• Does movim.eu offer BOSH?

    paulfree14 – 3 days ago - 20:39

  • I'm tryn to add my #movim adress to hubzilla. There is a plugin that let's me chat via #xmpp but I need BOSH for doing so.

    I'm on movim.eu. Does it offer BOSH?

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  • I'd like to use my movim #xmpp adress also via other federated networks such as #hubzilla. There is an integrated xmpp chat. All I need todo is add the #BOSH server.

    I don't know what that means/is and how I can make it use my #movim xmpp adress

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  • Salut à Toi: the multi frontend, multipurpose communication tool

    paulfree14 – Wednesday, 10 January - 12:23

  • Hi #xmpp and federated social neyworks lover. I just found another xmpp based social network.

    ''Salut à Toi Multipurpose, multi frontend, free (libre) and decentralised communication tool.''

    I really like the phillosophy behind: '#SàT is not made for money or to trap people, it's a project about freedom and sharing.'

    Their dev just told me of being in great contact with the #movim dev.


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  • List of known XEP support lists for clients

    Killy – Sunday, 7 January - 00:40 – 5 days ago - 16:57

  • [v] Check :-)

    • I'll be in #Eindhoven this weekend for the #TDOSE event for a #conference about #Movim and for the #XMPP booth :) Come join us!

      Timothée Jaussoin 18 November

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  • A little recommandation today. We are using #Biboumi on the movim.eu XMPP server to allow our users to connect to the #IRC network using their account. You can find the service at irc.movim.eu.

    Biboumi is a really nice IRC #bridge. It is quite simple to deploy and connect to your #XMPP server and is even packaged in many Linux distributions, including Debian!

    Once everything is setup correctly (you can find the official documentation on their website) you can simply connect your account to a chatroom by adding a MUC in your bookmarks using this syntax:


    Thanks to the Biboumi team for this awesome piece of software!

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  • We are currently experiencing downtimes of the movim.eu XMPP server (and related services like Pubsub or Conferences) for several weeks now. This is having a serious impact on the availability of the platform (and, by extension, Movim related instances) for many of our users. We are deeply sorry about that.

    The exact reason of those downtimes is not known for now (it seems to be related to the Pubsub module of the server). The movim.eu XMPP services are running on top of the Metronome XMPP server that is not maintained anymore since 2016.

    We are currently working closely with the ejabberd XMPP server team to migrate the whole XMPP infrastructure in the upcoming weeks to this new server. This migration will also bring more stable and new features (especially regarding the Pubsub part) to the existing platform.

    Thanks for your comprehension. #movim #downtime #xmpp #metronome #ejabberd #migration

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