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    A radical proposal to keep your personal #data safe | Richard Stallman #privacy

    people Orbifx 17 May

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    Orbifx , arie

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    paulfree14 – Wednesday, 29 November, 2017 - 11:48

    Introduction to Mix Networks and Anonymous Communication Networks by David Stainton

  • Home | Least Authority

    Least Authority was formed in 2011 to create freedom-compatible technologies. We are a small team who believe that freedom matters in Internet technology. You can take advantage of online services while retaining control over your own data. We're here to make it easy.

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    What search engines do you suggest friends?

    paulfree14 – Sunday, 26 November, 2017 - 17:21 edit

(remember, one doesn't suggest friends tool that spy on them or exploid them 😜 )

Here are just 3 I have in mind:

searx.me/ opensource meta search engine

#yacy p2p search engine....sounds damn cool, but haven't tested https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/YaCy

#deuSu #opensource and no tracking. Has it's own search index. Yet just a project developes by one person in their spare time (someone adviced it me yesterday) https://deusu.de/

#privacy #searchengine

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    xmpp / jabber server list for you

    Anonymiss – Monday, 13 March, 2017 - 03:30

xmpp / #jabber server list for you

source: https://anonsurvivalguide.wordpress.com/2017/03/13/xmpp-jabber-server-list/

jabber #communication #freedom #onion #tor #security #privacy #itnews #anonymous

  • XMPP / Jabber Server List

    On basic principle of the hacker ethic is decentralization. So please don’t use all the same server. Only one server can easily be monitored or censored, by taking down the server. Here is a …

    I will survive ;)

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