• Consider this example of Mozilla taking a cringeworthy dive into a BuzzFeed style swamp and how it can it be avoided. This is the Mozilla IRL podcast public movim link.

    Here is an interesting video by computing forever on alternative services to use the internet. This is the Dave Cullen Video ComputingForever video DailyMotion link.

    Of course, setting up your own Movim Server might be an idea. Here is an example of that, although it would be nice to see a no brainer solution for people to set up a server as easily as setting up a webpage as long as you have a static IP address at home.

    This is a Setting up Your Own Movim Server Public link.

    Maybe subscribe to ComputingForever's followers?

    This is the ComputingForever followers on DailyMotion DailyMotion link.

    List of some Manosphere to reply to or share on movim or elsewhere using the public URL This is the MovimManosphere Public link. Or use this RSS subscription link to follow or even simply have the list in text format. This is the MovimManosphereRSS Public link which even works on some old GPRS mobile phone browsers. Do remember you can navigate through movim using hashtags such as #RedPill or #MovimManosphere or #NewHereManosphere . Consider also Diaspora which shares some similarities with Movim in its technology. DiasporaMovim Manosphere Or try this manosphere link when logged in.Manosphere

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  • DMCA Used to Remove Ad Server URL From Easylist Ad Blocklist

    pookito – Monday, 14 August - 15:45

  • I don't know why the comments on this post was disabled. I kind of agree with the author, if we let free market play it's roll we would not have this problem. It is true that advertisers like to bombard users with advertisements,.

    I've been to websites without my Java script turned on, or without my adblocking script. And I have gotten spammed with anoying ads. What should I do? I just block them and don't care.

    I know the author got to eat, but maybe just maybe, they can do a better job. I believe that was the reason why #google or #youtube became that popular in the first place. They k ew how to advertise to begin with, just saying. Thanks for the post.

    • Original post deleted

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