• The little bot, that tells you about updated Debian packages, if you like it or not: Pain in the APT.

    debacle – Monday, 12 February - 21:02

  • If you happen to run Debian, you might like to know about available package upgrades. If you are using XMPP and/or email, painintheapt might come handy. It runs once a day and sends out a nicely formatted table of old and new package versions and even adds the list of changes for all affected packages. The information will be send to your personal XMPP account, to a MUC, or to a PubSub node. Also, via any SMTP server or mailx to your mailbox.

    (Before you ask: End-to-end encryption is not provided, you have to rely on TLS. Sorry!)

    #debian #apt #painintheapt #xmpp #pubsub

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  • ejabberd 17.09 is the first version of #ejabberd recommended for the upcoming #Movim 0.12 #release. We worked closely with the ProcessOne team, especially on the #Pubsub implementation, to improve the integration between Movim and ejabberd. Thanks to them!

    • ejabberd 17.09

      ejabberd 17.09 is out! This release mostly contains bugfix and adds few improvements.

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  • Уважаемые пользователи, у меня на сервере случился некий казус с базой данных, который привел к пересозданию всей БД для сервера feder8.ru. Что-то я смог восстановить (конференции, пользователи, ростеры), но данные pubsub были безвозвратно утеряны :( Пришлось пересоздавать все группы.

    Прошу прощения за этот инцидент.

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