (for now)

    So, by now I have given up for now. Perhaps I will try Ejabberd later again. With some more luck I might succeed. I have prosody running again, for chatting with my wife. If I understand correct, in the next version 0.10 (or the next 0.11) Pep persistence might be available in prosody, making it run better with Movim.

    • ) Yes, I know there is a web-interface but I found the screen shots not very promising. I go the impression it was mainly for day-to-day administration, and not for setting the damn thin up. And, it more easy and therefore not nearly as cool :-) .
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  • I have been using Movim for just one day and these are my impressions*

    Timothée Jaussoin – Wednesday, 5 April, 2017 - 18:09 – 5 April, 2017

  • I'd like to reply to this post with some details that, I think, could be interesting for the other Movim users :)

    When you add a contact they must accept your request and, when they accept it, you have to confirm it again. I sent them the request, of course I want to be friends! This last step doesn’t make much sense

    This is actually related to the default XMPP protocol behavior regarding contacts invitations, thanks for the feedback I'll try to see how I can improve that in the upcoming release.

    If someone has sent you a friend request you won’t be able to log in on Movim for Android: you’ll have to accept (or decline) the friendship request on a web browser and only then will you be able to sign in on Movim for Android again

    This bug doesn't seems related to the friend request to me (I have several pending requests on my account and I didn't had this related authentification issue). However the bug seems serious enough to be investigated.

    Polls like on status.net (with more than just two options)

    It would be a really a interesting feature indeed but is quite complex when it's done on a decentralized network. Also it will requires some discussion and thought on the XMPP level to see how it can be compatible with the other clients.

    Ability to share updates/blog entries only with certain contacts or groups

    This is not possible regarding how the current XMPP protocol (especially Pubsub) is working. For the moment we can only change the accesses on the node level (the blog or the community) and not on the item level (the posts).

    Autosave for blog entries (and Drafts would be good too, but not essential)

    You can open a feature request on GitHub for that one :)

    Only public blog entries are visible on a contact’s profile, even if we are friends. I believe that if we are friends and my friend has shared something with their contacts (not publicly), I should be able to see it on their profile, and not only on the news feed

    That's another nice feature request that can be implemented quite easily.

    Ability to visit a contact’s profile clicking on their name (this works on Newsfeed, but not on Chats)

    You can actually do it by clicking on the contact picture in a one-to-on discussion and by going in the contacts box in a chatroom (if the owner has allowed the share of JIDs).

    An easier way to create communities. Right now this feature is pretty much hidden

    This is mostly UI refactoring, possible but I don't have a clear idea to do it "more easily" for now.

    Ability to create private communities

    Once your Community is created you can configure using the settings offered by the XMPP server for the Pubsub nodes.

    Ability to invite contacts to a chatroom from the chatroom, without sending any link


    On Safari (both macOS and iOS) textbox takes only 20% of the width of the screen (it happens on chats and comments)

    That is a bug. You can open a ticket on GitHub with screenshots :)

    Unified timeline for all pods [?]

    Quite impossible in a decentralized network without exploring continuously the all graph (and basically reinventing Google for XMPP).

    Button to export our data

    Not planned. But all the data are saved on the XMPP account of the user so it should be quite trivial to build a tool outside Movim that can do that (and reimporting them? where?).

    Ability to share location with contacts

    If there is no interesting feature behind that I don't see the point of it in Movim for now.

    Movim for Android needs: Proper notifications for chats, comments, news, likes… Different ticks for different statuses (delivered to server, read…) Proper management for chatroom/conference links Send/Attachment button to work as expected

    I'm open to any contribution on the Android client to improve those points but it's not my priority to work on specific features for a dedicated platform (I'm already quite busy by building the generic things :)).

    As of today Conversations for Android would be the best option if your goal is to exchange messages, but then you wouldn't be able to take advantage of Movim's newsfeed or blog posts, which are the added values of this network and what makes Movim stand out over any other xmpp service. I believe that the team shouldn’t neglect the development of mobile apps knowing as we know that more and more people connect to the internet mainly via smartphone. What do I think about it?

    I agree but I really have a limited amount of time on the project so I'm focusing more on features that will have a bigger impact for most of the users for now. I'd like to wok more in per device/OS/platform integration but that can takes a lot of time to "do it well".

    Movim is seven (?) years which shows the developing team is committed to the platform. And that's great news. This feeling could be reinforced if they posted blog entries more often (maybe once a month?).

    That's true, also because of the limited amount of time that I have for the project here. But I'm trying (like with the current post).

    I believe that Movim would benefit from a better Android app as it could be gateway to gaining more users, boost social interest, and –who knows– attract more brains to help take it further. But I understand that they have prioritised their website which is universal and it does the job really well.

    You got it, but I'm always really happy to talk about and integrate external contributions in Movim and the related projects.

    Despite the far-from-perfect Android app, Movim is the most developed decentralised social network platform I have seen. It’s full of interesting features and if you come from pump.io or tent.io you’ll find many similarities and promising improvements. I would say that Movim has strong bones, it ticks more than just the basics and now it just needs to polish its features before adding new ones.


    • Original post deleted

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  • Je n'ai pas donné beaucoup de nouvelles ces dernières semaines, en particulier concernant le projet Movim. J'ai en effet été pas mal occupé, notamment par un déménagement et des démarches administratives.

    Ne vous en faites pas, après cette petite pause, je me remet progressivement au travail. En particulier pour préparer la prochaine release, Movim 0.11. Celle-ci à déjà été repoussée de quelques semaines à cause d'un sérieux bug de gestion des cookies qui s'est soldé par une profonde refonte du système de session au sein du projet.

    Néanmoins le code ne devrait plus trop évoluer ces prochaines semaines, vous avez donc entre les mains une version proche de la 0.11 finale.

    Des travaux de maintenance et de mises à jour sur les serveurs du projet m'ont également occupés ces derniers temps. Je prépare, entre autres, une migration des deux serveurs XMPP movim.eu et jappix.com de Metronome à ejabberd (jappix.com en priorité). Ce projet devrait encore prendre quelques mois puisque des adaptations doivent êtes faites sur les outils de migration entre ces deux serveurs.

    Si vous avez des questions, n'hésitez pas à poster un commentaire ou venir en discuter sur le salon officiel.

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