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    Little delay for the 0.14 release

    Timothée Jaussoin – / Movim – Saturday, 27 October, 2018 - 20:39 edit

As you may have noticed, the 0.14 #release of #Movim is not there yet. We just found out that Movim had serious issues running with #PHP 7.3 RC2, this seems to be caused by some bugs regarding the #sockets management in this new PHP version.

We are currently investigating that and hope that it will be fixed for the final PHP 7.3 release.

Update: The issue seems to come from a bug between php-zmq and PHP 7.3, there is some work in progress to fix the issue, more info there mkoppanen/php-zmq - Fix for PHP 7.3.

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  • 27 October, 2018 Dominik George

    I suggest tat now you are fiddling with the socket code anyway, then please look into that thing with allowing using Unix sockets instead of TCP (you might remember that from MiniDebconf in Hamburg). That would ease things in Debian a lot.

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    29 October, 2018 Aoirthoir An Broc

    thats ok we are eagerly awaiting and patient